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2018-12-23 03:45 50004437 Anonymous (1512783864045.png 553x569 102kB)
>dreamt I was 13 again, skateboarding around the sidewalks of my home beach town at sunset on a cool summer night Where the hell did I go wrong how did I end up like this

2 min later 50004463 Anonymous
So you're 18 and still a virgin? I bet that is the sum of your problems right there

6 min later 50004515 Anonymous
>>50004463 31, still a virgin, work shit low IQ job, zero social skills

8 min later 50004541 Anonymous
>>50004515 How much are you paid? How much do you save? Why haven't you had sex originally

12 min later 50004598 Anonymous
>>50004541 ~$6 per hour Unable to save much, maybe about 1-2K per year I wasn't interested in it before I was socially inept, you know the rest

14 min later 50004630 Anonymous
I had a dream that I pushed a young Elliot Rodger (or at least some hapa kid that REALLY looked like him) out of the way in a hurry and he started crying loud as fuck. Next thing I know, I'm running to a huge lake and my name's on the news, but no picture because I have no social media presence, as well as a warrant abd reward for my arrest. If I hadn't woke up, I think I might've swam in the lake. But what good would that have done me? I guess I'll never know. ishkybabble

17 min later 50004653 Anonymous
>>50004630 >ishkybabble What did he mean by this?

17 min later 50004655 Anonymous
>>50004598 I'm not sure how anyone can survive on that kind of wage with no savings yet again I live in the most expensive state and live the fast life of drugs and bitches >26yo

18 min later 50004668 Anonymous
Go away failed normie if you haven't been an autistic fuck up since day 1 you need to leave

20 min later 50004693 Anonymous
>>50004598 you can literally just work in a supermarket or a restaurant and get double that wage

33 min later 50004861 Anonymous
>>50004668 At least you have excuses. I feel like being a failed normie is even worse. No one to blame but your weaknesses.

59 min later 50005191 Anonymous
>>50004693 not everyone is a burger, burger

1 hours later 50005296 Anonymous
>>50005191 you said you earned dollars, so I assumed you're American

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