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2018-12-23 04:34 50005062 Anonymous (yay.png 1027x731 29kB)
I'm finally making up with my brothers, we use to fight like cat and dog but now that I've lost everything they're all I have left. I'm just happy because I feel like the emptiness inside is shifting away the more I focus on my little brothers and help out my older brother with his computer. We're laughing joking, I feel like things are going to get better. What's your relationship with your siblings like anons, any tips for being the best big brother I can possibly be?

9 min later 50005186 Anonymous
my older brother is the reason i constantly think about killing myself. he started bullying my around 7 or 8 telling me i would never have real friends and that i was the reason his life sucked, that i ruined our moms life and i should die and no one would ever love me. ofc i looked up to my older brother so much i took all of his words to heart. he refused to have civil conversations about this as adults or to not be an unbearable asshole to me so i cut him out and don't talk to him. all I wanted my brother to be was my friend and to care about me an encourage me/approval/love. not too high a bar. good luck op.

15 min later 50005250 Anonymous (The_Biglin_Brothers_Turning_the_Stake.jpg 900x576 172kB)
>>50005186 It seems like he might of just been taking some bad emotions out on you, I unfortunately did the same to my little brother though he acted like a cunt to me as much as I to him. But I realised over time that you only have so many brothers so I started trying to be a better brother, we still rarely talk but I'm always checking on him to make sure he's okay. I hope you're older brother realises this one day anon, I'm sure he does care deep down.

1 hours later 50006004 Anonymous
>>50005250 >It seems like he might of just been taking some bad emotions out on you he absolutely was and i realized that in my teens, I don't think he's able to be introspective like that. the closest i got was him saying that he was having suicidal thoughts during that time as a kind of scape goat with no recognition that its seriously shitty to take that out on a kid a lot younger than him no matter what type of emotional stuff you're going through. and of course i was also having suicidal thoughts hoping i would get hit by cars and not existing and everyone being happy afterwards. i don't think he cares about me honestly. i don't think we ever had a conversation about me. we never had those bonding moments where he would express affection which i had to learn actually happened outside of television when i was around friends and their siblings.

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