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2018-12-23 04:11 50004775 Anonymous (5qjw03Q.png 960x830 347kB)
>me:*doesn't pray to god"* >God:*doesn't cut me any fucking slack* >also me:

15 min later 50004982 Anonymous
If you are going to pray to God just to get him to cut you some slack then might as well stop because he will not. I too pray to God,and I too do it for the aforementioned reason,but I pray for it instead of expecting it as a result of my prayer. Well it still does not work,but I also keep in mind that my final goal is to achieve freedom from this cycle of birth and be one with God. I am not saying you should not pray for material gains.Everyone does that with a few exceptions,just keep in mind that it is a material affection attaching you to this world and that when all is done ane dusted the only thing you want is to be one with God

20 min later 50005034 Anonymous
>>50004775 No use praying for slack, like the other guy said. Know what god does for me? He throws every single obstacle he can into my path. Everything I ever feared that might come to pass, my fears, my heartbreaks, my failures. Not even mad, but he makes things difficult for me on purpose, always.

1 hours later 50006098 Anonymous (pqafkb6d9ba011.jpg 645x729 50kB)
>believing in religion in 2018

1 hours later 50006347 Anonymous
It seems that nothing has changed after I stopped worshipping him. Somehow my life managed to get even more shit.

2 hours later 50006382 Anonymous
>>50004775 >to be divine is to be unknowable >it isn't divine if you can know it or understand it mortally >*tries to say you can trade lipservice for favour with the divine*

2 hours later 50006388 Anonymous
god doesnt exist orr4eg

2 hours later 50006535 Anonymous
If you're above the age of 10 and believe magical friends in the sky you need to be committed to an asylum until healthy.

2 hours later 50006556 Anonymous
>>50006098 >Believing in yourself or anything for that matter in 2018

3 hours later 50007621 Anonymous (1519933976593.png 722x1278 1035kB)
God exists but he doesn't do anything or interfere at all. he just creates us and that's it

3 hours later 50007671 Anonymous
>>50004982 >humble yourself before god and he will bless you >doesn't actually bless you lmao christian god is worthless. he is just an invisible jackass who desires devotion without doing a thing.

3 hours later 50007704 Anonymous
>>50007671 >without doing a thing literally just be a good boy and he grants you an endless paradise when you die

4 hours later 50009151 Anonymous
God is not a vending machine, you don't just pray and get what you want. You should pray to God to establish a connection, not to get gibs.

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