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2018-12-23 03:50 50004502 Anonymous (am4o6.jpg 500x350 23kB)
>be me >be 19 >go to college >get bullied by Chad >Chad was doing some stupid shitty sport course > He tried and did beat me up on break times >he made my life hell, i was scared and college staff didn't want to know >I cried, until I watched "The Dirties" and realised I had to stand up for myself. >one day, I brought a small wooden bat in a bag to college >waiting for break, I was really nervous and scared >break comes >he finds me and he comes up to me to beat me up screaming "You fucking pussy" >took bat out of bag >the look on his face got angirer, he kept walking towards me, he was cocky >get nervous, ultra instincts kick in >absolutely put all might and strength into throwing to small wooden bat at him >mfw I hear the noise of the bat hitting his head >6'2", 20 year old Chad hits the floor like a sack of shit >Starts screaming like a baby girl and crying >Me consumed with rage, I started kicking the shit out of him >He bullied me for 2 years in college >don't even regret it, if he can make 2 years of my life hell, then I can make moments of his hell too. >college covered it up and blamed the bully so they don't get in shit for letting me get bullied No one talks to me now

4 min later 50004557 Anonymous
you did the right thing originalos

9 min later 50004624 Anonymous
>>50004502 Slaughter the normals. Good job OP.

11 min later 50004654 Anonymous (baconstrips.gif 250x250 2057kB)
You are doing gods work in an orginal way OP

15 min later 50004690 Anonymous
>not a knife to carve his eyes out Disappointed

15 min later 50004702 Anonymous
>>50004502 Based and robotpilled Fuck normans

32 min later 50004920 Anonymous (1539997755299.jpg 480x480 42kB)
Stalk him. Make his life a living hell. Make it so he gets so paranoid he kills himself. Then mail letters to his family every Christmas, reminding them how much their failed raising their child.

44 min later 50005063 Anonymous
>>50004502 I'd recommend a transfer. This is college you know

47 min later 50005094 Anonymous
Then did everybody clap and you woke up? No college is going to cover up assault with a deadly weapon for some literal who autist.

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