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2018-12-23 04:07 50004723 Anonymous /Mewing Thread/ (mewing.jpg 2535x1239 220kB)
Is it legit? Does anyone have any proof that mewing works? I have been doing it for a few months now and didn't notice any change, I'm still a chinlet.

2 min later 50004760 Anonymous
More like she learned she was supposed to hold her head a different angle. Look at the angle she faces forward at. I realized earlier this year that I hold my head at a bad angle and it made my chin look super weak. Fixed that posture issue and now I look better.

4 min later 50004778 Anonymous
>>50004723 I've been mewing for about 3 motnhs now and i can see little changes. Neck posture is really critical in mewing, you cant expect to get results with the so called "nerd neck".

7 min later 50004814 Anonymous
>>50004778 What is "nerd neck"?

10 min later 50004848 Anonymous
>they don't have a defined jaw Oh wow

12 min later 50004885 Anonymous (nerd-neck.jpg 1280x720 88kB)
>>50004814 It's pic related. originally

12 min later 50004887 Anonymous
It's legit but if your over 25 years old then it's going to take a very long time to see results. Honestly if you want results quickly then you should find an orthodontist that has FAGGA/AGGA or MSE/MARPE to make sure you get forward growth.

16 min later 50004941 Anonymous (mewing2.jpg 850x350 102kB)
>>50004887 But there are no orthodontists in my country, so wat do?

20 min later 50004989 Anonymous
>>50004941 Well then your in for a very long journey depending on your age. Look into HGH (human growth hormone) and buying a expander for the upper palette.

26 min later 50005051 Anonymous (4chan-User-Mewing-Before-After.png 580x380 74kB)
>>50004989 Mind telling me where I can get that stuff? I'm still relatively young and trying to change my future for the better.

30 min later 50005098 Anonymous
>>50005051 >that pic >mewing He just lost his baby fat

31 min later 50005110 Anonymous
>>50005051 Sure I'm 22 years old and I've been researching this topic extensively for at least 3 months. What your gonna need is a palate expander from bracesshop.net (Do some research into which one best suits your current malocclusion and goals), you slowly expand your upper palate which should allow your maxilla to move forward and upwards. HGH/IGF1 is optional however it will allow quicker bone remodeling as it grows everything including bone.

31 min later 50005112 Anonymous
>>50004723 First explain what your pseudoscience is, then shill it.

32 min later 50005120 Anonymous
>>50004723 dont do it, that guy on /fit/ last week fucked his speech up permanently

33 min later 50005137 Anonymous
>>50005112 >Correct oral posture >Pseudoscience LOL @ YOUR MOUTHBREATHING LIFE

33 min later 50005143 Anonymous
>>50004723 I genuinely think she looks better at month 0. Massive jaws/chins on women look weird as fuck

33 min later 50005146 Anonymous
>>50004885 that guy still has bad posture lol

35 min later 50005163 Anonymous (overbite.jpg 528x264 28kB)
>>50005110 Ok thanks man i'll be sure to look into it.

35 min later 50005165 Anonymous
>>50005143 She only looks bad because her maxilla still hasn't come forward yet only her mandible. She needs a lefort with CCW rotation to look beautiful.

37 min later 50005190 Anonymous
i've been doing it for almost 3 years and i've seen pretty huge results it's mostly just mouth posture, getting comfortable to the new feeling, breathing differently and being able to hold it all day/whilst talking, ect. neck and head posture plays a huge role too i get slightly more attention from women (none to some, lol) but a LOT more respect from men anyway it definitely works, it just takes a lot of time. i saw good results in a few months but it's taken me this long to really get it down

37 min later 50005192 Anonymous
I'd like to see official research with before and after picture for people who are not teens

38 min later 50005201 Anonymous
If you guys really wanna ascend then you need to look into palate expansion which is either gonna be surgical (BSSO and lefort) or non-surgical (FAGGA or MSE + facemask). It's the quickest way to see results and can be done for under $15k (surgical is a lot more expensive and easier to fuck up)

41 min later 50005235 Anonymous
i just googled what is mewing and realized that this what i have been doing my entire life. who the fuck keeps their tongue on the lower part of their mouth? this shit makes me choke. also mouth breathing makes my mouth dry and you literally eat particles of shit when someone farts

41 min later 50005242 Anonymous (moremewingxd.jpg 2048x2048 116kB)
>>50005201 Too bad I live in some middle eastern shithole then.

45 min later 50005293 Anonymous
>>50005242 Honestly keep saving money every year for one of these options and you should find that correct oral posture will fix them over time and it won't be as severe. >>50005235 Believe it or not but this has effected a lot of people without even realising it, long faces and bad teeth are all caused by bad oral and neck posture.

48 min later 50005337 Anonymous
I love having a strong chin and good posture.

51 min later 50005385 Anonymous
>>50004723 Is being a chinlette a deal breaker?

53 min later 50005405 Anonymous
>>50005385 Not really if you're a girl.

59 min later 50005480 Anonymous (chinlette.jpg 326x154 6kB)
>>50005385 >>50005405 Girls with no chin are hottt

1 hours later 50005486 Anonymous
>>50005120 explain how that's supposed to happen when all you're doing is fixing you tongue posture

1 hours later 50005626 Anonymous
Neck tension from anxiety A natural reaction to fear Low chin= fear submission Exposed neck= confidence, no fear That's all this is. Expose your neck and people will think you are confident

2 hours later 50006701 Anonymous
>>50005120 >fucked his speech up >by practicing correct oral posture Anon, what

2 hours later 50006890 Anonymous
>>50005480 >50005120 # Wow she went from 0 to stacy. I had braces for 4 years for an overbite but I still have a weak chin kind of and my nose is small but pointed. For this reason I look way younger than I am and people are shocked Im over 18. I wish I could have this procedure but I dont know what its called.

3 hours later 50007168 Anonymous
>>50005235 Same, anon, mouth breathing in particular always baffled me. Feels weird.

3 hours later 50007189 Anonymous
This is all so creepy.

3 hours later 50007282 Anonymous (crimsonchin.jpg 314x314 13kB)
>>50007189 KEEP COPING MOUTHBREATHER!!! ABSOLUTELY REKT BY CRIMSON CHIN! (how is this not original?)

3 hours later 50007453 Anonymous
>>50004723 it took her from a 1.5/10 to a uhhhhhh 2/10.... wait nvm that's a fucking 1.75/10 my man. You need a looong time to fix a jaw. Like at least 3 years. I thank god every day I was given a sharp, straight jawline so I don't actually have to do this shit. My personal belief is it's because people don't eat enough meat.

3 hours later 50007579 Anonymous (correct-tongue-posture.jpg 293x172 5kB)
>>50007453 You are kind of right tho, eating lots of meat (basically lots of chewing) develops you jaw muscles for sure but tongue posture and mouthbreathing also affect the development of your jaw/chin and also the rest of your face.

3 hours later 50007637 Anonymous
>>50005110 im 26 will the hgh still work?

3 hours later 50007709 Anonymous (nerdneckfixed.jpg 634x717 84kB)
>>50004885 Someone rotate his head on the right so the lines I drew would be horizontal. Paint only rotates in 90degree increments ;_;

3 hours later 50007753 Anonymous
>>50007637 I don't know if you will like hgh my man, it probably has some sort of side effects or something bad, so you should probably just get a jaw surgery or something.

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