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2018-12-23 04:35 50005072 Anonymous (Capture (3).jpg 156x331 22kB)
Does anyone else hate who they've become? I used to be a good person but I feel like I've become an asshole with anger issues who doesn't think before he does and easily gives into his anger and impulses. I've also lost my passion and will to live and I'm starting to go bald due to stress and I've started getting heart pains recently.

18 min later 50005303 Anonymous
I feel the same as you bro. Downward spiral started way back in 7th grade. Now I barely even play video games or have hobbies. I just wander through my work and watch YouTube or netflix over and over again when not doing work. Even those have just become forms of escapism. Sure, I've gotten a bit more confident and less of a faggot in the last year or two. However, I'm still an impulsive asshole who hates most people he is forced to interact with and only has a handful of friends who are also autists.

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