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2018-12-23 04:10 50004755 Anonymous (1543369625723.jpg 615x580 69kB)
I have something to confess fellow anons, I was in the shower beating my cock to put it nicely, cause why not, when my finger came across my asshole. I may or may not have stuck about half my middle finger in my ass and I enjoyed it. am gay now?

2 min later 50004780 Anonymous
Yes, but you can still turn back if you get back into the shower turn the knob to hottest and stick the same finger all the way in your penis. Good luck my young lad.

3 min later 50004791 Anonymous
Nope, definitely not. you just tried it out and happened to enjoy it. Unless you fantasize about being butfucked by a guy you should be fine.

4 min later 50004805 Anonymous (FD5CC3DC-5724-4584-867B-ECD68150A2AF.png 640x360 197kB)
Dude I've been shit dildoing my whole life It feels good to feel things touch your prostate Gay is a state of mind, it's a spice and it flow or it don't, don't kill yourself 9 times before you know what it's like to shit dildo all the extra piss out for two decades, you gotta use your minds eye, not your psychic american straight daft punk armor, to enjoy life, don.'they be gay, smoke weed Some men get cucked by shit dildoing or pooping, they feel their prostate and fap to gay porn Do not succumb to gay, succumb to poop Poop is love poop is life, black power

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