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2018-12-23 03:41 50004391 Anonymous Have you had a positive effect on the people and world around you and why? (George-Bailey-Its-a-Wonderful-Life.jpg 1200x500 407kB)
Just watched "It's a wonderful life" and it got me thinking about this question. I don't know if I've changed somebody's life (other than my parents) but I feel like I've helped out a lot of people in my life. I had friends who lived out in the country and would hang out with them every seconded weekend when I went to see my dad. My brother was the first person one of my friends came out as gay to. and later he told me. Now he lives with in our new house while we all go to the same college.

36 min later 50004867 Anonymous
>>50004391 Oh I forgot everyone here is a pathetic NEET who has never done anything productive in his life and chooses to be a burden on the world and everyone around him.

43 min later 50004961 Anonymous
Hope your faggot frend gets aids lol

54 min later 50005080 Anonymous (1531348913442.png 1079x1081 880kB)
>>50004867 >>50004391 >his thread doesn't get any attention >bumps his own thread by insulting everyone on this board yeah fuck your gay ass thread and if you think hanging out with friends and being an ear for your brother is the most positive thing you've done in your entire life and feel like writing a blogpost about it then all i have to say to that is AHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAA

58 min later 50005122 Anonymous
>>50004391 >>50004867 no, you never made a difference in anyone's life. you're a literal nobody, girls don't even know you exist. that what you wanted to hear? take this gay shit to reddit, faggot, and dont come back

59 min later 50005140 Anonymous
I was a piece of shit my whole life until something happened that changed me. So I started being a good person. Other than excessive masturbation and thinking about suicide I dont really sin. I'm honest and try to help whenever I can. I've done volunteer jobs, which is a small help but help nonetheless. People have praised me for being a good person. But you should care about yourself first and then others. No matter how far you're willing to go for others, if you're unhappy, you dont have a mind in the optimal state to help out others. It's like plane crash instructions. Before helping out children and adults make sure you're already safe.

1 hours later 50005180 Anonymous
>>50004391 >>50004867 Pfft. Honestly you sound like a vain prick. No, really. I'm not just saying that... Honestly, what you did took very little effort, and was mainly out of self-interest (aka. having friends) you sound absolutely ridiculous right now, berating us. Grow the fuck up. Here's what real service looks like >A guy taking care of his grandpa with alzheimers, cleaning literal shit off the floor, cooking, and keeping a constant eye on him so he didn't have to go to a retirement home. >A guy who does the big brother program >A guy who is the anchor for a schizophrenic friend, and has to deal with several emergencies a year, at random times, random places, and usually high danger situations. I hope your family dies in a car crash this holiday season. You wouldn't know a positive effect if it T-boned you.

1 hours later 50005208 Anonymous
>>50004391 Fuck you cunt saged

1 hours later 50005244 Anonymous
>>50004867 >>50005080 >>50005122 your only mad cause its true. Otherwise you would be sharing your story. Instead of screeching at >>50005180 me.

1 hours later 50005273 Anonymous
>>50005080 Godzilla is that you?

1 hours later 50005301 Anonymous
>>50005244 What an insufferable little prick. I hope your brother dies as well. Some of these people on here are three times the man you'll ever be. Go back to watching your retarded christmas films, some of us have to be actual pillars of our friends/families, and it's not easy by a goddamn longshot. Fuckin children man, I swear.

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