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2018-12-23 03:53 50004549 Anonymous (4F50DC94-1FD7-4124-9EA9-FA1CAA967FD9.png 750x1334 466kB)
Pop and hip hop and electronic music is just insulting. The apex of meaninglessness. The kind of /alternative/ bands or artists that get acknowledged by awards shows or play on late night talk shows - man, alternative to what? Do people actually think Im this stupid? This is such cheesy bullshit. The fact that these /artists/ are somehow names people know and are something people are having a conversation about just brings my piss to a fucking boil. How can people possibly care about this? I dont want to insult people, but if this is genuinely where their interests lie, its actually very difficult to believe its not deliberate because theres an art to being THIS wrong. Somebody has to say we are actually good, and we will be acknowledged, and we are not going away, and you will give things that are good the fucking time of day.

1 hours later 50005677 Anonymous
>>50004549 maan finally someone who has my (righteous) tastes. how could possibly be that shitty "music" "culture" appreciated by a real person? proven more by the fact those same shitty beings try to avoid real songs

1 hours later 50005704 Anonymous
Hip hop is genuinely the smartest type of music lyrically. Not mumble rap or gangsta rap which I know some people equate it to - that's hip pop, not hip hop. Good hip hop requires several re-listens because it's so cerebral.

2 hours later 50006140 Anonymous
Astroworld is a fantastic, complex album. Get over yourself.

2 hours later 50006459 Anonymous
>>50006140 Yo, bro, u goin to da DJ Kill Yourself show 2nite?

2 hours later 50006538 Anonymous
>>50004549 No one's saying 6ix 9ine is high art Pop music is precisely that - popular. It's recycled, nice-sounding chord progressions and contrived themes. It purely exists to be shallowly appreciated. I agree that it's trash if you apply a lens of actual creative standards, but it was never intended to be assessed that way.

2 hours later 50006630 Anonymous
>>50004549 as someone who'll listen to most things from bach to pouya, steppenwolf to dopethrone.. what's good music to you? id agree top 100 music is as shallow as it gets though.

2 hours later 50006672 Anonymous
i like astroworld though

2 hours later 50006679 Anonymous
Well, i know what you mean by electronic music, but it really does depend, theres quite a few good artists around (IMO anyways), for example you have Porter Robinson, hes kinda low tier but whatever, and you have bands like Gorillaz (anything before Humanz, Humanz and The Now Now were utter shit)

2 hours later 50006763 Anonymous
>>50006459 cringed oregonally

2 hours later 50006767 Anonymous
>>50004549 Music has been shit for about one century.

2 hours later 50006789 Anonymous
>>50006672 because it's a great album. Only people who got cucked by blacks in high school are so damaged that they foam at the mouth at anything that's popular or hip-hop/pop. Yeah, a lot of it is shit. So what? Why does that anger you? Do you go around ranting about how a lot of modern art is crap or that the sugar lobby is evil etc? Probably not. It's just a sad cope tactic to try and make yourself feel better than the people you are jealous of deep down. 'Chad may be fucking my high school crush but he listens to Travis Scott! What a sad pleb!' Seriously get over yourself man

2 hours later 50006814 Anonymous
>>50005704 https://youtu.be/M3vT_3UJ76A what would this be considered.

2 hours later 50006845 Anonymous
>>50004549 Watch the movie "Art School Confidential" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruE aANXuFbc You seem like you're specific kind of jaded right now. You need to find your optimism. This is normal for artists.

2 hours later 50006852 Anonymous
>>50004549 Fuck off niggers EDM is great.

2 hours later 50006913 Anonymous
>>50006789 Seems like yo're just trying to justify your unintelligent tastes by appealing to popularity. Obviously we don't talk about how shit modern is - how many people go to museums nowadays more than once or twice in their entire lives? - but this "music" is pushed down our throats 24/7. And it's even eworse for non-westerners like me who have to put up with your money-grubbing bullshit.

3 hours later 50006977 Anonymous
>>50006913 'unintelligent tastes' grow the fuck up you autistic teenager. People predominantly listen to music for the feeling it gives them, not as some kind of mental training excersize to show how smart they are. There's nothing wrong with listening to pop. You remind me of this aspergers D&D player I had the misfortune of living with at uni who would unironically say that any music with lyrics is 'basic and for simpletons'.

3 hours later 50007054 Anonymous
>>50006140 People who shit on Astroworld ain't never heard TNT's outro

3 hours later 50007284 Anonymous
i wish i could find something meaningful

3 hours later 50007657 Anonymous
>>50006814 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSP mcTKQ3bk

3 hours later 50007668 Anonymous
>>50006538 I wouldnt mind nice sounding songs. They arent. I wouldnt mind contrived themes if there was anything redeeming or endearing about them or anything I could find for myself to get attached to. I find myself constantly defending artists later work or decisions to make major creative or stylistic changes on the basis that you can get away with almost anything if youre good at it. But thats a very big variable.

4 hours later 50007849 Anonymous
>>50006630 I dont understand why people like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, Imagine Dragons, Kanye West, Post Malone, any other flash in the pan SoundCloud idiot who was born six months ago are names that people know and have conversations about and have opinions about. Why do I need this when I have The Menzingers? Creeper? The Dirty Nil? Spanish Love Songs? The XCERTS? Why is the least interesting song Panic! At The Disco have written in ages their first hit in years? Why does Brendon Urie insist on treating Halsey like a human being? Why do 5 Seconds Of Summer exist? Are As It Is or Waterparks to left of the dial for you, MTV Movie Awards? Why couldnt Ghost get that slot? Why arent Zeal And Ardour already as big as Ghost are now? In 2010 My Chemical Romance premiered a new video on MTV, why cant Basement do that now? Why is The Interrupters highest bragging right One semi hit single on only satellite radio? Don Broco cant even sneak their way onto party playlists in that world?

4 hours later 50007954 Anonymous
>>50007849 holy cringeola op

4 hours later 50008072 Anonymous
>>50007849 >including Kanye on that list Just admit you're narrow minded sensitive faggot and die.

4 hours later 50008530 Anonymous
>>50007849 there's not much call for pop punk at this point of musical evolution. if your favorite bands performed 15 years ago they'd probably get much more traction. i think its also more difficult to make punk reflect so many attitudes, which in turn can make it difficult to listen to unless you're -that- into it. that being said, there's plenty of people looking for 'the next step' in the hip-hop/rap evolution, and its looking like the downturned 'souncloud rap' can easily slide into that socket. peep is a prime example of how eager people are for that sort of music

5 hours later 50008877 Anonymous
>>50007849 dude, you NEED to kill yourself immediately. Kanye has made some of the best music of the last 20 years you goddamn virgin

5 hours later 50008901 Anonymous
>>50006814 Houston scene is its own little universe. I wouldn't call it almonds-activating but it has its own merit.

5 hours later 50009032 Anonymous
>>50008877 https://youtu.be/VhJ65v_C-eI kayne west is garbage this is better than anything he ever did.

5 hours later 50009074 Anonymous
>>50004549 why do boomers hate electronic and rap music so much? Why don't you go back to listening to your dad rock old man

5 hours later 50009117 Anonymous
>>50006789 holy insecurity

5 hours later 50009149 Anonymous
>>50008901 Houston is based https://youtu.be/RYu7ptBRDOQ https://youtu.be/qLXrr234bBg?t=36 https://youtu.be/gOvkKUUuGlA https://youtu.be/CiBp2CaVv8I https://youtu.be/4HSaAneLZUY https://youtu.be/ageqfhc2WVU https://youtu.be/aE69_NgLwB0 https://youtu.be/8qoSRHTu7-4 https://youtu.be/Kv60JgsE4gg https://youtu.be/pKhfoKOTwZY https://youtu.be/KMAC6J8A3bs https://youtu.be/hBR8Mj77Hds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v4 YDxaanMw

5 hours later 50009168 Anonymous
>>50009149 You like DJ screw?

5 hours later 50009224 Anonymous
>>50009074 Because its not even like, hey is there a fly in here? Its like telling me that youre going to start a dvd, and its just a menu. And I tell you this and you say what are you talking about? And we watch a menu for 2 and a half hours and Im expected to have an opinion about a menu.

5 hours later 50009256 Anonymous
>>50009168 it seems i am more of z-ro fan im not into much of the older stuff with the suc members i dont really know them https://youtu.be/K1G9tY_7n-w https://youtu.be/Ex8UweFAolg https://youtu.be/kPsTv4-fjA4 https://youtu.be/7p6GUxwo-bs

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