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2018-12-23 04:28 50004995 Anonymous (file.png 604x516 218kB)
>my kitten comes into my room >lift him onto my chest >he snuggles up to me >feels gud i love my kitten

4 min later 50005038 Anonymous
>>50004995 Your cat will die in a few years, leaving you without a single living creature that loves you.

6 min later 50005071 Anonymous (file.png 657x527 83kB)
>>50005038 do you have to be so malicious?

8 min later 50005086 Anonymous
>>50005071 I'm just being Radio Shack brand Realistic, serkku.

12 min later 50005135 Anonymous (beebee.jpg 1280x960 144kB)
>>50005071 ignore that faggot OP, I also love my kitten she is smol and qute.

12 min later 50005136 Anonymous
>>50005038 this this is also why i dont take pets + i hate how they fuck up your house making it disgusting

14 min later 50005170 Anonymous
>>50005071 Don't worry, fren Cats can easily live up to twenty years if you take good care of them

17 min later 50005207 Anonymous
>>50004995 kitties are precious frens take good care of him

19 min later 50005222 Anonymous
>>50005170 Not true. Black male cats can only live a max of 7 years.

21 min later 50005249 Anonymous
>>50005222 I had a black male cat that lived for 14, and only because we put him to sleep after some fuckhead hit him with a car and gave him permenant nerve damage. are you retarded?

21 min later 50005253 Anonymous
>>50005222 >Source: my ass Wow haha that's not original

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