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2018-12-23 03:21 50004124 Anonymous (b4f.jpg 569x428 23kB)
Remind me again why y'all niggas don't just fuck cute traps and stop being hopeless incels? >trap technology is reaching new heights, all kinds of girls are passing now >not as stuck up as Stacy, won't demand 6'4 Chads with ten inch dicks >have all kinds of worthwhile interests (philosophy, vidya, internet, music) instead of just fashion and social media >no risk of pregnancy >will be loyal and grateful

2 min later 50004153 Anonymous
>>50004124 because penis is fucking disgusting.I already hate my own dick, I'm notnplaying with somebody else's.

4 min later 50004189 Anonymous
>>50004153 A typical transgirl suffers from gender dysphoria and is probably ashamed of her penis. The last thing she will want is for you to "play with it"

8 min later 50004236 Anonymous
Because despite being deranged,most of us have good taste in sexual preferences Which are basically female if you are male And male if you are female

11 min later 50004276 Anonymous
>>50004189 but it will still be there and nothing they do wll give them a vagina.

14 min later 50004317 Anonymous
>>50004276 First of all, some girls, whether they are trans or cis, have dicks and some have vagoos. If you can't get over a few cubic inches of skin, you have serious problems. >>50004236 There are transgirls cuter than cisgirls. They often care more about their appearance and health too.

25 min later 50004453 Anonymous
>>50004317 I just said I hate penis. penis is gross. it's a dealbreaker.

32 min later 50004539 Anonymous (sure buddy.png 464x674 352kB)
>>50004124 Because im not a fag and putting dick in butt wont lose your virginity lmao

39 min later 50004635 Anonymous
>>50004124 Have you ever met a trap? They ALL want 6'4 dominant Chads. Are you out of your fucking mind? They spend all this time looking pretty and feminine, they want a handsome man to notice them, not some fat overweight 4chan dweller

40 min later 50004641 Anonymous
>>50004453 You sound like you have gender dysphoria and should consult a medical professional about scheduling a penectomy

41 min later 50004659 Anonymous
Why do you fags feel the need to try to convert people into being gay? It's literally fucking retarded

43 min later 50004673 Anonymous
>>50004124 nice fantasy but traps are just as bad cause of them being mentally ill. id rather just be with a normal gay guy

53 min later 50004809 Anonymous (1543226395655.png 600x600 226kB)
>>50004124 >>trap technology is reaching new heights That isn't setting the bar very high >>not as stuck up as Stacy, won't demand 6'4 Chads with ten inch dicks Doesn't matter because I'm a fat loner, below even traps' standards >philosophy Never seen a trap who's interested in philosophy, and if they are they're probably some Nietzsche-worshipping retard >vidya Probably shit taste >internet The internet is not a hobby >music Not a hobby, probably shit taste, and it's not like an interest in music is something rare >>no risk of pregnancy But I want children >>will be loyal and grateful Doubt.png

57 min later 50004870 Anonymous
Because we are not gay. We find the mere idea of having sex with a mentally ill crossdressing gay man disgusting.

1 hours later 50004988 Anonymous
>>50004641 nah I can't become a lesbian, and I'd rather keep my body than fail.

1 hours later 50005265 Anonymous
>>50004870 Crossdressers are not trans

1 hours later 50005619 Anonymous
>>50004453 >being this much in denial about being a fag

1 hours later 50005631 Anonymous
>>50004124 because some people still are heterosexuals, believe it or not.

2 hours later 50005659 Anonymous
Some people are straight, and we like tits.

2 hours later 50005794 Anonymous
>>50005659 >>50005631 Being straight means a man is attracted to feminine features. By your logic, a straight man is attracted to Buck Angel

2 hours later 50005818 Anonymous
>>50005794 >being retarded enough not to understand what it means to be straight and has to use semantics in order to prove his non-existent point

2 hours later 50005936 Anonymous
>>50005818 Explain to me then why it is gay to be attracted to a girl with a penis but is also gay to be attracted to a man with a vagina. It is one or the other, now which is it?

2 hours later 50005962 Anonymous
>>50005936 you're saying that all that makes a sex a sex is genitals. which it isnt. grow a brain you retarded faggot

2 hours later 50006210 Anonymous
>>50005962 Can you even fucking read? That is literally the opposite of what I am saying

2 hours later 50006245 Anonymous
>>50006210 doi doi im gonna continue to argue semantics bescause im an intellcetual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later 50006268 Anonymous
>>50004317 >If you, a straight man, can't get over your sexual partner having a schlong, you've got problems Progressivism. Not even once.

2 hours later 50006284 Anonymous
>>50005265 Even if the roots of their disorders are different, physically there is minimal difference.

2 hours later 50006294 Anonymous
>>50005619 >thinking anyone needs to prove to you that they're not a fag

2 hours later 50006396 Anonymous (Y90XaAQZ_400x400.jpg 400x400 29kB)
Remember how Porn is said to ruin your brain? Trap Porn is even worse! I spent like 5+ years in a very large cities' degenerate hippy + raver + goth + alternative scene. It was basically my job to find out who the interesting people were in that community. Literally 0 cute traps. ZERO. Just ugly failed trannies. Lust over that angle shot of the zoomer trap or their snapchat filtered curated content all you want. The trap you can't smell, can't hear their voice, or anything really. For every cute trap that exists there's tons of failed ugly trannies. 90% of them are "Lesbians" anyway and just using their weird status to try and get a GF that's more attractive and interesting than they otherwise could get. For some of them it works, so good job to them!

3 hours later 50006912 Anonymous
>>50006396 The part about most cute traps being lesbians is unfortunately very true.

3 hours later 50007042 Anonymous (54ccdfb21140ac9f03fe7a4ce843dfa0.jpg 1222x1236 242kB)
>>50006912 From my findings on the internet I find failed trans are more likely to be lesbians. Those rare actually-passing ones you hear about usually have very very masculine BFs. The ones that actually pass are usually OBSESSED with luxury brands and the rich lifestyle that enables them to look so glamorous.

4 hours later 50007958 Anonymous
>>50007042 True, but those are the ones who are like the top 1%. It goes something like: Ultra-hot: straight, want chad Cute/passable: lesbian Cute/not-passable: OK with robots Not cute/not-passable: SJWs/BPD

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