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2018-12-23 04:13 50004793 Anonymous pol has become completely obsessed with race (20170424-4O1GHDF3vyAAcQfG8B1r.jpg 1280x1290 122kB)
>So and So isnt White >White Ethnostate thread #200 >I am a BLANK race but I still feel for Whites >Thread about Jews #1000 >Another thread about how Blacks are destructive >Meds vs Nords Master Race thread >Thread about how slutty White women are >Thread about how Asian women love White men and are breeding them out >Thread about how Black men make bad fathers >Daily Nigger hate thread

1 min later 50004808 Anonymous (White crime.jpg 1531x841 532kB)
And that's a good thing. Fuck niggers and skypes.

2 min later 50004820 Anonymous
did you just realize this? newfag

3 min later 50004830 Anonymous
>>50004808 >Believing in statistics

7 min later 50004895 Anonymous
>>50004793 most users in /pol/ are larpers

55 min later 50005500 Anonymous
>become Because up until now it was all about personality actions and thoughts they judged people for.

1 hours later 50006243 Anonymous (1545275540326.jpg 2544x4000 886kB)
>>50004808 >say ANYTHING in the general vicinity of a polfag >he starts posting statistics on black people

2 hours later 50006381 Anonymous
>>50006243 To be fair you were taking about race before he started posting race statistics. It would be a different story is this was some random thread he was shitposting in but this whole thread is just to whine about /pol/acks and their obsession about race. Therefore it is not necessarily unexpected or unreasonable to expect a /pol/ack to post racial statistics.

2 hours later 50006461 Anonymous
Most of them are boomers brought in by that Qanon fag. Fuck him for somehow managing to make /pol/ even more shit.

2 hours later 50007187 Anonymous
/pol/ has become obsessed with worshiping white whores. They're the essence of male feminists and white knights. Asian women are their kryptonite.

3 hours later 50007431 Anonymous
Its never ending, even if we get rid of all the black and brown people and chinks, the pols will kill whites because they arent white enough or their noses look different, tribal groups dominating politics is retarded and dangerous

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