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2018-12-23 03:47 50004462 Anonymous (Gtpolfags+thinking+this+is+somehow+race+related+_7e3e42b2afc6fb901778b97315180306.png 249x226 45kB)
Why do normalfags care so much about "sexual experience" so much? I mean if you actually loved someone enough, you'd eventually be able to fine tune yourself to their rhythm and the sex thing should be fine. If anything sexual experience seems like a red flag. It could show how many relationships that person has failed at maintaining or how they are willing to do hedonistic and self-pleasing things at the expense of others' feelings.

9 min later 50004595 Anonymous
Normies are irrational sheep, that should be obvious.

13 min later 50004638 Anonymous
They don't want to spend weeks or months training you because normies only do short term dating. Also, they want to know if you are "good" right away. Because they have no soul they judge you entirely on your sexual prowess. In reality, sex is caring about the other person, so if you communicate on what you like and don't like, it's impossible to have bad sex. But normies don't even know this simple fact, they fuck like pigs/animals and can't even maximise their pleasure. So the only thing they care about and spend their entire days doing, they are worse at it then incels. Just shows they are NPCs with no souls.

37 min later 50004955 Anonymous (images.jpg 179x282 7kB)
>>50004638 >mfw normies literally act like bonobos

1 hours later 50005341 Anonymous
>>50004638 What made them act this way in the first place?

1 hours later 50005431 Anonymous
>>50005341 Their genetic code. Normies have no soul so they only react to their genetic programming. Whereas NEETs/incels often have a soul so they actually feel empathy for other people, which means they can care about the other person when they are having sex = having good sex. Showing empathy is a trait of having a soul, normies only have fake empathy so that they can gain benefit, but actually don't care about others in the slightest.

1 hours later 50005721 Anonymous
>>50005431 Maybe it's an upbringing thing? Most normies were pampered by their boomer parents. I guess could lead to selfishness.

1 hours later 50005770 FriendPepe
>>50005721 Education does not forge the personality.

1 hours later 50005806 Anonymous
>>50004462 are you a woman? its like your subconsciously just complaining about men

1 hours later 50005843 Anonymous
>hurr normies dumb me smart >durr why dont I have a gf

1 hours later 50005883 Anonymous
>>50004462 >why do employers care so much about job experience? your question is partly stupid because you have no clue what you're talking about, but also because you clearly didn't experience teenage love. LOL

1 hours later 50005932 Anonymous
>>50004462 failing to maintain is better than failing to function as a human being

1 hours later 50005958 Anonymous
>>50004462 because love does not exist, and only retards still believe it does.

2 hours later 50006391 Anonymous
>>50005883 It is extremely unlikely to get a good paying job due to lack of experience and the only way to get experience is to get the job that you cannot get.

2 hours later 50006559 FriendPepe
>>50005883 Employers don't care about job experience because most of the time, it's not even relevant (sometimes it is). It's roasties who work in the HR who care about that. Most of the time it's only roasties who work in the HR thus making it hard for incels to get a job.

2 hours later 50006615 Anonymous
>>50004462 I agree with you actually, no joke As for me, I avoid people and don't care

2 hours later 50006811 Anonymous
>>50006559 Of course they don't care about job experience. That's why companies would hire someone who has been a NEET for the last 10 years over someone with 10 years of experience in a similar field.

3 hours later 50006981 Anonymous
It genuinely disturbs me the idea that there are people my age (26) or older who are virgins. I don't even believe it's true really

3 hours later 50007050 FriendPepe
>>50006981 That's cause you've been living in your ivory tower. Welcome to 4chan.

3 hours later 50007293 Anonymous
>>50005932 >being a shitty but promiscuous wife is better than being a loyal but inexperienced wife lol

3 hours later 50007324 Anonymous
>>50005883 Employers also aren't likely to hire people who have quit or got fired from multiple jobs in a short time.

3 hours later 50007348 Anonymous
>>50007050 >welcome to 4chan I have been posting here freely since high school which was 2008. I still don't believe it because me and all my friends and family and everyone I know aren't virgins. It's so weird to me, like how have you never touched a naked girl?? Or felt wetness on your penis from a girl? That's crazy

3 hours later 50007377 Anonymous
>>50007348 First, you need to find someone who's similar to you to be in a relationship in the first place. That isn't easy if you're a normie.

3 hours later 50007592 Anonymous
>>50005883 >comparing one aspect of a relationship to jobs as a whole

3 hours later 50007632 Anonymous (n.png 600x300 8kB)
>>50004595 >>50004955 >>50005431 >>50005721 >>50005843 >>50007377 Found a website worth while for you faggots. www.Reddit.com

4 hours later 50007819 Anonymous
>>50007377 Am I high? Or does this post just not male sense?

4 hours later 50007901 FriendPepe
>>50007819 Replace "normie" with NEET, he prob made a mistake. You don't male sense either.

4 hours later 50007927 Anonymous
>>50004462 why do incels make posts about normies so much when they hate them?

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