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2018-12-23 03:30 50004249 Anonymous (6583.jpg 1040x624 264kB)
Reminder that if youre ugly chances are youre just shitty on the inside as much as you are on the outside. Theres a reason why attractive people are always portrayed as the good guys and ugly people as bad. You are the villain /r9k/.

1 min later 50004256 Anonymous
>>50004249 >attractive people are always portrayed as the good guys that's because of the halo effect

1 min later 50004266 Anonymous
>>50004256 >M-muh irrefutable Halo effect Yeah, okay ugly

5 min later 50004308 Anonymous
>>50004266 But what that anon said is true though.

37 min later 50004727 Anonymous
>>50004249 Asians unironically believe this which is why they slide into materialism with no moral development.

52 min later 50004917 Anonymous
>>50004308 An incel wrote a wikipedia entry about it so it must be true.

53 min later 50004938 Anonymous
>>50004917 Doesn't mean it's wrong.

1 hours later 50005127 Anonymous
>>50004917 This. Incels try to compensate for being ugly all the time.

1 hours later 50005686 Anonymous
>>50005127 And incels have an ugly personality, that's they are perceived as unattractive.

2 hours later 50006356 Anonymous
>>50004249 You sound like that bothers you.

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