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2018-12-23 03:48 50004483 Anonymous Things that annoy you in porn (4DC.jpg 2560x1600 1105kB)
>Chick farts which leads me to feeling sorry for the guy knowing he has to smell whatever scent it was >Good SFM porn but has a cuckold story >Public hair

0 min later 50004488 Anonymous
>>50004483 >Public hair Explain this one

3 min later 50004526 Anonymous
>>50004488 It's just fucking disgusting, women should bloody shave, not have the fucking Jungles of Vietnam on their pussy

12 min later 50004644 Anonymous
>>50004526 Yeah man i hate all these whores showing off all their public hair. The fucking gaul of these bitches to even HAVE hair.. I'm with you brother.

15 min later 50004678 Anonymous
>>50004644 Ikr, like, keep that shit PRIVATE you savages.

20 min later 50004748 Anonymous (1535292684958.png 264x258 92kB)
>>50004483 >either party speaking Unless it's a JOI video there should be no talking allowed. Fucking dirty talk is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

1 hours later 50005256 Anonymous
>>50004483 >Chick farts which leads me to feeling sorry for the guy knowing he has to smell whatever scent it was I feel the same for girls having to blow men having improper hygiene, that dick cheese smell is almost twice as bad as a stank puss.

1 hours later 50005340 Anonymous
When the guy is clearly out of shape AND has a small dick. The audacity thinking of fucking porn whores. That shit makes me GAG. On the woman, I would say tattoos, underweight and no ass is a big no no, and if the face is ugly then im not watching. Im moving on with the next vid. Also, when the whore moans too loud, its fake as fuck and i wish the male performers would moan more but whatever. I also dislike black dick and cant stand the sight of them. Pubic hair is okay as long as its well kept.

1 hours later 50005472 Anonymous
>>50005340 I love it when the guy has a small dick. It makes me feel better about mine.

1 hours later 50005517 Anonymous
>>50004483 >cuckold story Literally all porn you didn't make yourself is cuckold porn

1 hours later 50005598 Anonymous (127736694050.jpg 600x900 283kB)
>>50004483 >3D No thanks. You don't have to worry about that crap in 2D and if its there its easy to find what else you like.

1 hours later 50005727 Anonymous
>>50005598 >2D Have fun being depressed for enternity faggot

1 hours later 50005897 Anonymous
>>50004483 >no public hair Fucking underage faggots get out of this site.

2 hours later 50006107 Anonymous
>>50005472 Sure not from a girls perspective. Small dick means infertility.

2 hours later 50006227 Anonymous
>>50006107 But you're not a girI, anon.

2 hours later 50006561 Anonymous (the-giant-chevron-bow-tie.jpg 720x506 52kB)
>>50004483 >video has an incest title >nothing in he video indicates that the people in it are related

2 hours later 50006877 Anonymous
>>50006561 This What a terrible way of ruining the illusion

3 hours later 50006898 Anonymous
>>50004483 Source of the deathclaw doctor pic?

3 hours later 50006945 Anonymous
>>50006227 Yes I am, xx chromosomes.

3 hours later 50007396 Anonymous
>>50006945 And I'm the queen of England. Prove it, roast.

3 hours later 50007612 Anonymous
>>50007396 Exactly, your a nobody. No pics for you.

4 hours later 50007770 Anonymous
creampies- they NEVER cum balls deep not even in amateur stuff what the fuck.

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