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2018-12-23 04:11 50004776 Anonymous (875viaz9b6f01.jpg 640x632 63kB)
Anyone else not care about being alone until you have a dream that fucks you up? Like being in love with a perfect girl, or just every part of the dream being bright and optimistic?

7 min later 50004876 Anonymous (1416572838125.png 1000x1144 189kB)
I care, but then the dream amplifies it. I had my last dream days ago, but I can still vividly remember everything. The warmth I felt, her eyes, the anger when I woke up.

33 min later 50005197 Anonymous
>>50004776 >>50004876 Yeah I know im an anti-social autist but for some reason when I dream im always intimate with the most beautiful girl there could be and everything is perfect. Eventhough I know very well those kind of things are not for me in this life. But yet my subconcious forces those thoughts on me which make me sad and confused.

1 hours later 50005837 Anonymous
I wish I could dream until I die.

1 hours later 50006016 Anonymous
>>50005837 >tfw you die and it will be your dream and the girl will smile and hug you and tell you that you've no idea how long she's waited for that moment

2 hours later 50006700 Anonymous
>>50006016 I wish we would all make it

2 hours later 50007147 Anonymous
Last night I had a dream where I walked into a cupcake store trying to hide from people tracking me who ran some kind of housing scam they suckered me into. I tried to pick one kind of cupcake that there was an entire shelf of but the ladies behind the counter looked at me strange and told me they couldn't sell them to me because someone else ordered them all. So I said that's okay I understand and tried to pick another kind, but they said they couldn't sell that either, which should be obvious. I said dejectedly that it wasn't that obvious and walked out of the store.

3 hours later 50007370 Anonymous
>>50004776 I swear I can feel butterflies in my stomach and true happiness when I have that dreams. I even feel it for a few seconds after waking up.

3 hours later 50007817 Anonymous
>>50004776 nah, but i recently had a dream I popped a huuuuge black head.

4 hours later 50008109 Anonymous
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