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2018-12-23 04:16 50004837 Anonymous (3b69189147bbf0d925a994a3c714d08a--bojack-music-videos.jpg 236x364 26kB)
Has there ever been a show so perfectly /r9k/?

10 min later 50004977 Anonymous
>>50004837 You keep making this thread but you get shit on for it, Bojack might be robot-adjacent but he isn't a robot, he's had success, he's had past partners, his Just realized this was a troll post when I clicked on the pic and it was obviously saved as a thumbnail because you're le epic phonepost, kill yourself.

27 min later 50005179 Anonymous
Bojack is a literal failed normie, hell, a failed Chad even. Bojack Horseman screenshots are constantly posted by BPD art hoes, sadboy teenagers, and "quirky" me_irl redditors, and is NOT /r9k/. NHK (and to a lesser extent Watamote) are prime examples of robot kino, I swear I've seen some western robot cartoons before but I can't remember what.

37 min later 50005308 Anonymous
>>50004837 Imagine identifying with a cartoon horse. Now that I think about it, it's mlp all over again.

54 min later 50005529 Anonymous
>>50005179 >>50004977 If Bojack never had sex or any form of success the show wouldn't be as popular as it was. The core audience is normies. Robots are unlikable and unrelateable.

1 hours later 50006112 Anonymous (image.jpg 800x1057 279kB)
>>50004837 The west fucking sucks at making introverted robot characters. They're never virgins, they do normalfaggot shit like drugs, understand social cues, etc. They just want the normie audience

1 hours later 50006162 Anonymous
>>50004837 The melancholy type kinda hits home for me but the character is actually kinda dick. Can't really relate to that.

1 hours later 50006163 Anonymous
Bojack Redditman is nothing like /r9k/. He's just a rich drug addict normie

1 hours later 50006196 Anonymous
Bojack is also really smart so normies get to feel like they are deeply misunderstood. Same reason they like Rick Sanchez so much. "I'm too smart for my own good. I have to dumb myself down to enjoy the company of others!"

1 hours later 50006216 Anonymous (615TIg5aA3L.jpg 694x1000 101kB)
>>50004837 not a show and the mc has a kid but he's pretty pathetic and the story made me cry at times

1 hours later 50006224 Anonymous
>>50004837 No, show is completely unrelatable >bojack is a chad >lol so random personality only masked by depression >heavy feminist undertones - this is the biggest reason >not even first world problems, rich and famous first world problems

1 hours later 50006242 Anonymous
>>50006196 Fuck no, he's dumb and can't think for himself, just a dumb monologue every now and then. This is fucking reddits show

1 hours later 50006281 Anonymous
>>50006216 Yes. An actual robot work of fiction. Truly pathetic and there isn't a happy ending. Even if there's a miracle, he's too broken to appreciate happiness.

1 hours later 50006321 Anonymous
This show is garbage it tries to be le depressed but it just acts edgy and the characters are all normal. Bojack is not depressed, he's just a cynical asshole.

1 hours later 50006342 Anonymous
>>50006281 it was a pretty funny read but there were some parts that made me cry. shizuo is a real piece of shit and i felt so bad for him and his friend

1 hours later 50006364 Anonymous
>>50004837 >le epic comment from le epic show xDDD What choice do those people have? Suicide? Is the human race going to have one grand final moment of lucidity and everyone necks themselves and that's it? And if that stupid horse has that view, why doesn't he start with himself? Because from what I know he is a chad that can enjoy life enough to be in a place to complain. Fuck that show, fuck its creators, fuck its viewers and fuck you OP faggot.

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