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2018-12-23 03:26 50004202 Anonymous (hotaru.jpg 500x567 33kB)
How do I become a cute girl, robits? I'm already a girl but... I'm fat, have acne, really awkward and don't know how to do emotions correctly. Please help a gal out i'm tryna get a bf/gf

0 min later 50004214 Anonymous
Say cutesy things on vocaroo and we'll see where it goes from there

1 min later 50004226 Anonymous
Where do you live? You can be my gf and we'll have sex every day until you burn all that fat off, then I'll dress you up in cute clothes and take you on dates and do you in public.

2 min later 50004229 Anonymous
>>50004202 acne may be caused by make-up, take better care of cleaning your skin if you are out of puberty. if you're fat then diet and exercise. don't worry about your personality, somebody is bound to love it.

2 min later 50004242 Anonymous
>>50004202 >I'm already a girl but...not really Fixed that for all likelihood. If you really are XX female, move your ass and lose weight and take better care of your skin. The rest is cute on girls and not a problem.

5 min later 50004270 Anonymous
>>50004202 just eat healthily and assuming you are not overly overweight you should improve automatically, also helps with the acne problem.

6 min later 50004285 Anonymous
>>50004202 being fat and having acne is easy enough to fix, just try and eat better, don't even have to count calories like an autist my new years resolution will be to eat less than i usually do to lose weight

13 min later 50004376 Anonymous
You can be my gf, but of course you don't want anyone from here.

13 min later 50004377 Anonymous (1527023941832.jpg 540x677 30kB)
>really awkward and don't know how to do emotions correctly That already sounds cute as long as it's not to a dysfunctional extent. >have acne Wash your face before bed and in the morning. If you have not in a while, wash your pillow case and bed sheets. Also don't touch your face or drink soda. >fat I can't really help here because have always been only slightly above underweight, but if you drink soda stop doing that, which will also help your acne.

56 min later 50004934 Anonymous
>>50004202 Listen to *most* of the people on here, but when you do start dieting or whatever dont just stop eating. This fucks with you body's food storage and makes you more fat, so make sure to keep actually eating. A really good cookbook if you wanna impress a man with cook skills, is Nom Nom Paleo. It sounds gay but its healthy food, cheap food, and easy af to make. It also tastes good af. Gl, and may you become the best qt 3.14 fembot one day

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