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2018-12-23 04:07 50004720 Anonymous (378F0F1B-D74C-48B5-833F-451E9409949E.jpg 320x320 28kB)
>tfw god ruined your life from early childhood so you never have to be too hard on yourself

17 min later 50004953 Anonymous
I ruined my own life by being too stupid to listen

38 min later 50005205 Anonymous
>>50004720 yes anon, but God has a plan for everyones life. We'll never know the plan until our time comes.

1 hours later 50005869 Anonymous
>>50005205 Am I cannon fodder?

2 hours later 50006384 Anonymous
>>50005869 you've got nothing to do with the cannon. you're so far away from the battlefield that you dont influence anything in the outcome of a battle. you are the child caught in an endless war between those that matter and others that think they matter. we're more like prisoners of war, trapped in the constant state of chaos and peace. Theres nothing we can do. We dont belong anywhere and we are left to try to validate ourselves with the trauma we experienced and the life we could live. But that life isnt meant for us. Nobody will ever understand you and you will never integrate into normal society. Accept this. Our war is between the normals and the abnormals. we're in between and in a constant state of flux. You cant change what happened when you were a child, but it influences what you are as an adult. and if in your adulthood you recall those past moments, they still affect you in ways you might not want to admit, but they are present and you cant overcome them because they are so ingrained into your nature. The only escape is to stop caring, but if you've reached a point where you dont care anymore than you're more than cannon fodder, you can become the cannon. But all you'll fire is shit. And shit is what life is. Disregard me im drunk because my life is shit and im talking out my ass.

2 hours later 50006509 Anonymous
>>50004720 Yeah same,I'm not a troll but it's blog posting but people mindlessly bully

3 hours later 50007659 Anonymous (1544930262809.jpg 300x450 35kB)
>>50004720 Yeah I was pretty fucked from the start having such shitty parent/s. My mom always tried to pin the blame on me, but whenever i went for official diagnosis I would always pass them. My problem was not me, but bad parenting.

3 hours later 50007700 Anonymous

3 hours later 50007734 Anonymous
>>50004720 >god did it not me you sure about that buddy?

4 hours later 50008328 Anonymous (1531156770251.jpg 358x339 87kB)
>tfw god ruined your life I hate retarded people so much

4 hours later 50008881 Anonymous
My childhood and teenagehood are completly ruined and I will never have them back. I hate that feeling so much.

5 hours later 50009145 Anonymous
>>50004720 God had no part in your misfortunes, anon. Life is misfortune by definition.

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