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2018-12-23 03:26 50004198 Anonymous (3C73B65A-A50C-4E76-B45A-6682A1BE8920.jpg 150x150 13kB)
What does it mean when everytime I try being social it ends up with me being shit on by people? I seem to always get targeted no matter what I try to do differently. It has been this way my entire life. I am in my late 20s now and it still happens any time I try to socialise, and its not even just in real life, even online it happens. Its led me to lead a pretty much isolated life. The only way I fit into social circles is by being the guy everyone shits on all the time, and it gets old after awhile. I dont care about people shitting on me, but when its nonstop and Im always the target it gets a bit too much to have to deal with it, especially since when you become that guy everyone shits on your social status hits the floor and youre screwed when it comes to any women that enter it as they see you as a joke because all the guys shit on you. Why do I attract such negative attention? I dont understand. I honestly think I am a good person and I think people tend to use me as a punching bag.

4 min later 50004260 Anonymous (1525733855135.jpg 500x566 70kB)
>>50004198 Similar situation fren. I dated a girl who told me I was easy to pick on because I get "all defensive", same with a girl co worker a while ago. I suppose it's how you react to ribbing, normies can almost smell when someone isn't properly "part of the pack" or whatever.

9 min later 50004331 Anonymous
>>50004260 Thing is I thought my issue is that I dont get defensive. I just let people shit on me because they always at first do it in a banter kind of way, but then it always gets more and more harsh as it goes on. The thing that cocerns me the most is the fact I dont ever see anyone else get this shit all the time. Sure people get banter and stuff, but with me it seems to just never end and get harsher every moment longer I spend time within a social circle. I have literally had people say HAHA now has this guy not left yet HAHA, he takes so much shit HAHA. Why do they say that but at the same time want me to hang around with them? I will get told off by them for not spending time with them, and then when I do they just start shitting on me again.

18 min later 50004439 Anonymous (Z1 (55).jpg 1920x1080 188kB)
>>50004331 Sounds like you have shitty friends. I was at a house party, around a bonfire, pretty stoned and drunk but comfy sitting in front of the fire. A couple of ""friends"" I had were making plans at 2am to walk to a bar about 20 minutes away and chirping me for not wanting to go. Basically just mean spirited remarks about me wanting to stay in my comfort zone. They spent the whole night doing it really. They're free-spirited artsy types, a living instagram-world-traveler meme and I have a regular office type job, still live at home. I think they just needed someone to use as a punching bag. I see them about a year later, one of them has literal mental problems, they have no money and rotate between couch surfing overseas and coming home to work shitty service industry jobs for a few months, like peter pan syndrome. All that to say just stop taking their calls if they make you feel like shit all the time. I'm just realizing that keeping some of the friends I have has been detrimental to my own development and am slowly phasing them out.

23 min later 50004504 Anonymous
>>50004439 Everyone I meet turns out to be shitty people though. I don't know how to meet people who don't shit on me. I just dont understand what motivates people to want to shit on me. If I am too soft, I get shit on, if I am too hard, I get shit on, if Im good im a bitch, if im bad im crazy. I just end up giving up and just isolating myself, then eventually I try to make new friends but the same shit ends up happening again, then I isolate again for awhile, then try again later. I dont know what it is, I seem to attract angry/hateful people, that or just every human is like that in the general population.

2 hours later 50005750 Anonymous
>>50004504 then just do a massacre

2 hours later 50005928 Anonymous (1506005442980.jpg 453x410 89kB)
>>50004504 >Redditspacingkike Reddit leave with your fucking blog

2 hours later 50006137 Anonymous
>>50004198 I know exactly how you feel, bro. People would always point out and crack jokes about my weight at the time (skeletor), including my friends. So, when I turned 16, right after I dropped out, I cut all contact with them completely. I feel like I used to be a better natured, nicer person before all of that; now I'm angry and bitter and looking for a reason to be rude to someone. It's why I believe nurture plays a bigger part in personality than nature.

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