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2018-12-23 04:21 50004910 Anonymous Now what? (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 92kB)
>i cant play vidya anymore >i cant watch movies/series anymore >i cant go out anymore >i cant talk to my family anymore >i cant drink to forget about shit anymore So I officially reached the point where nothing does it for me anymore.All I do is sleep a couple of hours,wake up and lurk here for like an hour or 2 then go back to sleep.I can't even be bothered to eat anymore,I'm just laying in bed 90% of my days.Is this whole thing gonna spiral down in me killing myself?Is there any coming back? >inb4. find a hobby I'm not passionate about anything anymore,even going to the bathroom seems like a chore.

1 min later 50004925 Anonymous
I've noticed lots of threads like this lately Don't you guys do drugs?

4 min later 50004967 Anonymous
>>50004925 I only used to drink and it helped me fit in with the normies.It took all my worries away and made me open up,but now even with alcohol I fucking dread this existence.

29 min later 50005269 Anonymous
You have to hold on to the few things in your life that still give you pleasure. Like sleeping well or eating a meal when hungry. You have to make an effort to be fulfilled. I don't mean this in the way that normies mean it when they tell you to just take a shower and go for a walk. I mean you need to expend some mental effort in order to hold onto those few bits of meaning in your life that are still there. The more of those bits you lose, like the ability to enjoy video games, to enjoy music, to enjoy food, the closer you are to death. Hell, it is death. Death is stillness and non-action, and that's what you are becoming the deeper you get into anhedonia. You are dying in a very real sense. And the more life slips away from you, the harder it is to hold on to the pieces that are left.

37 min later 50005384 Anonymous
>>50005269 Well sleeping is pretty much the only thing I have left so I guess I pretty much am dead.

39 min later 50005413 Anonymous
>>50004910 If you power through it then you can become an empty husk of a person like the rest of us and join us in waiting out the rest of life.

41 min later 50005436 Anonymous
>>50005413 Is there no fucking way to reverese this state?

1 hours later 50005664 Anonymous
>>50005436 are you sure this is the place you want to ask this question my man seek professional help if you genuinely have nothing in life you can derive joy from, dont listen to a bunch of monkeys on a taiwanese ricefarming board

1 hours later 50005695 Anonymous
>>50005664 I kept seeing similar threads and I was thinking that maybe a person managed to fix things somehow and would like to share.

1 hours later 50005709 Anonymous
>>50004925 I noticed it too, the depression on /r9k/ has gone up a ton. maybe it's a seasonal thing To OP, I stay in bed all day too doing nothing

1 hours later 50005710 Anonymous
>>50005436 Make an appointment with a therapist. Losing interest in things you once enjoyed and sleeping all the time are symptomatic of depression. Medication combined with talk therapy could help you.

1 hours later 50005739 Anonymous
>>50005695 you want actual advice? stay off this fucking board and I know that's harder than it sounds becuase I've been trying for 5 years

1 hours later 50005791 Anonymous
>>50005739 >stay off this fucking board And do what?Sleep 24/7?

1 hours later 50005824 Anonymous
>>50005791 >and do what? that's the million dollar question, isn't it? enjoy slowly rotting your life away until you figure that one out, because lord knows I haven't

1 hours later 50006262 Anonymous
>>50004910 Just take some sunlight.

2 hours later 50006562 Anonymous
>>50006262 What is it with the sunlight meme?Is it just because of the vitamin d or are there more benefits to it?

2 hours later 50006598 Anonymous
>>50006562 >Is it just because of the vitamin d yeah, it unironically causes depression

2 hours later 50006662 Anonymous
>>50006598 Aren't there vitamin d pills?What's the daily amount I should take to fix this?Is there even a recomended amount?I don't think you can od on vitamin d.

2 hours later 50006777 Anonymous
>>50004910 same situation as you op used to have a plane business and tons of fun but now cant enjoy nothing you need to take 4 pills of vit d per day + melatonin + htp5 drop 4 chan too this shit is like crack for autistic robots

2 hours later 50006889 Anonymous
>>50006777 >you need to take 4 pills of vit d per day + melatonin + htp5 Did that turn things around for you?At least half of what they were?Also nice trips.

3 hours later 50007382 Anonymous
>>50004910 Having a small job helped me a lot, gives you some structure and people skills. Beforehand I woke up sometime in the afternoon to be awake till sunrise, doing nothing but laying in bef. Colleagues and managers told me I went through quite a development dince I started. The days off the depression returns though. I still don't know what to do with my life. I wanted to go to Uni but didn't have the courage and missed the application window. Nothing's easy man.

3 hours later 50007602 Anonymous
>>50006889 can work for a bit i dont know how i would be able to contact you some ressources are good if you want more info let me know i dont want to drop the sauce public too many normies

3 hours later 50007897 Anonymous
>>50007602 You got a discord?Or a throwaway email?

4 hours later 50008489 Anonymous
>>50004910 take up doing drugs.

4 hours later 50008512 Anonymous
>>50004967 yeah I used to do a similar cope, but the older I become, the less it works. I'm even bailing on Christmas this year, b/c meh fuck it.

4 hours later 50008547 Anonymous
>>50008489 >smoke weed >just makes me focus on shitty thoughts even more Yeah drugs sure do help

4 hours later 50008736 Anonymous
>>50004910 Ask Jesus into your heart, OP. He is eternal and powerful. And he loves you.

4 hours later 50008759 Anonymous
>>50004910 I mentioned to a robot the other day to go on Grindr and find a sissy to fuck he said in a later thread he didn't get to fuck the sissy but got his dick sucked and they played vidya after give it a shot seems fun

4 hours later 50008854 Anonymous
>>50004910 Try wearing girl clothes and trapping out it will be a completely new experience you could also collect orbiters and get laid

4 hours later 50008864 Anonymous
>>50008759 Sissies are just failed ugly men in drag.

4 hours later 50008943 Anonymous
>>50004910 Does your penis still work? If it does get your cock wet in boipucci

4 hours later 50008985 Anonymous
>>50008864 Dif robot jer but who cares as long as they are a sissy submissive hole

4 hours later 50009014 Anonymous
i wish i stopped caring about dumb shit that profits me nothing, i wish i was an enlightened being but maybe that's a lie because i don't pursue enlightenment instead i play shitty free games for hours until i get sick of them and move on to the next waste of time

4 hours later 50009111 Anonymous (1280x720.9.jpg 320x240 14kB)
>>50008985 Yeah who cares when you can have this on the end of your cock! I love sissies!

4 hours later 50009194 Anonymous
>>50009111 Me too senpai bussy and suc jobs

5 hours later 50009353 Anonymous
>>50004910 Boxing, ima just say that anon.

5 hours later 50009513 Anonymous
>>50005709 >>50004925 There also lies the issue of negativity in general. All it does is breed more negativity. I mean think about it. Lets say you have no hobbies and just sit on 4chan all day. For a lot of boards now, any sign of genuine happiness or positivity is often met with >hurr durr gb2reddit 4chan had the nickname of "internet hate machine" when I started browsing here years ago, but it sure as hell has started to live up to the name. Before it seemed like people being edgy dickheads just for the fun of it, now people genuinely get mad as fuck about every little thing. With the amount of hyperbole and exaggeration on this site, and the internet in general, you'd think the sky is falling and the world is ending all around you. The solution really is to get the fuck off 4chan, ESPECIALLY /r9k/. Not necessarily to go to reddit because they're just as depressed as ever, just with a self-deprecating "haha life sucks doesn't it! teehee" sort of way. Just in general try to introduce more positivity into your life even if you don't believe in the words you're saying, and start making a change in routine, even if insignificant. Being on /r9k/ all day long is not mentally healthy in the least bit and just exacerbates problems.

5 hours later 50009599 Anonymous
>>50009513 the issue is i can't even get out of bed, too much self-hate and no energy. i know what i have to do, i just can't

5 hours later 50009668 Anonymous
>>50009599 idk what to say to that m8 start reading about history online and fact check people who spout dumb shit here then or something. that makes my days go by. anything is better than staying here exclusively. it's an echo chamber of self pity.

5 hours later 50009781 Anonymous
Wait it out op

5 hours later 50010150 Anonymous
>>50004925 Nigga, I don't have bux. Some of us are neet, not everyone has bux for entertainment beyond basic internet surfing. I have missed on a ton of ps3 ps4 xbox pc whatever games. Plus, actual robots don't have any friends how the fuck am i supposed to find someone giving me psychedelics if I don't know anyone and don't have bux for it. If you only knew how bad things really are...

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