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2018-12-23 03:54 50004573 Anonymous (1545386806438.png 659x720 294kB)
>when redditor throw massive autistic tantrums at the meer concept of having their opinions criticized We might be mentally defective freaks here, but at least we're able handle having people talk shit to us. Where do those fags get off?

0 min later 50004581 Anonymous
>>50004573 >Where do those fags get off? plebbit, obviously.

3 min later 50004609 Anonymous
>>50004573 reddit is bare shite. i don't even understand why people like it. the entire front page is dog gifs, vidya screenshots and some political news headline. no discussion at all. I hate the hivemind that restricts discussion, so if someone posts a genuine comment it'll get downvoted and hidden then some nu-male writing a song lyric or referencing a meme gets top post. it's the most shallow form or propaganda i've ever seen

4 min later 50004623 Anonymous (....jpg 229x220 6kB)
>>50004573 What I find the most insuffrable about reddit is the constant fucking virtue signaling. >DAE think anti-vaxxers r stoopid? >what do you guys think of the passive aggressive note I left for my neighbors? >wow I was being an inflexible asshole I'm gonna write a 3 page essay on how I'm the goodguy and post it on 3 different subs

5 min later 50004633 Anonymous
>>50004573 >another thread for people lacking self awareness just what r9k needs

5 min later 50004636 Anonymous
>>50004573 >downvotes your thread

9 min later 50004680 Anonymous
>say something mildly controversial >downvoted to oblivion >people follow me to other subreddits and respond with insults >people look in my post history and try to discredit me for the subreddits I visit and minor details >disagree with someone, they respond with wall of text responding line-by-line with misinterpretations and projections It's just not a good place if you have even slightly different opinions. I'm not even a bad person, I'm not a racist or even a rude person, I just hate the fucking way they talk to each other like a daycare circlejerk where disagreement = personal attack

19 min later 50004800 Anonymous
>>50004623 everyone one-upping each otehr with epic puns is so cringe too

23 min later 50004859 Anonymous
>>50004573 the downvote is one the most unecessary additions of reddit its basicly the "i disagre with this guy but i dont have a argument to counter so i will just downvote" buttom

25 min later 50004890 Anonymous
>>50004680 seriously this one is a big reason why I'll always prefer 4chan, or just anonymity online. Once I was having an argument in a videogame sub and this dude crawls through 4 years of comments and discussion from my profile to find one quote that they took out of context. Like, what the fuck? I get that I'm on a subreddit dedicated to a video game so we're all autists to begin with but like come on man, get a fucking life

40 min later 50005075 Anonymous
It's very simple. Anonymous posting gets rid of the useless ego. It's spiritually evolved and I believe the chans were created by benevolent aliens, and Gook Moot is one of the kindest persons on the planet. Reddit on the other hand is evil propaganda and it got funded by George Soros. It censors anything that goes outside of his "mainstream" narrative. It really only catches NPCs. Most souled people actually come to 4chan to socialise. True fact.

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