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2018-12-23 03:47 50004461 Anonymous (mom.jpg 1080x1080 103kB)
>"Oh anon this is wonderful, taking your own mother out for lunch! >But I have to be home soon for your brother Chad..."

17 min later 50004685 Anonymous
>your mother >pic related you should be 18 to post here

18 min later 50004704 Anonymous
>>50004461 Her eyes have got the creepiest stare.

31 min later 50004869 Anonymous
I hate it when I go get food with someone who has something to do right after. Like they never plan properly and then we have to rush through our meal because they have no time to eat. Ruins the entire experience.

34 min later 50004913 Anonymous (07_007.jpg 1280x1280 257kB)
>>50004461 >Don't be jealous bro,i'l let you eat her pussy after i creampied her

39 min later 50004972 Anonymous
a thread died for this cuckold faggot shit. hopefully your thread dies soon too.

1 hours later 50005755 Anonymous
>>50004913 >Eww no Chad, anon can't do that... That would be incest!

2 hours later 50006360 Anonymous
>>50005755 >b-but mommy it's incest with Chad as well! ;_;

3 hours later 50007471 Anonymous
>>50004972 this i hate you cuckold posters so much, you are the evil spawn of the devil

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