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2018-12-23 04:49 50005240 Anonymous (How-Can-I-Stop-My-Cat-From-Hissing_.jpg 1024x675 119kB)
Am I the only one that doesn't like cats?

1 min later 50005258 Anonymous (SnapCityKitty.jpg 800x1195 441kB)
>>50005240 Cats are pretty cool. They smell like Latvia.

4 min later 50005295 Anonymous
>>50005240 In a world of 8 billion people,yeah,actually you are the only one. Go figure.

6 min later 50005331 Anonymous
>>50005295 201 iq response

11 min later 50005408 Anonymous
Nobody actually likes cats, there are just people infected with toxoplasma ghondii

1 hours later 50006323 Anonymous (a2b.jpg 567x437 28kB)
>>50005240 I only like chubby cats.

1 hours later 50006333 Anonymous
>>50005240 who* unless you are not a person maybe a person who does not like cats is not a person at all in which case 'that' is appropriate but you've probably just never had a cat of your own and/or only been around cats that were mistreated by you/others.

1 hours later 50006510 Anonymous
Cats are cool if ur not a bitch my roommate's cat sometimes hisses at me an seats at me so I grab his head hold him down flick his nose and bite his ear. Shows him who's fucking alpha then he's all cuddles for a month or so

1 hours later 50006878 Anonymous
>>50005408 Nice meme. How is facebook these days?

2 hours later 50007528 Anonymous (DSC01837.jpg 2592x1944 1762kB)
>>50005240 You would like this book, serkku.

2 hours later 50007551 Anonymous (toxoplasma.jpg 501x435 127kB)
>>50005240 Oh I fucking hate those parasitic bastards and their enabler-zombies

2 hours later 50007630 Anonymous
>>50005258 You mean to tell me Latvia reeks of cat piss? >>50006878 t. involuntary cat lover

2 hours later 50007680 Anonymous (EveryWeekInLatvia.jpg 1280x720 183kB)
>>50007630 >Latvia reeks of cat piss? And mildew. Even new buildings that haven't collapsed (a common occurrence) smell like mildew.

3 hours later 50007848 Anonymous
>>50005240 I don't like them too, in fact, I've started hating them because of how often they're shilled everywhere online as if they aren't a shit pet in most cases. Do you remember when people would do that atrocious caturday meme that lasted a decade on /b/ and then occasionally it'd pop up here? God, I fucking hate the internet sometimes, it just breeds the worst kind of faggotry.

3 hours later 50007860 Anonymous
Shit tier pets desu. Incapable of showing affection.

3 hours later 50007889 Anonymous (Prime.gif 337x361 1672kB)
>>50007848 >God, I fucking hate the internet sometimes >sometimes You're just not looking.

3 hours later 50008387 Anonymous
>>50006878 The ghondii made you upset and write that. How does that make you feel?

3 hours later 50008444 Anonymous
>>50005240 Cats are little serial killers and invasive man-made pests. It is okay to hate them.

3 hours later 50008633 Anonymous
can't blame you cats are assholes dogs are way easier to take care of

4 hours later 50009136 Anonymous
>>50008633 having had both and currently owning a dog i can say with confidence they are harder to take care off. Dogs require training cats don't, taking care of a cat takes no effort taking care of a dog does.

5 hours later 50009872 Anonymous
>>50009136 They are harder to take care of but actually worth it. You put in love and work into a dog, it will be your faithful companion till the day it dies. Unless you have small dog, those aren't even dogs, they are the same as cats.

5 hours later 50010164 Anonymous
>>50009872 I have a puppy labrador retriever

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