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2018-12-23 04:39 50005121 Anonymous (IMG_6858.jpg 407x415 67kB)
Are you buying yourself a present this Christmas? Maybe a good plate of food?

1 min later 50005141 Anonymous
No. I buy myself something whenever I want. Buying yourself something for Christmas is as cringey as buying yourself flowers for Valentine's Day

34 min later 50005577 Anonimous
>>50005121 I wanted to buy a drone on amazon but they wont ship good ones to Ireland because of muh no batteries in plane bullshit. I can't be bothered to go for local shops cause then it's either overpriced or not door delivery. Will just buy some other time.

39 min later 50005617 Anonymous
>>50005577 Batteries can only be shipped by boat?

48 min later 50005741 Anonimous
>>50005617 Sort off, like you can have batteries on plane but there are some stupid laws and amazon won't ship stuff like power banks, drones, cordless tools and shit like that.

1 hours later 50006404 Anonymous
>>50005741 Can you provide a link to the law that says Amazon is prohibited from shipping Drones and power tools from their location? Because that makes no sense what so ever.

1 hours later 50006516 Anonimous
>>50006404 Here, look at the regulation. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp /help/external/200383420?language=e n-US&ref=mpbc_200385160_cont_200383 420

2 hours later 50006830 Anonymous
>>50006516 Does the drone you wanna buy have a specific casing for the batteries or can you just install them regularly one by one?

2 hours later 50006848 Anonymous
>>50005121 Yea gonna get myself a nice session with a prostitute/dominatrix. Gonna have so much fun eating her asshole.

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