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2018-12-23 03:33 50004282 Anonymous Hey amigos (1543174472703.jpg 1024x1024 145kB)
Are the burgers still asleep?

1 min later 50004299 Anonymous
I like how it's always an American that calls you non-white, instead of, you know, what it really is, which is the rest of Europe and especially the Scandi countries

7 min later 50004378 Anonymous (portuguese-chad.jpg 256x320 11kB)
>>50004299 If we really are european non-whites atleast we are the most sucessful ones

35 min later 50004747 Anonymous
>>50004378 Si flying

36 min later 50004756 Anonymous
pao and mantiegapilled

38 min later 50004782 Anonymous
>>50004299 that's a lie bro, we're pasty as fuck quem e que ja overdosou em fritos?

42 min later 50004829 Anonymous (bandeira_portugal_pf.png 600x400 38kB)
>>50004282 BACALHAU CARALHO!!! este comentario nao foi original.

44 min later 50004868 Anonymous
>>50004829 ei ei ei pau no cu do portugues

50 min later 50004932 Anonymous
>>50004282 Leaf cuck here no

59 min later 50005040 Anonymous (dom-afonso-henriques.jpg 800x500 67kB)
>>50004932 >>50004868 >>50004299 AMERITARDS GTFO!!!! THIS IS AN IBERIAN ONLY THREAD!!

1 hours later 50005081 Anonymous
>>50004829 >>50004868 when are you nerds going to retake angola https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwu 8vP-or5I

1 hours later 50005145 Anonymous (images.png 282x179 8kB)
>>50005040 Portugas on suicide watch

1 hours later 50005162 Anonymous (1494717786917.jpg 959x708 127kB)
>>50005145 monkeys on suicide watch

1 hours later 50005219 Anonymous (God-tier.jpg 1636x1223 1068kB)
>>50004282 Que tipo de pao portugueses comem?

1 hours later 50005236 Anonymous
>>50004282 Not everyone in america is a asshat and fat, there are stereotypes for every nation/ethnic group.

1 hours later 50005247 Anonymous
Who would win in a fight though, Portugal or Spain

1 hours later 50005277 Anonymous (iberic_power.jpg 1183x771 177kB)
>>50005247 Why are you asking that question?

1 hours later 50005279 Anonymous
>>50005247 Galicia

1 hours later 50005291 Anonymous (império-espãnol.png 4266x2164 1034kB)
>>50005247 >>50005277 Espana. originalmente

1 hours later 50005342 Anonymous (d2e555.png 1273x753 95kB)
Can someone help me complete this flagbearer image? First one is CARLIST, second is FALANGIST, and third one is INDEPENDENTIST

1 hours later 50005367 Anonymous
>>50004282 oupee here. Alright amigos let's make this kind of thread a regular thing here, /Amigo Feels/

1 hours later 50005398 Anonymous
>>50005247 black angolans

1 hours later 50005415 Anonymous
>>50005342 Robert Jordan

1 hours later 50005416 Anonymous (tenor.gif 408x396 249kB)
>>50005367 bleese inglude hues :DDDDD

1 hours later 50005435 Anonymous
>>50005291 Portugal got a higher navy bonus imho they discovered pretty much everything before Spain did

1 hours later 50005444 Anonymous (good-morning-class-cleyton-sousa-da-silva-say-hi-to-29898156.png 500x527 100kB)
Este thread pertenece a Hispania, lusos afuera

1 hours later 50005449 Anonymous
>>50005416 All sons of Iberia are welcome here. (even pardos and panchos)

1 hours later 50005572 Anonymous (AmigoFeels1.jpg 2560x1440 1052kB)

2 hours later 50005828 Anonymous (reeee.png 464x265 39kB)
>thread is already dead Bumping. Why are you faggots so lazy?

2 hours later 50005882 Anonymous (mexicano.jpg 298x470 17kB)
>>50005828 It's the damn mexicans I swear

2 hours later 50005921 Anonymous
>>50005444 Technically, they're right though. He is not a monkey, and either way he's still a brazilian ape.

2 hours later 50005945 Anonymous (alentejano.jpg 750x500 328kB)

2 hours later 50005971 Anonymous
>>50005945 fugg wrote it as "britefeel" sorry

2 hours later 50006099 Anonymous (oy.png 388x604 52kB)
>>50005945 I don't know how to contribute, so here's some brazillian feels poetry

2 hours later 50006236 Anonymous
>>50006099 Threads already dead anyway, so everyone tune in probably tommorrow for the first real edition of /amigofeels/

2 hours later 50006329 Anonymous
>>50006236 >not having the first official edition on Christmas Btw, iberians celebrate on Christmas eve or only in the 25th?

2 hours later 50006372 Anonymous
>>50006329 I know a few Portuguese families that celebrate on the 24th.

2 hours later 50006432 Anonymous (1545399312965.png 318x595 177kB)
Amigo feels will never be a thing because r9k is mostly white Americans who despise south American culture. We're just like 10%, and most of us have self hate issues which doesn't help. /amigofeels/ wouldn't work and I'm sure the Spanish don't really associates themselves with us South Americans,

2 hours later 50006514 Anonymous (pedro-alvares-cabral.jpg 670x476 92kB)
>>50006432 I know /amigofeels/ will rise. There are more south americans and iberians here than you think. Also I'm Porch-Of-Geese so it's not just south americans here.

2 hours later 50006609 Anonymous (1525929789491.gif 480x300 803kB)
Just 100 years ago Irish weren't white. What's your point OP? That the "white race" is just a Jewish engineered spook?

2 hours later 50006634 Anonymous
>>50006609 >That the "white race" is just a Jewish engineered spook? I don't know if that's what OP meant, but it surely is a fact

2 hours later 50006665 Anonymous
what kind of paneleirice is this?

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