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2018-12-23 04:32 50005035 Anonymous (1521097280024.png 1086x608 1410kB)
Are you happy, /r9k? How many murders did you help to commit this year? This boy could still be alive if not for all of your stupid bullshit.

23 min later 50005328 Anonymous
>are you happy No. There's a reason I lurk here and it's not happiness

26 min later 50005372 Anonymous
>>50005035 I dont urge people to commit murder, i dont egg on crazy people on the brink.

28 min later 50005396 Anonymous
yeah brah I had no part in that either

34 min later 50005471 Anonimous (1502485379858.png 900x562 857kB)
>>50005035 Can anyone explain why did he waste himself all over the wall? I saw webm of him leaving this realm but never actually asked backstory.

39 min later 50005538 Anonymous
>>50005035 >Are you happy Of course! Not only fag offed himself but also he streamed that. Excellent

46 min later 50005607 Anonymous
>>50005471 Because no gf anon

57 min later 50005748 Anonymous (1467657177273.jpg 382x385 28kB)
>>50005035 >This boy could still be alive if not for all of your stupid bullshit I post frogs, write letters to the girl who broke my heart in letter threads, and complain about tfw no gf. Unless he did it because he couldn't handle how many rare frogs I have, I really don't think I should have to carry the can for what he did desu senpai.

58 min later 50005774 Anonymous
>>50005035 If only the mods were able to crack down on the tranny posting, he might not have gotten blackmailed and decided to kill himself

59 min later 50005777 Anonymous
>>50005035 wasnt he a faggot? >anime posters in background boohoo

59 min later 50005781 Anonymous
>>50005035 This wouldn't have happened if he found a boyfriend

1 hours later 50006048 Anonymous
>>50005538 Vid anywhere?

1 hours later 50006073 Anonymous
>>50005471 Post the webm, plz

1 hours later 50006129 Anonymous
>>50005035 Shit bait, honestly. >>50005777 >>50005781 >>50005607 He had actual depression and his mom was being a cunt to him. Some people who were talking to him on discord posted conversations they had with him back when this all happened. No, he wasn't gay. No, he didn't want to be a tranny. I can't believe the lgbt shills are still trying to perpetuate this myth even though it's already been disproven. How disrespectful.

1 hours later 50006149 Anonymous
>>50006129 he SHOULD have been gay though, if he wanted to live and love life

1 hours later 50006154 Anonymous
He did it because he was gay

1 hours later 50006168 Anonymous
>>50006129 Based anon. Fuck these psyops brainlets thinking they're gonna be the next Hitler because they coaxed some poor fuck into blowing his brains out.

1 hours later 50006172 Anonymous
>>50005035 not a murder if the victim kills self 'sides, if you're suicidal and come to r9k, you're looking for motivation, not help

1 hours later 50006197 Anonymous
>>50006129 >actual depression >at age 18 no he wasnt depressed he was just a retard

1 hours later 50006251 Anonymous
>>50005748 >how many rare frogs I have prove it

1 hours later 50006314 Anonimous
>>50006073 I don't save webms of kids offing themselves

1 hours later 50006345 Anonymous
>>50005035 The only bs I see on here is peoples legal names posted or their Fox I agree with you though, most people don't think they do harm

1 hours later 50006346 Anonymous
I didn't even know who he was until he did it. I also don't understand why he did it in a room in his house, all logic points to going to a secluded area but what do I know Despite that I still think about him a lot, I don't think I could ever be in in the mind to blow my brains out so we must've been suffering a lot. More than I can imagine at least.

1 hours later 50006392 Anonymous
>>50006073 i could but the file is a little large. don't think it will let me. but i saved the entire video. i watch it at least once a week.

1 hours later 50006462 Anonymous
>>50006392 I don't need the whole clip, just the highlights for masturbation. Could you edit it shorter?

1 hours later 50006480 Anonymous
>>50005774 That didnt happen. At least to him. >>50006154 This isnt true either.

1 hours later 50006481 Anonymous (1538594651724.gif 600x422 196kB)
Why would you ever want someone to remain alive if they're in so much pain they want to die? Fuck off normalfaggot. You do not know anything about suffering.

1 hours later 50006494 Anonymous
>>50006197 >>actual depression >>at age 18 Yes, what are you getting at? Do you think mental illness only applies to adults? You shouldn't act smug when you don't what you're talking about.

1 hours later 50006496 Anonymous
>>50005035 weak people deserve to die 1488

1 hours later 50006595 Anonymous
I finally saw his face a few days ago. It was unmistakably him. Like a Facebook post from his family about the death? He wasn't even that bad looking. I feel he could have gotten a GF. Maybe he would've had to move away from his family first, though. Was it really the culture of r9k that pushed him over the edge? I'm not sure. Being a Robot today is a lot worse than it was 10 years ago. But it's also a lot better. It's too easy to blame r9k for his death. Sometimes people just kill themselves.

1 hours later 50006627 Anonymous
>>50005748 >how many rare frogs I have How many Rare(tm) frogs DO you have?

2 hours later 50006652 Anonymous
>>50006496 Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you deserve to live.

2 hours later 50006657 Anonymous
>>50006595 Can you send the photos my way? Where did you see them?

2 hours later 50006678 Anonymous
>>50005035 People made him famous after his death when he could have rested in peace, obviously he killed himself for his own reasons. I don't know if op is a troll or not, but people should have left him alone besides casual talking. His family and even he himself should have been left alone, not obsessed over

2 hours later 50006693 Anonymous
>>50006494 adults have legitimate reasons to off themselves, whereas this kid doesnt. although liking Sword Art Online is probably good enough reason to blow your face off lmao

2 hours later 50006705 Anonymous (E99F2ABC-7D28-4221-A0FC-825A5A4C08CF.jpg 163x292 16kB)
>>50006595 His reasoning for doing it wasnt even about girls, he didnt care about that stuff. He just wanted to be a NEET and his parents threatened to kick him out if he didnt get a job or start college in the fall.

2 hours later 50006712 Anonymous
Blame the normies that pushed him into depression.

2 hours later 50006713 Anonymous (1519540108326.jpg 995x640 264kB)
>>50006693 >adults have legitimate reasons to off themselves, whereas this kid doesnt. Your life is soooooooo much harder than 10 year old Niggy McNigger in Africa lmao

2 hours later 50006716 Anonymous
>>50006595 Were they one of the two we have already seen or were these new photos?

2 hours later 50006743 Anonymous
>>50006713 great, so we both agree that shitbuy or whatever this kids name was didnt have legitimate problems

2 hours later 50006745 Anonymous
>>50006657 It was on some random thread on r9k. There's at least one person that loves to post threads about this guy regularly. Like this one? I didn't save it. Sorry >>50006705 >he didnt care about that stuff I have trouble understanding how this guy's life works. I can understand the desire to be a NEET. If he could start college that means he assumingly graduated from HS, which means he had the capacity to do SOMETHING at least. Even more proof that r9k is not to blame for his death.

2 hours later 50006757 Anonymous
>>50006713 i heard the guy that took that pic killed himself

2 hours later 50006925 Anonymous (42188321-FA91-4DFF-9E6A-6C5FF9697510.jpg 750x239 45kB)
>>50006745 >Even more proof that r9k is not to blame for his death. It almost certainly wasnt, by all accounts he had a very tumultuous home life with his parents. Trying not to baselessly shift the blame to his parents either, he just evidently complained a whole lot about his home life.

2 hours later 50006986 Anonymous (3294EE73-90E2-4981-8A67-3799ACDCCA1C.jpg 204x247 19kB)
>>50006657 >>50006745 Is this the one you guys are talking about?

2 hours later 50006998 Anonymous
>>50006986 Nah... Sorry again I did not save it. It was a lot bigger pic. Like a FB screencap that had words from his family saying how he went to the Lord or whatever. Maybe it wasn't even him? IDK.

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