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2018-12-23 04:01 50004648 Anonymous (1539657504972.jpg 1125x1111 994kB)
>29 y/o male >Loner, introvert >Cousin is super sexy athletic woman >But shes a lesbian >Harbor delusions about converting her to liking dick >I'm also fat as fuck FYI >She pretends to care about me >Is nice to me >I start becoming attracted to her >She says to text her anytime >I text her to hang out Friday night >She has someone over so she can't >I drink myself to sleep >My depression has spiraled out of control >Drinking at 8am >Don't care about anything anymore >I want to die Just a normal sunday here bois.

6 min later 50004732 Anonymous
The fact that said cousin has denied me is destroying me. I don't even want to live anymore. She is so perfect.

11 min later 50004794 Anonymous
Nobody can relate? origigenge4ognge

11 min later 50004796 Anonymous
Killing your liver will get you nowhere near to her, and if it takes only to have someone over at her place to make you give up you werent really interested in her to begin with. Start caring about yourself (aka your body more) and keep writing to her. Ask her out for a cinema and to drink something from time to time. And stop guzzling down soda

13 min later 50004811 Anonymous
>>50004796 gay i dont guzzle soda i just want to be near her being away from her hurts me i dont go to movies movies are shit now days

13 min later 50004822 Anonymous
Nahh my mfkn dude I have this really HOT cousin and I admire her I don't partake or flirt. I admire the fruit I do not take part in the fruit. Also if you get caught looking at her ass you're gonna be called a creep by your family for a while m'dude.

15 min later 50004844 Anonymous
>>50004822 > Also if you get caught looking at her ass you're gonna be called a creep by your family for a while m'dude. Lol sounds about right.

16 min later 50004854 Anonymous
>>50004648 Death by carbon monoxide

16 min later 50004864 Anonymous
>>50004854 That or helium, I'm thinking.

17 min later 50004872 Anonymous
>>50004796 Nah nigga the only gay here is you If you are really interested in her you have to change something, or do you wanna have her attention only out of pity?

19 min later 50004899 Anonymous
>>50004648 A. She's a lesbian B. She's your cousin C. She's out of your league Time to seek professional help. You're being totally and completely irrational and have substance abuse issues.

19 min later 50004906 Anonymous
>>50004872 Truth be told, I just want people to tell me that I can make my wishes come true. I don't want to change myself. I am perfect teh way I am (except for being so fuckin fat)

21 min later 50004921 Anonymous
>>50004906 D. You're Delusional

22 min later 50004935 Anonymous
>>50004899 I have had substance abuse issues for many years. You are not wrong. I noted in OP that my thoughts are delusional. I just wanted to believe that it's possible she could love me in a non-familial way due to my intelligence. You're right of course, this is all folly, but I had just hoped.

23 min later 50004952 Anonymous
>>50004921 I called myself delusional in the OP, can you read?

25 min later 50004974 Anonymous
>>50004935 This is good. Not the reply I was expecting of you. Even if you were JACKED it would be an impossible sell. It's nice to have a hot chick be nice to us, It's no mystery why you'd find that appealing and seek it out

28 min later 50005012 Anonymous
>>50004648 I watch a lesbian streamer online and I've started developing feelings for her kek

29 min later 50005021 Anonymous
>>50004974 Yeah, it all feels bad though man. I got my hopes up for nothing, after years of trying to train myself to be more stoic and not expect anything from anyone. I guess she is my weakness.

30 min later 50005032 Anonymous
>>50005012 nip it in the bud because you're just setting yourself up for disappointment

32 min later 50005064 Anonymous
>>50005021 Some people bypass our guard. You should really get off the sauce, brother. It will just make you sadder-- I think you're underestimating how much the booze is dragging you down.

36 min later 50005096 Anonymous
>>50005064 You're a good lad. I should get off the sauce but I doubt I will. I just want to thank you for being a voice of reason out here in this ocean of piss that we call the Internet. It's not often that we find good, moral people such as yourself. Thanks lad.

2 hours later 50006247 Anonymous
>>50004648 K fatso

2 hours later 50006335 Talking
>>50004648 Go to the gym and attract girls that won't need to fake caring about you

2 hours later 50006436 Anonymous
>>50004648 Can relate my ex-friend is a lesbian she led me along for years when she was straight we even 'dated' we went to one movie in HS together nothing else (was my only relationship like 10 years ago) she told me she liked me and wanted to be together. Spent over 1grand taking bher to some stupid book signing 5 hours away on a mini vacation together rented a hotel. Then she left with the only key and my car to go on a date with a girl. Spent the rest of the trip watching some lesbians vlog channel on YouTube and missed the signing. Wasted all my money. Stayed friends for a couple more years. Eventually she blew me off more and more frequently until she'd disappear for weeks at a time only to come back pretending she wasn't a bitch. I dropped her ass 2 days ago and blocked her on everything I have. Women are selfish cunts who only care about themselves. (She missed my birthday 2 years in a row. Fucking cunt)

2 hours later 50006673 Anonymous
>>50004899 This guy is right. It's time to spend thousands of dollars on "professional therapy" that will do nothing at all except take up your time and money. Some people are just fucked. You are one of those people. So am I. That is life. Weightlifting may save you though.

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