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2018-12-23 04:24 50004948 Anonymous (Tohru_confused.png 634x357 224kB)
Question for male robots: Can men smell it when you are on your period? I know dogs can and I often get paranoid about men smelling it when it's my time of the month.

8 min later 50005041 Anonymous
question for robots*

11 min later 50005082 Anonymous
>>50004948 We can smell it, anon. There's no other option for you at this point. The only way to overcome the shame is to be my GF.

16 min later 50005142 Anonymous
>I don't take the pill = I'm not a roastie Hello m'lady. *bows* I hope you're having a great day. Btw, you're really beautiful. :)

22 min later 50005217 Anonymous
>>50005142 I have taken them before but they made me feel weird

38 min later 50005427 Anonymous
>>50004948 No, but i dont get close enough to women to smell them. Women usually only smell like whatever soap they use.

40 min later 50005450 Anonymous
I sniffe your crotcg, absolute unit turn to your i say ready for breeding helping of cereal you smoke cigrette to good turns next time your sniff me

41 min later 50005465 Anonymous
I can't say for sure but sometimes i smell a metallic/fishy scent in the air around women and I link it to that, is that how it smells?

42 min later 50005478 Anonymous
>>50005465 iron would be the scent of menstruation, yes. fishy is just because their crotch fucking reeks. PH imbalance, yeast infection, etc.

2 hours later 50006667 Anonymous
>>50004948 One can only smell it when intimately close, so just normal talking distance won't be a problem.

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