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2018-12-23 03:36 50004322 Anonymous (alone.jpg 700x1048 123kB)
Dad died when I was 19. Mum died last Christmas eve. My sister is away with her boyfriend. None of my old friends live around here anymore. Who else spending Christmas alone this year?

1 hours later 50005088 Anonimous (1504947922486.jpg 768x1024 118kB)
>>50004322 I am. I wont be home for Christmas, but it really doesn't matter. Last year I felt so bad being home I just took my car and went for a ride on Christmas eve/day. It's better to be by myself.

1 hours later 50005093 Anonymous
>>50004322 >>50005088 >Not spending Xmas alone every year fucking normies gtfo of my board

1 hours later 50005343 Anonimous (1496939730788.png 234x260 143kB)
>>50005093 This year I will celebrate Christmas with around 10 friends, gf plus family. Will be awesome like it was last year. While you will be all alone in a dark room sipping cheap bear like absolute waste of space looser you are. Happy Christmas faggot.

1 hours later 50005736 Anonymous
Your are not alone. You're here, with us. All your friends are here. Enjoy your stay.

1 hours later 50005753 Anonymous
>>50005343 not even alcohol, just coke, water and maybe some milk

2 hours later 50005997 Anonymous
This is my 4th Christmas alone. I dont get why people want to be with other people on holidays. I dont want to be around people over the holidays any more than I do any other day. I fucking dont.

2 hours later 50006069 Anonymous
idk if you want to but you could visit a senior home for christmas, they have nobody who cares about them too Im sure some of them would be really happy if someone would visit them, even if its someone they dont know

3 hours later 50006951 Anonymous
>>50004322 I am going to spend my christmas with my mom, sis and grandma. It wont be cool but hey at least there will be amazing food. New Years Eve howerer is going to suck for me. No friends, No gf and whats left of my family is going away to spend new years eve with some of their friends. I didnt want to go with them because they are dull and dont let me drink alcohol. So I have entire house for myself and I guess I will get drunk/high and perhaps end my life in the bathroom...Wish me luck bois

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