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2018-12-23 04:44 50005189 Anonymous (49428835_p0.png 1332x900 793kB)
good morning big kathy. its christmas tomorrow. i hope you stop by. i wanted to apologize to you

1 hours later 50006104 Anonymous
big kat bubblegum

1 hours later 50006122 Anonymous
>>50005189 I love you so much Anon. Please be okay.

1 hours later 50006148 Anonymous
>>50006122 thanks anon i didnt think anyone cared for me

1 hours later 50006173 Anonymous
>>50006148 I see your posts so often. You'll find someone special to replace her. Until then, I'll love you.

1 hours later 50006264 Anonymous
>>50006173 thanks. i dont really want to replace her. i told big sis i wouldnt ever replace her or leave her when she told me not to. even though she doesnt care about me now. i feel like it would be betraying her if i replaced big sis

1 hours later 50006283 Anonymous
>>50006264 Then keep on loving her, anon. I'll keep loving you regardless.

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