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2018-12-23 04:51 50005262 Anonymous (darkness.png 1919x1079 1031kB)
is there even something like hope for us robots?

1 min later 50005284 Anonymous
>>50005262 You have to just hope whatever malevolent being that forced you into existence gives you a break. Really all it takes is one break and you'll be set but they know that,so they make it where no break can be made.

3 min later 50005305 Anonymous (wendigo-face-picture.png 900x477 232kB)
I enjoy dark places especially forests. Why is darkness associated with lethargy and sadness? Its the only thing that gives me a tremendous amount of energy >>50005262 chances are you are a dumb normalfag who's happiness is directly correlated to the level of pleasure they recieve.

17 min later 50005505 Anonymous
There is always hope.Always. The thing is whether or not you want hope. Because hope can often be deceptive and once it gets shattered you will be in much more pain than you were before And then once again you will see a tiny ray of hope,tempting as ever.Making you think it might just turn out well this time. Again leaving you with the same choice, Do you want it or not ? Shiet nigga I should write a book.This shit comes straight from the heart

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