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2018-12-23 04:27 50004984 Anonymous /britfeel/ (britfeel december 2.jpg 2500x1603 1758kB)
Eating around 10,000 pigs in blankets over the festive season edition

1 min later 50005003 Anonymous (bird fren.png 121x159 16kB)
remember bird fren this christmas

1 min later 50005006 Anonymous
had a good chuckle at this lads https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/fa tphobia-at-christmas

2 min later 50005008 Anonymous
I have two buttons on my headphones Do I assign them for volume control, or track forward/back?

2 min later 50005011 Anonymous (1542667685397.png 654x732 1222kB)
any weeb lads here?

3 min later 50005015 Anonymous
>>50005003 *shoves turkey in the oven and tucks into some goose pate*

3 min later 50005017 Anonymous
>>50005008 forward and back, use buttons on phone for volume

3 min later 50005018 Anonymous
>>50005006 >Gina Tonic Wouldn't mind a go on that.

3 min later 50005020 Anonymous
>>50005003 Who was it that did the cute little song?

3 min later 50005022 Anonymous (394234943903409.jpg 231x244 15kB)
nth for listening to Back Mass in B minor while feeling hung over

3 min later 50005025 Anonymous
>>50004984 Youve made the new thread too early you bellend, if the old one doesnt reach 500+ and die we'll get bollocked for thread splitting

4 min later 50005029 Anonymous (1545426044027.png 349x499 243kB)
>>50005011 Ya lad, what can i do for you?

4 min later 50005031 Anonymous
>No obligatory serial killer in OP pic Fuck you as well you big bum fuck

4 min later 50005033 Anonymous
>>50005000 holy fucking asthetic digits

4 min later 50005037 Anonymous
>>50005011 Kind of lad. I like anime and manga but I dont mince about trying to speak Japanese or own any swords. I have a sailor moon keyring though kek

5 min later 50005042 Anonymous
>>50005011 >Cartoons of strong men What are you gay?

6 min later 50005053 Anonymous
How well do really badly cum covered boxers wash? They're black and I've been using them as a cum rag for the last few months, don't want mum to find out if she pulls them out of the washing and they're still covered in cum. I've already had enough embarrassment from when she found I'd been looking at milf porn.

6 min later 50005056 Anonymous
>>50005011 Not sure if this makes me feel insecure, motivated or a little gay.

7 min later 50005065 Anonymous
>>50005053 >don't want mum to find mums always know. Maybe chuck them lad you cant need them that badly

7 min later 50005073 Anonymous
>>50005056 >insecure, motivated or a little gay. literally /fit/

7 min later 50005074 Anonymous
Grans making Christmas trifle feels good

7 min later 50005077 Anonymous
Bet ebin's happy with that result

9 min later 50005089 Anonymous
im dehydrated lods, this is not good

10 min later 50005092 Anonymous (pillarmen.jpg 736x414 66kB)
>>50005056 It should motivate you laddo

10 min later 50005100 Anonymous (1532044690857.jpg 746x541 45kB)

11 min later 50005106 Anonymous
>>50005100 >SESH finallly doing out of fashion it seems, i hope all deanos and chantelles die very long, painful deaths

11 min later 50005109 Anonymous
>connection error while posting fuck this place

12 min later 50005117 Anonymous (1531406659582.jpg 1271x1262 571kB)
>>50005065 >go to uni >have to do my own washing for the first time >notice every single pair of pants has an obvious cum stain on the inside >realise my mum has been seeing this for years

12 min later 50005119 Anonymous
>>50005092 I need more equipment. Bar, bench, more weights, some cardio machine. Too expensive.

12 min later 50005125 Anonymous
>>50005053 bin them or pretend theyre tie-dye boxera

13 min later 50005129 Anonymous
The fuck why you lot cumming in your pants? Use a tissue you fucking animals

13 min later 50005130 Anonymous
>>50005065 I feel wasteful doing that, could I drop them in the Tesco clothing donation bin? >>50005117 Oh shit is it that noticeable?

13 min later 50005133 Anonymous
>>50005106 honestly very annoying that the word "sesh" means what it does in the UK and is used by all the deanoes. Half my wardrobe is BONES merch and i like wearing it but i'm thinking people think i must be a right dickhead wearing a beanie with sesh written on it sometimes

14 min later 50005147 Anonymous
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-as ia-46666229 >the new Emperor of Japan is called Naruto

14 min later 50005154 Anonymous (Neymar.png 840x992 45kB)
>>50005117 That image makes me want to post this

14 min later 50005158 Anonymous
>>50005129 Get stuck and breaks apart in my foreskin with my massive loads.

15 min later 50005167 Anonymous
>>50005130 i don't think even mabuto'o in burkina faso would want them desu lad

15 min later 50005173 Anonymous (1499133560851.png 746x639 83kB)
>>50005147 >stepping down at 85 pussy

16 min later 50005181 Anonymous
Well I needed that wank

16 min later 50005182 Anonymous
>>50005129 There's always a bit that trickles out into your pants afterwards lad >>50005130 Yes lad. I should also point out that cum has a very distinct smell that you're probably immune to but everyone can tell exactly what you've been doing

17 min later 50005187 Anonymous (1536691854062.jpg 1280x853 95kB)
>Step down

17 min later 50005194 Anonymous
>>50005147 Wonder how many Hokage jokes are floating around 2chan and /int/ about now

17 min later 50005195 Anonymous
>>50005130 >Tesco clothing donation bin? Howling lad. Do it

20 min later 50005225 Anonymous
Imagine a guy in Africa walking around in some lads cumstained boxers

20 min later 50005228 Anonymous (1535761125753.png 980x536 275kB)

20 min later 50005229 Anonymous
>>50005167 Beggars can't be choosers. >>50005182 The bathroom always smells like that after my dad and brother have been in there for a bath or shower (not at the same time). >>50005195 Ok I'll hide them in one of those charity donation bags which get posted through the letterbox and just drop them off next time I'm there, see if it makes the local news or something.

21 min later 50005237 Anonymous
>>50005130 sell them online desu

21 min later 50005239 Tilde
>haven't eaten all day >popped into asda to get a sandwich or something >15 minutes before close >self checkout queue halfway across the shop Just left and will have something at home

22 min later 50005252 Anonymous (1522303603632.png 585x470 52kB)
mince pies out the oven

23 min later 50005254 Anonymous
>>50005229 how many beefy poz loads have they had lad?

23 min later 50005259 Anonymous
>>50005228 Post more Norfs/Soufs please

23 min later 50005261 Anonymous
Need to christmas shopping, ideas? Here's what I'm planning >Mum 300 quid >Brother xbox gift card >Grandad doesn't matter, he's senile >Nan a book? That's all I need.

23 min later 50005264 Anonymous
>>50005212 There was many grotesque faces in Morrisons

24 min later 50005270 Anonymous
>>50005237 >>50005254 Wanna see them?

24 min later 50005275 Turbo
theres a new chad in town

24 min later 50005283 Anonymous
>>50005261 Great bait mate I rate eight out of eight, don't listen to the hate, chill out and masturbate

25 min later 50005286 Anonymous
>>50005261 You're just giving your mum 300 pounds cash? What the fuck lad

25 min later 50005287 Anonymous
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-engla nd-46383297 Reading this, why are their ages important enough to be mentioned? What difference does it make if they're 20, 30, 40? What changes? I've been the same for the last 10 years.

25 min later 50005289 Anonymous
Whats your hobby lads? I play DnD

25 min later 50005290 Anonymous
>>50005239 I was just in Cineworld, could have snuck you in through the fire exits.

26 min later 50005298 Anonymous
Another bloomin christmas

26 min later 50005307 Anonymous
>>50005289 Going on walks, playing video games, listening to music, watching films, learning Japanese. I'm looking to expand. I want to pick up a sport and instrument next year.

26 min later 50005309 Anonymous
>>50005287 This isn't even a news story, fucking state run media just churning out shit to make a paycheck, if the BBC packed this stuff in (or was shut down entirely) then we wouldn't have to pay so much tax

27 min later 50005314 Anonymous
Gonna get my heartbroken again lads, and it's honestly killing a piece of me every time it happens. Should just be a hermit, save myself the trouble

27 min later 50005315 Anonymous
Fat bastiding cat

28 min later 50005322 Anonymous
>>50005289 I wish I could talk my friends into playing DnD. I think it would be a lot of fun but everyone would probably want to get drunk.

28 min later 50005327 Anonymous
>>50005289 Jiujitsu and Tekken for me la

28 min later 50005335 Anonymous
>>50005314 You need to get over it and realise there's no such as heartbreak. Think of how many girls you've ever got to know, and how many you've fallen for. All you need to do is drum up more leads and you can try again.

29 min later 50005346 Anonymous
>>50005287 Read that as Joe Hoyland

29 min later 50005348 Anonymous
>>50005289 I don't have any. All I do is play autistic minecraft modpacks like Gregtech.

29 min later 50005354 Anonymous
>>50005307 >learning Japanese Which was the anime or manga that made you did this lad?

30 min later 50005362 Anonymous
>>50005327 >jitsu *ahem* It's "jutsu" actually.

30 min later 50005370 Anonymous
>>50005322 Yeah I get you lad, I've flit between groups because I can't even find a good balance of people. Love reading the books tho.

31 min later 50005373 Anonymous
>>50005307 >learning Japanese. How far into Core are you?

31 min later 50005382 Anonymous
>>50005327 This post reminds me of that image of a German guy that works as a forklift truck driving finishing his shift and coming home to play forklift trick simulator

31 min later 50005386 Anonymous
>>50005261 Haven't you got a girlfriend or friends to buy for?

32 min later 50005391 Anonymous
>>50005354 It's the other way around - I got into anime as a result of learning Japanese. Originally started because I just wanted to learn the hardest language to prove my French teacher wrong. >>50005373 No idea what that is, I'm around N2/3.

33 min later 50005400 Anonymous
>>50005298 Bah bumhug

33 min later 50005406 Anonymous
>>50005391 >Originally started because I just wanted to learn the hardest language to prove my French teacher wrong. Unironically based. Tell me more

33 min later 50005409 Anonymous (I seriously hope you guys check your privilege.png 249x250 101kB)
Should I give the Big Issue woman 200bong to suck my dick

33 min later 50005412 Anonymous
>>50005386 I've sorted all of their presents.

33 min later 50005414 Ebin
>>50005077 Yes, very >>50005228 Ref should have given two fakkin penalties

34 min later 50005418 Anonymous
>>50005386 not him but why would I buy stuff for my mates?

35 min later 50005428 Anonymous
>Mother Bathrobe >Father Box of chocolates >Sister Booze What about you lads?

36 min later 50005440 Anonymous
>>50005409 No. Give her 100 and go back for 2nds

36 min later 50005442 Anonymous
whats the preconception about sax players? is it cool and sexy, or nerdy and lame?

37 min later 50005451 Anonymous
>>50005406 She was just a horrible woman who told me I was incapable of learning, then she had me moved out of her class. I stopped going but we had to study one language for GCSE so I spoke with the head about it and he let me do Japanese in my spare time instead. All the school offered was French/Spanish.

37 min later 50005456 Anonymous
>>50005428 >Mother dick >Father dick >Sister dick

37 min later 50005458 Anonymous (JAZZ.jpg 1900x1080 260kB)
>>50005442 >whats the preconception about sax players? no idea I like this pic though

38 min later 50005464 Anonymous
>>50005440 fuckin genius lad

38 min later 50005469 Anonymous
>>50005418 To let them know you're thinking of them

39 min later 50005474 Anonymous
>>50005409 Isn't it illegal to take advantage of people like this?

39 min later 50005477 Anonymous
>>50005391 >japanese >hardest language Lol ok mate. Much easier than Chinese.

39 min later 50005479 Anonymous
>>50005442 Depends what you Iook Iike

40 min later 50005488 Anonymous
>look up friends wishlists on steam >buy them the cheapest game >they're still grateful Easy.

40 min later 50005490 Anonymous
>>50005428 >Mother Lego game for xbox some chocolates >Father keg of cider chocolates car t-shirt >Brother a joke half pint glass a led-zeppelin t-shirt that has not arrived yet

40 min later 50005492 Anonymous
>>50005412 >He has a girlfriend Yeah rub it in our faces cunt

40 min later 50005494 Anonymous
>>50005442 best to be black.

40 min later 50005495 Anonymous
>>50005488 My wishlist is to remind me of what to pirate. I wouldn't like anyone to buy me any

41 min later 50005499 Anonymous
>>50005479 white guy with glasses, but not bad looking

41 min later 50005501 Anonymous
>>50005477 the FSI disagrees with you lad

41 min later 50005506 Anonymous
>Have 0 (zero) friends, even on steam Not even sure i want any though tbqdesu

42 min later 50005511 Anonymous
>>50005474 "Take advantage"? You mean give a poor person money in return of services? She can still say no, Anon. If she says yes then that's her choice. It's not taking advantage at all. 100 quid is generous as fuck too.

42 min later 50005512 Anonymous
>>50005477 For a native English speaker it's apparently easier to learn Chinese. I think Japanese and Arabic are the hardest.

43 min later 50005525 Anonymous
>>50005492 Girlfriend is a work in progress. Please check back later.

44 min later 50005537 Anonymous
>>50005501 FSI isn't the authority on langauge difficult, which is a retarded thing to measure in the first place. What you mean is "hardest language taught by the FSI", and even then Korean has been considered harder by the DLI. You want to know the hardest one? Some snow nigger language that has 2 native speakers still alive and no written variant. A language of 100 million with a metric shit ton of literature, culture and media could never be considered the "hardest in the world".

44 min later 50005541 Anonymous
>>50005409 you can piss up a hookers arse for 60 lad

45 min later 50005560 Anonymous (1463386711760.png 424x480 75kB)
>Make a joke on Shitter about wanting some "Gamur Girl" YouTube """"celebrity"""" who exists off beta orbiters to sit on my face. >Didn't even @ her but she starts sending me abuse getting really fucking assblasted about the whole affair. This is why women shouldn't use the internet fucking hell.

46 min later 50005562 Anonymous
>>50005428 >dad rum >mum ferrero rocher

46 min later 50005565 Anonymous
>>50005541 bullshit do you have a source?

47 min later 50005574 Anonymous
>>50005537 "hardest language weighted against personal usefulness" is that autistic enough for you

48 min later 50005583 Anonymous
>>50005565 adultwork . com some dirteh bastids on there

49 min later 50005590 Anonymous
>>50005537 >Korean has been considered harder by the DLI. Do you have a source for this? I can't find anything.

49 min later 50005593 Anonymous
>>50005583 ive never found anyone that cheap near me on there

50 min later 50005600 Anonymous
>>50005574 No, because personal usefulness is subjective.

51 min later 50005611 Anonymous
>>50005593 60 quid (1/2 hour)is the standard mate are you looking for trannies like cos theyre more expensive

51 min later 50005613 Anonymous
>>50005511 It's illegal to solicit sex in a public place. It's also illegal if they're being forced into it - regardless of whether or not you know they're made to be a sex worker you are still held responsible for it. That's why you only get in touch with independent English women from your own home.

51 min later 50005616 Anonymous
>>50005512 Japanese is much easier to learn that chinese. No tones. Hiragana and Katakana corresponds with phoentic sounds. It's fine you wanted to learn Japanese, but it's not the hardest. Stop kidding yourself.

52 min later 50005623 Anonymous
>>50005613 i'm only paying for their time anything that happens after that is fine.

54 min later 50005637 Anonymous (25463923_10215649115320704_1565449661_n.jpg 369x387 16kB)
>>50005613 Are these meme laws plod actually upholds or laws that plod can't actually be bothered to do anything about because he's solving Facebook racism crimes? It was a good day when I learned the police don't do anything about shoplifting so now I always get a 50% deal at the Co-op because of their completely fucking shit self-service machines.

54 min later 50005640 Anonymous
>>50005616 Japanese has pitch accent and also characters that each have multiple readings.

54 min later 50005642 Anonymous
Black ops 4 double xp code BVZ2J84Z8C * sips *

54 min later 50005645 Tilde
>>50005616 Chinese is piss easy. Tones are simple in Mandarin. Cantonese has a harder tone system. Chinese has very little grammar. The only difficulty is the writing system

55 min later 50005655 Anonymous
>>50005616 hashi - bridge hashi - edge hashi - chopsticks all sound different to a Japanese speaker the grammar is also completely different, Chinese is basically English without articles

56 min later 50005671 Anonymous
>>50005616 >Japanese is much easier to learn that chinese. I'm the one being autistic about it not being the hardest, but this is categorically false. Chinese grammar is laughably easy (Japanese grammar isn't exactly difficult either) and their sociolinguistic aspects are practically non-existant Dunno why you neglected to mention Kanji either... when you learn a Chinese character it has 1 sound, when you learn a Nip one, it can have over 5. Sure, you need to learn more Chink characters, but characters do not make a language more difficult than another. Korean has an alphabet and is 5x more difficult than Chinese due to it's brutal grammar and pronounciation rules for English speakers. PS: Chinese is not a language, it's a collection of languages. Like Romance, or Germanic.

57 min later 50005674 Anonymous
>>50005645 >piss easy Didn't really you was fluent in Mandarin lad?

57 min later 50005687 Anonymous
>>50005674 Jumping out of a plane is piss easy but he ain't done that either

58 min later 50005694 Tilde
>>50005674 I studied it for a year at uni so I have experience learning it at least

58 min later 50005696 Anonymous
Finally got my hair cut. Last time I had it done was early July

58 min later 50005699 Anonymous
>>50005694 then why arent you working at a chippy instead of greggs?

1 hours later 50005767 Anonymous
Upgrading a computer for my dad's mate's 13 year old. There is a folder called memes on the desktop

1 hours later 50005775 Anonymous (specialofficer.jpg 657x684 78kB)
>>50005767 put this in please

1 hours later 50005776 Anonymous
cold and bored

1 hours later 50005780 Anonymous
>>50005767 Post some of em then lad

1 hours later 50005785 Anonymous
High Wycombe Fatman TimmyUk/status/1076874812860055554

1 hours later 50005802 Anonymous
>>50005775 I think he'd notice >>50005780 There's only 2 they're both videos one is an explosion and the other is spongebob

1 hours later 50005809 Anonymous
It is Christmas lads anyone want to go fucking mental with me waheyyyyy

1 hours later 50005816 Anonymous
>>50005809 >want to go fucking mental already am

1 hours later 50005819 Anonymous
>>50005671 Obviously we are talking about Beijing Mandarin when we say Chinese lad. Kanji have multiple sounds because they loaned the writing system. Learning a simplified Mandarin character with one sound or a Kanji with 3 sounds doesn't really have much of a difference. It's not like you're sounding out the character H-e-ll-o style is it. >>50005655 Every sound in Chinese has tones that totally change it. Not every word in japanese when romanised has multiple meanings.

1 hours later 50005834 Anonymous
>>50005816 Kek me too lad and I only have enough prescription to do me until Christmas Day then i will be unmedicated haha

1 hours later 50005840 Anonymous (Chinas-President-Xi-Jinping.jpg 3000x2002 828kB)
Compare languages

1 hours later 50005847 Anonymous
Going fucking mad on voddy tonight lads, WAHEY

1 hours later 50005848 Anonymous
Am I chatting shit or is there a trip tranny on here called cola?

1 hours later 50005851 Anonymous
>>50005809 nah reckon im gonna do something mental on new years though. some of you lads are comfy, dont go to earth on nye.

1 hours later 50005852 Anonymous
>>50005848 They don't trip

1 hours later 50005857 Anonymous
Just got a pizza and I can barely eat it. It's so greasy and sloppy, makes me gag. This is the last time I buy a pizza.

1 hours later 50005871 Anonymous (1507286576512.png 1152x1200 620kB)
>gf calls me when she's walking home in the dark from work because she gets nervous I love her

1 hours later 50005873 Anonymous
What constitutes a bad boy? The type that girls like?

1 hours later 50005874 Anonymous
I don't know about the languages lads but I do know that I prefer republic of china girls to japs and people's republic of china girls

1 hours later 50005881 Anonymous
>>50005871 she should get a fucking taxi if shes that scared

1 hours later 50005885 Anonymous
>>50005852 ah. Reason I mention it is because there's a tranny on chaturbate right now going by the name of Cola and according to the bio, they're somewhere in Great Britain. Wondering if it's the same cola

1 hours later 50005905 Anonymous
>>50005873 A nose ring

1 hours later 50005906 Anonymous
>>50005885 Has she got her dick out on camera?

1 hours later 50005910 Anonymous
>Uncle: are you ever going to get a girlfriend anon? >Me: I'll get a girlfriend before you get a job

1 hours later 50005916 Anonymous
>>50005885 probably is https://archived.moe/_/search/usern ame/cola/filter/text/ same?

1 hours later 50005919 Anonymous (DvHT7Q3WkAE_jps.jpg 332x363 137kB)
>>50005785 Correct links

1 hours later 50005920 Anonymous
>>50005906 not right now, blowing a dildo atm

1 hours later 50005925 Anonymous
>>50005885 Link? Not that I want to watch trannies masturbate but I'm very curious

1 hours later 50005931 Anonymous
>>50005885 LOL link stream

1 hours later 50005935 Anonymous
>have to spend christmas at step"family"'s house Dreading it lads. Don't like any of them, especially not my stepdad. Feel like I'm gonna end up losing my shit or something. So much for Christmas being about family. The only family there is my mum, and she only cares about looking like she's a good parent to others, instead of y'know actually being one

1 hours later 50005937 Anonymous
>>50005920 >blowing a dildo atm please take a screenshot lad

1 hours later 50005954 Anonymous
*larpjar rattling intensifies*

1 hours later 50005963 Anonymous
>>50005916 Holy shit what a fucking munter she is

1 hours later 50005975 Anonymous
Don't like how common trannies are getting lads. Don't like it one bit. There's going to be a lot of problems in 10 years time.

1 hours later 50005979 Anonymous
>turn of spurs game because they're 1-0 down >now they're winning 3-1 ffs

1 hours later 50005980 Anonymous
Come on lad, cola on chaturbate is the Christmas present we all want

1 hours later 50005986 Anonymous
Storm fren are you in here?

1 hours later 50005996 Anonymous
>>50005980 I'd rather watch BritNormie do a striptease.

1 hours later 50006005 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1366x768 1759kB)
>>50005925 chaturbate com/sweet_lady_cola/ >>50005916 nah it aint her, but the caked up makeup look on stream makes it hard to tell >>50005937 dildo stopped but here's a screenshot anyway

1 hours later 50006008 Anonymous
I'm glad Staceys want chads. It's a pleb filter

1 hours later 50006009 Anonymous
Is this Mayuri or edgebaston? https://archiveofsins.com/data/lgbt /image/1545/25/1545257575021.png

1 hours later 50006012 Anonymous
>>50005975 it will go out of fashion before then, its just the latest "its not a phase mum" mixed with some blokes who are doing it as a sexual fetish, ontop of that alot of them will have killed themselves within 10 years anyway, not to worry lad

1 hours later 50006013 Tilde
>>50005980 D-did you keep the receipt?

1 hours later 50006019 Anonymous
It's not me on chaturbate but if I did go on there would you guys buy me food?

1 hours later 50006020 Anonymous
>>50005857 Where from, lad? I get Dominos because everyone who works there is white. Papa Johns is run by Pakis and the pizza is fecking awful

1 hours later 50006023 Anonymous
>>50006019 go on there and we'll see

1 hours later 50006033 Anonymous
>>50006009 Neither. It's not even cola

1 hours later 50006039 Anonymous
>>50005986 Aye lad do you need something?

1 hours later 50006040 Anonymous
>>50006009 That's St Vincent and Sufjan Stevens

1 hours later 50006043 Anonymous
ooooooooh shade from tilde

1 hours later 50006056 Anonymous
>>50006019 What's your favourite submarine?

1 hours later 50006061 Anonymous
Waiting for my gf to get home so i can fuck her holes!

1 hours later 50006067 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_165030.jpg 1920x1088 647kB)
>>50006013 I always keep the receipts, even keep old train tickets

1 hours later 50006068 Anonymous
best tweet of all time right here https://twitter.com/fart/status/107 6727147861962757

1 hours later 50006071 Anonymous
>>50006043 Tranny fight Tilde used susej roll slap

1 hours later 50006077 Anonymous
>>50006061 waiting for her to get back so you can fuck off you normie bastard mong cunt.

1 hours later 50006082 Anonymous
i reckon its gonn come up that there wasnt even any drones at gatwick anyway and they were just bricking it over nothing

1 hours later 50006089 Anonymous
>>50006067 >loveheart did you travel for cuddles?

1 hours later 50006092 Anonymous
>>50006067 Nice flex lad with your expensive train ticket

1 hours later 50006093 Anonymous
>>50006009 Mayuri probs. I wish I looked like that lmao.

1 hours later 50006106 Anonymous
>>50006077 Think about how sad and lonely you are while i fuck my gf spacca autismo!

1 hours later 50006117 Anonymous
>>50006106 i'd feel better if you fucked off normies do my head in

1 hours later 50006125 Anonymous
>>50005975 I never knew any trannies my age in school or anything (a couple of gays and bisexuals but that was it). But now at work I hear a lot about coworker's children and stuff who have trannies as friends and classmates. It's worrying honestly, the sick filth that's being pushed onto the younger generations. Yeah mine was pretty pozzed (still is) but I'm really glad I'm not Gen Z

1 hours later 50006130 Anonymous
Really feeling christmassy now lads wheheyyyyyyyyyyyyy

1 hours later 50006132 Anonymous
>>50006130 fuck off with christmas its not for 2 bastard days yet

1 hours later 50006133 Anonymous
>>50006117 More motivation to stick around so seething spergs like you can stay mad! I bet you've never even kissed someone you smelly boy!

1 hours later 50006134 Anonymous
>>50006089 I traveled for work, this was the same day I photographed gold hill in Shaftesbury

1 hours later 50006135 Anonymous
>>50006067 Gillingham is in Kent bit dorset

1 hours later 50006144 Anonymous (tommy.png 1292x397 230kB)
To all the haters, Tommy Robinson IS PC.

1 hours later 50006145 Anonymous
>>50006056 Any submarine that's yellow desu >>50006033 No that's me and Mayuri what are you talking about

1 hours later 50006151 Anonymous
>>50006082 as far as i know this is the only video of one, it was on the mail but bbc ripped it off their site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bat 1fuyWRLA

1 hours later 50006155 Anonymous
>>50006092 Most expensive one I've ever had, wasn't me paying for it though

1 hours later 50006156 Tilde (IMG_20181223_165554_342.jpg 3120x2743 1226kB)
>>50006067 I only keep them if I went somewhere I don't usually go

1 hours later 50006158 Anonymous (435342352353.png 1229x1160 59kB)
Is anyone here older than me? 28, doing nothing on Christmas. Might shitpost or play Divinity 2.

1 hours later 50006160 Anonymous
>>50006135 In the case this isn't a joke, it specifies Dorset as it's the lesser known/ smaller Gillingham you drooling spanner

1 hours later 50006174 Anonymous
>>50006158 Ew wtf ur so old

1 hours later 50006175 Anonymous
>>50006133 yes I have never kissed a girl.

1 hours later 50006178 Anonymous
I used to have a shoe box fulled with letters and souvenirs etc. Burnt it all in the end

1 hours later 50006180 Anonymous
>>50006132 O-ok I got you a present at the Christmas market though

1 hours later 50006186 Anonymous
>>50006180 ;_; i feel terrible now

1 hours later 50006188 Anonymous
>>50006160 Theres only 1 Gillingham

1 hours later 50006190 Anonymous
>>50006178 I have something similar found a postcard from a female friend from a few years back she sent to me while she was abroad

1 hours later 50006193 Anonymous
>>50006156 Trains are very comfy. 2.45 is cheap although suppose it's only about 8 miles

1 hours later 50006194 Anonymous (Yellow_Sub1_preview_featured.jpg 628x472 73kB)
>>50006145 How about this one? >https://www.thingiverse.com/thing: 297795 I've only got white filament but I have yellow paint

1 hours later 50006199 Anonymous
>>50006158 29 lad going to have a little new years eve party to myself playing warfare and eating like a pig and getting pissed if it doesn't get in the way of my grind

1 hours later 50006201 Anonymous
>>50006009 That's not the most flattering picture but yeah that's me (Mayuri)

1 hours later 50006205 Anonymous
>>50006186 Don't feel terrible, you deserve a nice present x

1 hours later 50006206 Anonymous
I want to feel a a tight tranny arse around my plump cock

1 hours later 50006208 Anonymous
>>50006188 At least 2, a big one in Kent and a smaller one in Dorset

1 hours later 50006226 Anonymous (1503546136_1503523206361.jpg 653x490 32kB)
Everyone in britfeel eventually went prison gay rather than getting gfs

1 hours later 50006229 Anonymous
>>50006208 Its impossible name 2 places exactly the same

1 hours later 50006240 Anonymous
>>50006229 They are spelled the same but pronounced differently

1 hours later 50006249 Anonymous
>>50006226 I refuse to go prison gay I'd rather be a virgin

1 hours later 50006252 Anonymous
>>50006205 i didnt get you anything yet anon, ill find something though

1 hours later 50006255 Anonymous
>>50006194 That's amazing but you gotta paint their faces looking out the windows

1 hours later 50006275 Anonymous (unnamed.jpg 900x900 75kB)
Do you reckon Tim has a special someone?

1 hours later 50006276 Tilde
>bought some J20 earlier >6 quid for six bottles Better be good at this price

1 hours later 50006277 Anonymous
>>50006275 i thought he was tapping one of his bears?

1 hours later 50006285 Anonymous
>>50006252 It is ok lad, the gift of your friendship is enough of a present :^)

1 hours later 50006290 Anonymous
>>50006255 Idk if I can paint that well but I have printable stickers to cut to size. Do you want the beatles faces in there or maybe yourself, mayuri and other people

1 hours later 50006292 Anonymous
>>50006158 >Is anyone here older than me? 31

1 hours later 50006296 Anonymous
>>50006276 It's very nice, although I don't have it often

1 hours later 50006297 Anonymous
>>50006285 bullshit, im gonna get you something good, and if i cant ill make something

1 hours later 50006304 Anonymous (DvDzUz-X0AA5iAc.jpg large.jpg 1520x2047 306kB)
>>50006275 This clearly intentional tucked-in-tshirt buldge pic was meant for someone, who that is remains the question

1 hours later 50006305 Anonymous
>>50006297 Ok lad make me a nice card

1 hours later 50006306 Anonymous (Screenshot_20181223-170700.jpg 1080x1920 1159kB)
>>50006290 Oooh me, Mayuri and me dog and Apu

1 hours later 50006312 Anonymous
>>50006285 >>50006297 by the way have you sent anything to me? got a suspicious package the other day that no one in the house ordered, well not the package, a missed delivery slip

1 hours later 50006324 Moni
>19 platinum trophies https://psnprofiles.com/Zabimaru-Ba nkai

1 hours later 50006328 Anonymous (Ian-Gallagher-shameless-408405_500_666.jpg 500x666 37kB)
>talking to a handful of lads and a woman yesterday >they tell me about all of the drama caused in the group over one 4/10 girl being slaggy with the lads in the friend group yikes. reminded me of the cola drama and made me realize how desperate normal lads are and how easy it is for woman to manipulate them.

1 hours later 50006337 Anonymous
Massive red flag for girls is if they have no friends /don't hang out with them

1 hours later 50006339 Anonymous
>>50006312 I don't think so lad. I only sent two Christmas cards this year, one was to America and no parcels

1 hours later 50006348 Anonymous
>>50006339 alri well if you dont hear from me again its because ive been anthrax'd by someone

1 hours later 50006352 Anonymous
>>50006337 same thing for blokes as well.

1 hours later 50006358 Anonymous
>>50006306 I don't have a picture of mayuri you'll have to send me one on discord or post it here. same for the picture of yourself that you want and the apu that you want

1 hours later 50006365 Anonymous
Do you think you'll ever have a special someone?

1 hours later 50006367 Anonymous
tired cold and hungry now

1 hours later 50006375 Anonymous
>>50006367 sleep, warm up, eat, repeat

1 hours later 50006405 Anonymous (Steins-Gate-Cosplay-Prop-Mayuri-Shiina-Hat-Version-01-image.jpg 400x352 60kB)
>>50006358 This is Mayuri my friend

1 hours later 50006413 Anonymous
Bit of a shit day. I'm the only one who didn't get a secret santa and I lost the key to my bedroom. Luckily a family member had a spare.

1 hours later 50006414 Anonymous
Everton are getting christmas creamed

1 hours later 50006425 Moni
>>50006413 >I'm the only one who didn't get a secret santa Would kill me I know how you feel, it's OK to cry

1 hours later 50006449 Anonymous
>>50006425 >moni being nice for once it must be Christmas!

1 hours later 50006457 Anonymous
>>50006405 Okay cool. I'm getting the 3D printer out now

1 hours later 50006487 Moni
>>50006449 I'm human and I genuinely sympathise, that experience would rank with my worst feels Hurts like hell being left out Gets pretty confusing too You hate them for excluding you but you also want them to like you And when you think about it further, they weren't even being malicious, they just didn't think much of you. Maybe it was even an accident

1 hours later 50006492 Anonymous
>>50006365 There is a special some one but I think they're frightened of me

2 hours later 50006587 Anonymous
there was a 19th century photo of an attractive woman in my nan's house but it was my great great gran

2 hours later 50006588 Anonymous
>>50006492 You're not scary at all Cola

2 hours later 50006605 Anonymous
Kek Mayuri looks like a right tit in that picture dunno why cola got his knickers in such a fankle about him

2 hours later 50006613 Anonymous
Thought it was about 9pm. Might workout and have a nice shake phwor

2 hours later 50006614 Anonymous
Broke down crying and told my mum that all I want for christmas is to lose my virginity. She spoke to her mate Laura and she's agreed to do it! She's 38 and fat but I'll take it, merry christmas lads! This is going to be the best one ever.

2 hours later 50006617 Anonymous
>>50006605 it isnt mayuri and cola it's two 'famous' people

2 hours later 50006625 Anonymous
>>50006614 Based SP give it too her good lad

2 hours later 50006628 Anonymous
>>50006605 Pretty sure Cola's a slag mate

2 hours later 50006633 Anonymous
>>50006614 >Broke down crying and told my mum that all I want for christmas is to lose my virginity. >She spoke to her mate Laura and she's agreed to do it! She's 38 and fat but I'll take it, merry christmas lads! This is going to be the best one ever. 2/10 meme

2 hours later 50006645 Anonymous
>>50006614 Rather be a virgin to be quite honest.

2 hours later 50006651 Anonymous
>>50006614 Sometimes I really wish posts like this were real so I'm going to pretend this one is

2 hours later 50006654 Anonymous
Lads hows christmas going? >>50006614 Is this true? Paahahahha

2 hours later 50006661 Anonymous
>>50006588 I am not cola fren

2 hours later 50006669 Anonymous (Bow down before me Santa.jpg 768x1152 333kB)
MIGHTY! LUSTY xmas bennis 20 inches rammed in yer fowl asshole happy xmas ye are gay

2 hours later 50006671 Anonymous
>>50006009 That's a female so it's definitely not Mayuri.

2 hours later 50006687 Anonymous
the state of these slags https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/173 01128.teenage-girls-threaten-to-sta b-passengers-on-portslade-train/

2 hours later 50006688 Anonymous
>go on to the catalog >see threads about cucking >close tab fuck sake why do I bother even looking.

2 hours later 50006708 Anonymous
>>50006688 because you're bored and, while you wish it wasn't true, this is the most interesting thing you have to do with your time

2 hours later 50006717 Anonymous (wew.png 946x577 332kB)
>>50006687 state of the polive ffs lads

2 hours later 50006780 Anonymous
>>50006717 yeah i saw that this morning, was a good read >mr hand

2 hours later 50006794 Anonymous (aryan senor.jpg 768x1152 157kB)
>>50006717 more than a headrest would be required to hide THE BENNIS

2 hours later 50006800 Anonymous (1542217592461.jpg 1000x716 73kB)
>legs for the first time in a month or >chest again

2 hours later 50006809 Anonymous
>>50006800 Back lad Everyone always underestimates the back

2 hours later 50006810 Anonymous
I forgot to ask at the meetup if any of you were senor benis so I could tell you I hated your gimmick

2 hours later 50006822 Anonymous
>>50006809 did back coupld of days ago

2 hours later 50006826 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_174305~4.jpg 3167x3380 1976kB)
Isn't she just the prettiest

2 hours later 50006834 Anonymous
Gonna be honest lads. I don't know how people can watch football. You can go an entire game with no one scoring. Why would you watch that?

2 hours later 50006847 Anonymous
mums just put some Sausages in the oven, gunna have a fry up for t. cant wait lads

2 hours later 50006862 Anonymous
>>50006847 >in the oven >fry up

2 hours later 50006866 Anonymous
>>50006717 Fuck the polive coming straight up out underground A young ginger got it bad cuz I'm red I said fuck the polive

2 hours later 50006868 Anonymous
>>50006834 Tbf people generally dont enjoy 0-0 games. But in that situation you could be supporting a small club desperately trying to hold on for a draw against a much better team, for instance

2 hours later 50006870 Anonymous (coulditbemajic.jpg 620x372 26kB)
>>50006810 you love the senor really lid.he be a legend

2 hours later 50006880 Anonymous (1541997772483.jpg 800x800 420kB)
Call the polive see if I give a fuck

2 hours later 50006893 Anonymous
>>50006870 I know it isnt shippy because he wouldnt have so many images of penis' on his hard drive

2 hours later 50006905 Anonymous
>>50006862 its healthier for you desu

2 hours later 50006923 Anonymous
>>50006862 Whenever I go in someone's house and it smells like fry up and fags I know instantly that they are poor

2 hours later 50006926 Anonymous
>>50006868 The games are so long and the scores are usually so low. I can see maybe 5 or 10% of a game being exciting, but you've still got another 80 minutes of nothing happening to sit through. At the risk of sounding like a pseud, do people only watch games because they feel some kind of social pressure to?

2 hours later 50006944 Anonymous
>>50006669 lmfao he's even given his willy a hat

2 hours later 50006947 Anonymous
>girlfriend reading an article about a "cheat pass" >joked that I should give her one for christmas so she can use it on her holiday to Turkey in January >just gave her this deadpan look >"oh I'm only joking, lighten up it's christmas" Feel a bit fucking sick now.

2 hours later 50006948 Anonymous
>>50006927 I would bully you for that but you are at least doing something with your life as you are a student.

2 hours later 50006954 Anonymous
>>50006717 could be worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJh Mlmf2awg

2 hours later 50006967 Anonymous
>>50006947 She sounds like a cow desu, get rid of her

2 hours later 50006969 Anonymous
>>50006947 >its christmas so I can joke with you about cheating! lighten up

2 hours later 50006975 Anonymous
>>50006926 >do people only watch games because they feel some kind of social pressure to? I mean it is a very social interest but a lot of people are genuinely passionate about their team. The spirit of competition and having rivalries is very satisfying on some basic level.

2 hours later 50006980 Anonymous
>>50006947 >on her holiday to Turkey F

2 hours later 50007023 Ebin
>>50006927 Stop ban evading, I couldn't post in public yesterday because it was banned for ban evading under your stupid name

2 hours later 50007039 Anonymous
Will mayuri let the lads have a go on his missus for Xmas?

2 hours later 50007040 Anonymous
>>50006948 >Doing something with your life >Student lazing around playing video games and getting arse fucked Lol.

2 hours later 50007067 Anonymous (5ad2038fdaa78b56f990355150ca2026--john-lennon-beatles-the-beatles.jpg 236x351 16kB)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeW eOZ9B6Oo Man I'd love to fuck this girl. Something about the innocence or whatever, imagine her looking up at you. also if you want an insight into young normans these comments will make you laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q8 GgvN3Yac >>50006947 >>50006980 fucking creasing at this. Have half a mind to accuse anon of larping.

2 hours later 50007069 Anonymous
I'm a NEET who spends all day watching TV and I'm proud of it.

2 hours later 50007078 Anonymous
>>50007040 He is off uni tbf. If you can't fuck around during your time of then when can you?

2 hours later 50007086 Anonymous (britfeels shed.jpg 1025x929 238kB)
>>50006944 thanks lid glad to oblige did it last xmas

2 hours later 50007106 Anonymous (Travolta trying not to laugh.gif 177x150 1823kB)
https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/173 00610.cop-caught-masturbating-on-tr ain-faces-the-sack/

2 hours later 50007120 Anonymous
>>50007078 Not off uni when hes prancing around getting fucked in the arse though

2 hours later 50007125 Anonymous
What are your thoughts on Buddhism lads?

2 hours later 50007139 Anonymous
>>50006947 >Haha what if I got ROACHED on holiday haha The balls on this lass

2 hours later 50007159 Anonymous
playing war games as the germans again, they just had such nice uniforms

2 hours later 50007160 Anonymous
haha lads going for a shower, mental

2 hours later 50007174 Anonymous (074E387E-6B88-4A2F-899A-8892BDC7EC71.jpg 634x951 129kB)
Who's the prettiest Countryfile presenter lads? I like Ellie Harrison but Anita Rani and Helen Skelton are both great as well.

2 hours later 50007176 Anonymous
>was lonely >got in a relationship >turns out I don't like being in a relationship >now lonely again

2 hours later 50007196 Anonymous
>>50000000 What majesty was this post

2 hours later 50007206 Anonymous
>>50007160 Haha lad can I come with you?

2 hours later 50007215 Anonymous
>>50007206 errrrr yeah sure haha

2 hours later 50007225 Anonymous
>>50007215 Haha nice one I've got some nice shower gel I'll bring it with me haha

2 hours later 50007234 Anonymous
Just looking at my browser history and seeing some of the porn I watch, it's cracking me up. I look at a right weird mix of stuff lads

2 hours later 50007246 Anonymous
>>50007225 ok lol hope it's nice a soapy haha

2 hours later 50007251 Anonymous
I remember when I was naive enough to convince myself the roleplaying on here was just lads having banter and not raging homos trying to pretend it's that

2 hours later 50007255 Anonymous (bud.jpg 320x408 53kB)
>>50007125 based and dharmapilled tbqh

2 hours later 50007275 Anonymous
>>50007246 Haha yeah it smells like coconuts. We will have matching flesh scents lmao

2 hours later 50007289 Anonymous
>>50007125 depends on the school of Buddhism. Some schools are complete memes, some of them are deeply philosophical. Its quite hard to give an opinion on buddhism because the teachings can vary quite a lot from school to school. Just my opinion though.

2 hours later 50007297 Anonymous
>>50004984 can't spend christmas with my family this year lads, they hate my girlfriend and she moved continents for me, so it's just us. though i really love her, i'm really lonely and i've never been without family for christmas before. any tips please?

2 hours later 50007299 Anonymous
>>50007255 Based and thumbnail saving pilled

2 hours later 50007301 Moni
>family is watching TV >see rabbits on screen >ask if it' "Peter Rabbit" >they say "no, it's Watership down" >I leave

2 hours later 50007309 Anonymous
>>50007275 omg lol we're going to be cocunut twins haha

2 hours later 50007313 Anonymous (sniff.jpg 384x288 51kB)
>>50007225 >>50007246 haha fucken shitstabbers ahahahah

2 hours later 50007317 Anonymous
>>50007196 based and hogpilled indeed What's the 11th commandment?

2 hours later 50007325 Anonymous
>>50007297 Do a lot of shagging and cuddling and get drunk a lot. Lie in bed together and watch films and go for nice cosy evening walks to tesco to buy some nice snacks and go to comfy local pubs. That's what I'd do anyway hahahahaha fucking normie ;-;

2 hours later 50007326 Anonymous
>>50007234 go on lad, what sort of stuff do you watch?

2 hours later 50007331 Anonymous
>>50007301 *laugh track plays* great anecdote

2 hours later 50007332 Anonymous
>>50007317 >the 11th commandment Thou Shalt Not Get Caught

2 hours later 50007339 Anonymous
>>50007309 >coconut twins Audibly kekked >>50007313 Not gay lad just two frens having a nice soapy shower together lol

2 hours later 50007344 Anonymous
big argument just erupted in our house over green choc blocks Vs green triangles in a tin of roses, christmas has actually landed

2 hours later 50007359 Anonymous
>>50007313 it's a lads shower you wouldn't understand

2 hours later 50007367 Anonymous
>>50007344 Green triangles lad. Green blocks are in top 10, but they're just plain chocolate. Nutty praline is a clear winner

2 hours later 50007385 Anonymous
>>50007344 Roses or quality street?

2 hours later 50007399 Anonymous
>>50007299 its not a thumbnail, it gets much bigger when clicked. unless you come from the land of big thumbnails.

2 hours later 50007401 Anonymous
>>50007367 triangles were better to be fair, the argument started about what was inside them >>50007385 i could be wrong and it could be quaility street, i just know it wasnt celebrations or heroes kek

2 hours later 50007406 Anonymous
Why are normies so desperate? i know normies that fight over fat girls, i thought you lads were bad

2 hours later 50007409 Anonymous (1314111994219.png 415x329 123kB)
>>50007399 >unless you come from the land of big thumbnails. savage burn

2 hours later 50007410 Anonymous (1545586431263.jpg 697x962 271kB)
hello lads. Just found a cursed porno and a new meme for us. Enjoy. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video. php?viewkey=ph5aefcfdb00492 >if ebin had sex with a pornstar

2 hours later 50007411 Anonymous (Screenshot_20181223-182549.jpg 1080x1920 789kB)
Watching bad Santa 2 with my family It's really funny but I feel so uncomfortable laughing at these things with family around but they're laughing more than me

2 hours later 50007421 Anonymous (oooh.jpg 400x400 22kB)
>>50007399 >it gets much bigger when clicked

2 hours later 50007424 Anonymous
>>50007410 cant stop giggling at this picture, bet she ate the poor lad alive

3 hours later 50007432 Anonymous
>>50007410 Alright newfag we saw this months ago

3 hours later 50007435 Anonymous
>>50007424 actually he ate her alive wahey

3 hours later 50007440 Anonymous
>>50007411 Only seen the first one. Liked when he bummed a fat woman in a changing room

3 hours later 50007447 Anonymous
>>50007410 this has been posted her multiple times. Fair enough it has never become a proper meme or ought so i wont jump the gun and call you a newfag.

3 hours later 50007448 Anonymous
>>50007432 fuck off lad don't see you trying to bring new content to the thread

3 hours later 50007458 Anonymous (ebinlollyken.png 350x343 140kB)
>>50007421 here you go ken haha

3 hours later 50007464 Anonymous
>>50007448 I posted about the polive man having a wank actually

3 hours later 50007472 Anonymous
>>50007326 all normal hetero stuff, it's more the titles like one was "fucked in office chair" then "filled up with come whilst making dinner" just makes you laugh how stupid the scenes are.

3 hours later 50007479 Anonymous
>>50007410 why would you want to fuck that?

3 hours later 50007484 Anonymous (1543792416610.png 483x470 188kB)
oh the things we watch just to make a cummy

3 hours later 50007497 Anonymous
>>50007472 When you've got the horn it seems less ridiculous I guess. Had a wank to 'office prudes need pussy too' yesterday

3 hours later 50007502 Anonymous
Chips take too long to cook. Not happy.

3 hours later 50007503 Anonymous
>>50007410 I am convinced that the woman needs to just be offed, no way is that the same species as people who took men to the moon As for the guy, I feel that's probably what I look like when I'm doing it but I hope I'm wrong. At least my face is a bit better and I'm not as nervous.

3 hours later 50007541 Anonymous
>>50007503 We've always needed whores lad.

3 hours later 50007549 Moni
pretty cool https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/e xplore/ps4/my-ps4-life/

3 hours later 50007582 Anonymous
just had my fry-up, i'm a happy lad now

3 hours later 50007583 Anonymous (42.jpg 328x320 66kB)
Why do robots not work in catering/customer service jobs? >get a christmas party event gig >literally ask to get put in the cloak room (sounds easy as fuck and it is) >get nothing but drunken girls complimenting you and boosting your confidence for free >get paid for it >pretty much nightshift anyway (8pm-4am) so it fits perfectly with my robot sleeping pattern

3 hours later 50007586 Moni (hmm interes.jpg 1366x768 134kB)
>my most played PS4 games interesting stuff I suppose since FFX/X-2 is 2 games in one

3 hours later 50007599 Anonymous
>>50007583 because most of them don't like social situations you daft normie melt

3 hours later 50007601 Anonymous
>>50007586 Interesting to you. Not to anyone else.

3 hours later 50007603 Anonymous
>Be last night >End up sleep walking >Need a piss while sleep walking >Somehow go into the kitchen >Wake up to find myself pissing into the bin >Still confused >Go back to bed once done Hope you lads are having a good day so far.

3 hours later 50007604 Anonymous
>>50007583 >Why do robots not work in catering/customer service jobs? Because I have and none of that happened to me, I just got shouted at and treated like shit from drunken chavs and degenerate slags. Either you're really attractive or you're larping, either way, that won't work with us retard4

3 hours later 50007607 Anonymous
>>50007583 >why do socially anxious people not want to work social oriented jobs jesus.

3 hours later 50007609 Anonymous
>>50007586 How do you view this?

3 hours later 50007623 Moni
>>50007609 by viewing my earlier posts in the thread >>50007549

3 hours later 50007658 Anonymous
>>50007607 >>50007599 >>50007604 Sucks for you losers then

3 hours later 50007675 Anonymous
>>50007658 what did you really expect you normie cunt?

3 hours later 50007691 Anonymous
>>50007586 pleb taste. hate these shitty nip autism games. mine would probs be spiderman, battlefield 5, red dead etc

3 hours later 50007712 Moni
>>50007691 >spiderman takes like 20 hours to platinum

3 hours later 50007714 Anonymous
>>50007658 At least i am not retarded.

3 hours later 50007719 Anonymous
>>50007675 cry more you loser, if you're not eve nwilling to try risks then dont fucking bitch and moan about how shit your life is you fucking pathetic parasitic sack of shit

3 hours later 50007731 Anonymous
>>50007712 yeah its probs in my top because I do things other than spending all my spare time trying to complete a nip ps4 trophy case

3 hours later 50007746 Anonymous
>>50007719 i'm not the one coming in here reposting the same shit from a couple of weeks ago

3 hours later 50007750 Anonymous
Honestly think guys should wear makeup. Nothing too much but a bit of concealer to cover up spots and blemishes with eyeliner and mascara would look so hot

3 hours later 50007763 Anonymous
>>50007746 fucking kill yourself you pathetic cunt

3 hours later 50007764 Moni
>>50007731 >I do things posting on 4chan and what else?

3 hours later 50007768 Anonymous
What the fuck are you arguing about?

3 hours later 50007773 Anonymous (1500670313481.jpg 600x485 25kB)
Baby, all I want for Christmas is Apu

3 hours later 50007777 Anonymous
>>50007763 its alright lad its okay to be dumb.

3 hours later 50007779 Anonymous
Back from the lads shower btw lads

3 hours later 50007790 Anonymous
>>50007777 Rather that than be a pathetic loser like yourself, also chekd

3 hours later 50007821 Anonymous
>>50007790 >>50007746 >>50007719 I hope this is bait because you are really embarrassing yourself.

3 hours later 50007823 Anonymous
>>50007764 work, study, socialising, reading, band practice etc etc

3 hours later 50007829 Anonymous
>>50007790 >stupid and projecting

3 hours later 50007844 Anonymous
Cut straight to the bullshit and asked a girl on Tinder if she wanted a shag. Got a her number and she told me that she lives alone. There might be a chance of losing my v-card this Christmas lads.

3 hours later 50007846 Anonymous
pisses me off when the chasers win on the charity chase, smug cunts

3 hours later 50007851 Anonymous
>>50007821 >>50007829 virgin loser robots mad as fuck, enjoy being a wizard you degenerate evolutionary reject

3 hours later 50007868 Anonymous
>>50007844 I bet you back out of it.

3 hours later 50007881 Anonymous
I'm a meme hon nice cope x

3 hours later 50007885 Moni
>>50007823 >work, study, socialising, reading, band practice etc etc fuck off normie

3 hours later 50007891 Anonymous
>>50007851 jokes on you lad I'm not even a virgin.

3 hours later 50007894 Anonymous
>>50007844 Does such a direct approach work often?

3 hours later 50007905 Anonymous (1533738553867.gif 197x236 369kB)
>>50007885 >has an actual life >"normie" never change poleslaw

3 hours later 50007910 Anonymous
>>50007894 it does if you are attractive.

3 hours later 50007911 Anonymous
No. I dont think I can workout after all

3 hours later 50007917 Anonymous
>>50007846 Made me laugh when al murray got the ww2 question wrong

3 hours later 50007933 Anonymous
Post some nice tits lads and a nice hairy but attractive pussy. Thanks.

3 hours later 50007937 Anonymous
>>50007885 trust me I'm not a normie. I'm a fucked up individual with a good mask. you could use a mask poley, and not just to obscure your grotesque physical features.

3 hours later 50007942 Anonymous
>mum says she's doing stew & dumplings for tea with christmas being so close after the weekend >fucking get in, love me some real dumplings >hours cooking in the oven >finally shouts that it's ready at 7pm >go down >she says she's done "real" dumplings >you're supposed to put the dumplings on top of the stew so they get really crispy on top but still soft inside >she moved the stew into a plain steel cooking pot and did the dumplings separately >they're shit, small dense and chewy as fuck

3 hours later 50007944 Anonymous (1525210521234.jpg 911x1198 70kB)
>>50007933 hello I am having beer

3 hours later 50007952 Anonymous (1438878514606.jpg 258x245 12kB)

3 hours later 50007956 Tilde
>associate certain anime with times in my life >feel nostalgic listening to their OPs Might see if theres anything decent on Netflix. I believe they have Nanatsu No Taizai at least

3 hours later 50007959 Anonymous
>>50005020 it was me fren, thanks for calling it cute <3 >>50005015 that's not in the christmas spirit >:(

3 hours later 50007966 Anonymous
I always love that one >I'm not a normie I just happen to live a normies life and do normie things.

3 hours later 50007973 Anonymous (download.jpg 231x218 9kB)
Younger brother has started ranting about nonces

3 hours later 50007975 Anonymous
>>50007851 I am not a virgin nor mad. Try again lad. You are making me cringe btw.

3 hours later 50007977 Anonymous
>>50007944 willy in fanny mmm

3 hours later 50007994 Anonymous
>>50007868 Nah I'm going in. 25 and still a virgin is killing me. >>50007894 Well she's fat and I'm only a 5/10 so probably not. I just need to stop being fussy.

3 hours later 50008008 Anonymous (1 (2).png 200x200 53kB)
>>50007891 >>50007937 >virgins pretending to not be virgins

3 hours later 50008010 Anonymous
do you frens mind normies being on the thread? i got the impression that it was oki as long as they don't brag about their normie life or complain about normie problems, but otherwise what do you think of them being here?

3 hours later 50008022 Anonymous
if you can get a response on tinder you are almost certainly a normie.

3 hours later 50008026 Anonymous
What have you guys done today? I woke up at 5, had a tube of Pringles for breakfast, played ewok hunt until 12, had a packet of biscuits and an apple, then played galatic assault until now. Probably go to bed. Am I wasting my life or living the dream?

3 hours later 50008033 Anonymous
>>50008008 it was an unfortunate situation my mum got me a prostitute on my 18th birthday and I had to fuck her

3 hours later 50008036 Anonymous
>>50008026 >Am I wasting my life or living the dream? yes

3 hours later 50008047 Anonymous
>really want to download Hana's EP >her name is far too common and I can't find anything online Help.

3 hours later 50008049 Anonymous
>>50008010 why? are you some sort of normie?

3 hours later 50008069 Anonymous
>>50008049 what would you think of me if i was, fren

3 hours later 50008074 Anonymous
>>50008010 You like normies? I'll tolerate them until they open their mouths. They are allowed to lurk and that is IT.

3 hours later 50008086 Anonymous
>>50008069 I dont like normies because they only come here to gloat and pretend they are like the rest of us.

3 hours later 50008088 Anonymous
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-as ia-46667970 kek that headline

3 hours later 50008106 Anonymous
>when drunk people tell me their life story i dont give a fuck, go away.

3 hours later 50008111 Anonymous
for some reason I'm a normie by all your standards. You do realise a person can fake normie when they need to but still be mentally fucked in the head?

3 hours later 50008118 Anonymous
>>50008010 No, go to Facebook or int or some shit like that, your kind aren't welcome here

3 hours later 50008122 Anonymous
>>50008111 Your baselines for what normie is needs adjusting then, because we can't even fake it.

3 hours later 50008123 Anonymous
>>50008111 post your stats and i'll decide if you are 'faking'

3 hours later 50008132 Anonymous
>>50008088 somebody made fun of it on /britfeel/ and it's currently typing an extremely angry reply

3 hours later 50008133 Ebin
>>50008111 If you can fake being a normie you're a cyborg, still anyone "mentally fucked" can really not pass a normie speaking from experience

3 hours later 50008134 Anonymous
>>50008010 define normie to begin with?

3 hours later 50008135 Anonymous
>>50008111 >haha I'm totally a robot like you fuck off

3 hours later 50008150 Anonymous
>>50008123 what do you mean stats?

3 hours later 50008152 Anonymous
Can anyone spare me a you? I haven't really got many today and I'd really like one. I try really hard to make good posts but I think I'm having an off day

3 hours later 50008163 Anonymous
>family bought a crate of strongbow for Xmas gonna be hard not to drink it all in 2 days

3 hours later 50008167 Tilde (Fedora7.jpg 400x400 177kB)
>I gatekeep who can be a robot or not

3 hours later 50008173 Anonymous
>>50008111 You either have friends and sex or you fucking don't

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