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2018-12-23 04:37 50005090 Anonymous (anime_positive_pregnancy_tests__sonadow_by_uni.png 662x1000 439kB)
>finally managed to get with a guy after being in love with him for a year >missed my period Fuck

1 min later 50005102 Anonymous (DkXrluoXcAEYtrJ.jpg 399x322 18kB)
>>50005090 traps can't get periods, you're just mentally ill enough to convince yourself that you're a woman with female bodily functions and reproductive organs when you're just an incel cross dresser with a larping fetish.

4 min later 50005150 Anonymous
>>50005090 Will this guy stick around for the baby?

8 min later 50005202 Anonymous
>>50005150 Probably, he's always been really protective and concerned about me. I feel like I'm too young and not ready yet.

13 min later 50005257 Anonymous
What's the big deal, just get an abortion. Won't be your last one, whore.

1 hours later 50006393 Anonymous
>>50005202 Then terminate it. Big deal.

2 hours later 50007505 Anonymous
>>50005090 Tell him and if hes ok with it keep it and never return

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