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2018-12-23 03:20 50004122 Anonymous (1545483823510.jpg 564x590 30kB)
My female therapist constantly refuses to admit that women have the upper hand in the sex/dating scene, which is amplified following the sexual liberation and rise of social media. She insists, as a 'woman who's been there', that things are about 50-50, and there as much lonely, social outcast women as lonely social outcast men. Am I being delusional, or is it just a woman who lived the life of a woman and can't see above the wall seperating the genders and truely understand the life of a modern male?

3 min later 50004165 Anonymous
>>50004122 She's not wrong. It's just that the lonely women have really high standards and just wait hoping that Chad will come.

8 min later 50004243 Anonymous
>>50004122 Careful incel or the bitch will get you committed.

10 min later 50004254 Anonymous
>>50004122 >woman who's been there When, before your birth?

14 min later 50004304 Anonymous
>>50004122 All women are fucking liars. Never believe anything a women tells you because it's a fucking lie to make themselves look or feel better.

14 min later 50004306 Anonymous (shut it down.jpg 564x590 60kB)
Haven't actually read your post 2bh OP, but saw some meme potential lel

14 min later 50004313 Anonymous
>>50004304 All normalfags are liars.

15 min later 50004329 Anonymous
women can't keep their fat gobbs closed or their legs closed and they know it, that's why they think it's 50/50. if you had shitty, low self-esteem and were a stupid fuck up, you'd think you didn't have the upperhand either, which is how women see themselves if they aren't married with children by a certain age. >i might fuck up and make men repulsed by me, that means it's 50/50

19 min later 50004380 Anonymous
>>50004243 Ok, now this post is epic

20 min later 50004387 Anonymous
>>50004306 >le epic and random red glowing eyes Absolute knee-slapper my zoomer friend, a true side-burster, a real gut-buster

21 min later 50004403 Anonymous
>>50004387 Stop trying to fit in, original post

21 min later 50004404 Anonymous
>>50004122 sounds like your therapist is a misinformed roastie that has no bussiness treating someone like you my suggestion is to stop paying her

22 min later 50004416 roastietoastie
>>50004122 >robot seeing a female therapist hoo boy Lonely socially outcast women exist. A pajeet or sandnigger with a wife half his age asking you for bobs and vagene on Facebook is irrelevant if you can't go outside without crying uncontrollably. Also I think women have a tendency to get oneitis more frequently, causing almost yandere-level obsession and ignoring other men as a result. Men will usually just rape the bitch at that point.

22 min later 50004419 Anonymous
>>50004387 Lol, why are you so mad you virgin Should have made a more interesting thread if you wanted me to actually respond to whatever it is you're blathering about

23 min later 50004424 Anonymous
>>50004404 My suggestion is to not listen to this anon and isntead of getting into 4chan tier debates with her, you adress your actual issues instead

23 min later 50004431 Anonymous
>>50004122 > Female therapist As a 26 year old former NEET who had an autistic power level over 9000 let me give you one piece of advice. As a male, do not have a fucking female therapist. I fell for this meme too. Luckily I was too depressed to even maintain the bare minimum to keep my neetbucks coming in from the guvvy so I couldn't visit her anymore. Probably saved my life.

24 min later 50004435 Anonymous
>>50004122 Do you actually debate your inceldom with your female therapist? lmao

24 min later 50004436 Anonymous
>>50004419 >being this assblasted someone disliked your meymey Did you spend 200 hours on photoshop making it?

25 min later 50004447 Anonymous
>>50004403 >evading the robot MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDS

26 min later 50004457 Anonymous
>>50004431 This is only good advice for someone who's legitimately a turbo autist. Women are far superior in a normal therapeutic dynamic.

27 min later 50004475 Anonymous
>>50004254 Now this is how you fucking /thread.Based anon.

27 min later 50004478 Anonymous (B5331934-2ED6-4A31-A8BB-068B04801CDF.jpg 744x457 56kB)
>>50004122 You just have to take a look at how things really are to know thats bullshit.

27 min later 50004480 Anonymous
>>50004419 I'm not OP, dumbfuck, I'm just someone who despises retarded hive-mind NPC humor. >>50004403 Funny, coming from some faggot zoomer that probably made that trying to fit in with other epic memers xd

28 min later 50004485 Anonymous
>>50004436 poor attempted switch around you're the one who sperged out

28 min later 50004487 Anonymous
>>50004485 But I'm not even the original replier :O

29 min later 50004509 Anonymous
>>50004404 I agree with this anon He knows what up

30 min later 50004525 Anonymous (1543473056135.png 420x387 10kB)
>>50004435 Why would I not? I'm paying her to fix me >>50004431 How is your life now anon? >>50004419 I'm the OP and I don't give two shits about your memes If you found the thread uninteresting enough to engage in discussion, you should have left altogether. Now I just hope you kill yourself.

33 min later 50004553 Anonymous
>>50004165 Most robots also have extremely high standards. I think a lot ofvpeople like to feel like a forever alone martyr for some reason.

33 min later 50004556 Anonymous
>female therapist You dun goofed. They will gas light you until the cows come home.

33 min later 50004558 Anonymous (1462851792991.jpg 330x319 26kB)
>>50004419 >actually using virgin as an insult on r9k lol

33 min later 50004559 Anonymous
>>50004485 >the original replier cut so deep he thought he """sperged out"""

33 min later 50004561 Anonymous
>>50004525 >she tries to talk some sense into you >you refuse to be receptive >you pay her for this oh yeah but surely the femoid is the issue here

34 min later 50004578 Anonymous
>>50004485 jesus christ you dumb nigger. stop replying

35 min later 50004588 Anonymous (1545080769483.png 700x512 48kB)
Never take advice from a woman.

36 min later 50004599 Anonymous
>>50004478 Women are more likely to attempt suicide, men are more likely to succeed. Anyway this has not much to do with sex and dating. >>50004553 Oh YEAH its fucking awesome getting from work back home to your too large for one person bed and wank and hope the pain in your chest is a heart attack Feels soooo good. Nothing beats it

37 min later 50004616 Anonymous
>female therapist NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH NIGGERS that includes, niggers, brownskins and females because they get their jobs not based on skills but based on having shitskin a vagina etc. In your case the female is clueless but will also outright lie to you about reality. Drop that cunt or your mental illness will get worse

39 min later 50004634 Anonymous
>>50004561 Every frustrated lonely brainlet on this cesspit is trying to talk some sense into me. I'm just trying to sort out the good abd bad advice and mindsets. That's why I came here with a question, and not a declaration.

39 min later 50004637 roastietoastie
>>50004478 Lol if y'all want to lower suicide rate, just stop killing yourselves (^: Instead, do shitty half-assed suicide attempts so people will pay attention to you uWu

41 min later 50004656 Anonymous
>>50004122 Yes, you are being delusional. Men have more sexual partners than women.

44 min later 50004688 Anonymous (1544104420711.jpg 500x314 68kB)
>>50004416 >women have a tendency to get oneitis more frequently I doubt it. Women will trade up the minute they meet a new guy they like. If he has more stuff than you, she will leave you. This is the sad part about it all. A woman will never love you, only the material things you give her. She will leave you the moment you mess up or if you go through a hard time. If you want to feel love, buy a dog or something that is capable of love. >men will usually just rape at that point No. What kind of delusion do you live in? Are you a roastie with rape fantasies? Disgusting. Maybe if they are a nigger they will rape, but niggers aren't human so you wouldn't call them men, flappy bird.

46 min later 50004714 Anonymous
>>50004656 And the moon, kids, is in fact made of cheese. Can you bring actual concrete support to your half assed 'facts'?

46 min later 50004716 Anonymous (figure_1_age-adjusted_suicide_rates_in_the_united_states_1999-2014_153059_4.png 705x453 58kB)
>>50004478 Good news lads, the cunt suicide rate is increasing faster than the male rate

46 min later 50004726 Anonymous
>>50004616 this. women are niggers

47 min later 50004737 Anonymous (hmmm.jpg 298x169 8kB)
>>50004525 >How is your life now anon? > 26 > No longer KHV > Have a cute chubby girlfriend > Have a low stress night shift job with almost zero interaction with other people > Security Guard (This job was recommended to me by this board a few years ago actually) > Drivers license > Car > 10K in the bank > 15K deposited into an apartment > Family no longer disgusted by me Compared to where I was when I was a regular here and hardcore depressed NEET with no friends. A virgin. And suicidal. A lot of you can relate. Drop out of high school. Lay around all day thinking about how you're going to change things to cure your depression. Only to feel exponentially worse as months go by and you struggle and fail to get out of bed. No energy. You don't want to sleep but you don't want to be awake so you purposefully listen to depressing music and wish you were never born. Wish you would die. Wish your life didn't have to be this way. Wish wish wish you could change this or that or something else. Cry and agonize over how much you want to die and keep willing yourself to kill yourself. It's honestly a miracle I didn't an hero between the age of 16 and 23. Life is good now anon

54 min later 50004810 Anonymous
>>50004737 And anon, don't you think it all happened because you stopped being a regular here (which probably changed your mindset and rewired your brain and possibly personality), rather than because you didn't attend therapy with a female?

54 min later 50004812 Anonymous
There are many lonely girls out there. But the female definition of "lonely" is "sick of fucking guys who won't stay around". By the male definition, which is actual loneliness and deprivation of physical intimacy, the number is almost zero.

54 min later 50004825 Anonymous
>>50004716 >muh career >muh cock carousel Oh no no no no I wasted my best years and no guy wants to settle now.

56 min later 50004847 Anonymous
>>50004810 >Thinking (not) browsing 4chan affects you more than therapy How new are you?

1 hours later 50004965 Anonymous
>>50004810 I didn't stop being a regular here after I stopped therapy. In all honesty this board ended up helping me with occasional prompts among the depression I was wallowing in. Things that would come up here and there and give me a leg up in a little way, all from the comfort of a suicidal echo chamber. NoFap, RedPills of all sorts, and small seemingly inconsequential one liners that would slowly accumulate positivity in my narrow vision of a bleak world. In my opinion, /r9k/ and the places it eventually lead me to, along with the kindness of strangers in a cesspool of self loathing was far more helpful than a female therapist ever could be. In fact, I'm completely convinced had I kept seeing her I would be dead and the man I am today would regret it deeply. An educated woman, a therapist even, is a type of feminist that has no business helping a broken boy become a man. But she will try, like a nosy neighbor sticking her head where it doesn't belong. Because this is the nature of women. My personal opinion: Get as far away from her as possible. Don't let her manipulate you. It will destroy you in the end.

1 hours later 50004969 Anonymous
>>50004122 >having a therapist >a FEMALE therapist oy vey

1 hours later 50005013 Anonymous
>>50004847 Sadly not at all. >>50004965 It honestly seems like she's just trying to help. I respect her and am too long and deep in therapy to just up and leave. >>50004969 AND i'm jewish. So your memes are invalid

1 hours later 50005095 Anonymous
I've always felt like my therapist phones it in. According to her online profile she has over 100 patients

1 hours later 50005108 Anonymous (1545437615886.jpg 693x663 61kB)
>>50005095 Phones what in anon?

1 hours later 50005138 Anonymous (lain.gif 480x360 319kB)
>>50005013 > It honestly seems like she's just trying to help. I respect her and am too long and deep in therapy to just up and leave. If it's helping you then keep at it. I wouldn't continue it out of "respect" for her though. Don't get too attached in that way. She's essentially a paid for friend, and a female one at that. It's about as unnatural as it gets.

1 hours later 50005157 Anonymous
The last two times I saw a female psychologist for depression, they told me to go walk a lot. They have no fucking clue about anything beside what their textbooks told them

1 hours later 50005176 Anonymous
>>50004122 >female therapist ishiggydiggy

1 hours later 50005184 Anonymous
>>50004122 Women always wish to seem weak.

1 hours later 50005211 Anonymous
>>50004812 >By the male definition, which is actual loneliness and deprivation of physical intimacy, the number is almost zero. Liar. All people can feel actual loneliness, man or woman. The shit you described earlier concerns people who have been insulated from social isolation in the first place.

1 hours later 50005213 Anonymous
>>50004122 It's very true. Try setting your tinder age range from like 35-45. It's filled with ugly old hags trying to find any "decent" guy. Oh wait, we're talking about men who are technically in the prime of their life but can't seem to find a partner, not used up women who can't hop on the cock carrousel anymore... So yeah, technically it's about 50-50 if you look at it a certain way, I suppose.

1 hours later 50005238 I fucked Tiffany & Ivanka.
>female therapist I dunno what went wrong

1 hours later 50005251 Anonymous
>>50004122 Unironoically get a male therapist. A woman can't nor would if she could understand what men have to go trough and how all this shit can effect us.

1 hours later 50005267 Anonymous
If it weren't for lonely outcast women I would never get laid

1 hours later 50005319 Anonymous
Remember necrofag? She said never go to a female therapist. They don't understand shit. 99.999% of women live in a bubble.

1 hours later 50005320 Anonymous
If there were people like you and me wouldn't have to be social outcasts anymore

1 hours later 50005330 Anonymous
>>50004737 >Wish you would die. Wish your life didn't have to be this way. Wish wish wish you could change this or that or something else Youre definitely a failed normie

1 hours later 50005347 Anonymous
Redpill her, OP. Show her the sources

1 hours later 50005439 Anonymous
>>50005211 Female aren't insulated from social isolation? They have their social life handed to them on a platter. Society is nice to you and gives you the benefit of the doubt most of the time. Guys will attempt to impress you in order to gain intimacy with you, even if you don't like those guys. That's very different from the way society treats men. You are expected to prove that you deserve to be loved. That you are manly and confident and not a loser. Men that aren't able to play the game are seen as losers and creeps, and no one helps them or even wants to think about their existence. Being a virgin is seen as being a complete failure of a human being. It makes it even harder to find any form of intimacy with the opposite sex, because females only want to be with men that have social value. Unlike women, who can be on minimum wage or unemployed, boring with no hobbies or friends, and still date prospective boyfriends on the regular. When a guy says he is lonely, he means actual alone. He means he has NO ONE.

1 hours later 50005470 Anonymous
Explain to her you're not comparing young men to old women. You're comparing young men to young women. We're not discussing 'regular life' we're talking about people who are having difficulty finding a partner. Among both genders, on average, on something like online dating such as OkCupid or PlentyOfFish your therapist is still going to insist that you've got a harder battle? Seriously, if I were you I would need my therapist to understand that simply posturing their beliefs isn't enough to convince me. Because that is completely contradictory to what the websites self-report! At the very least if they don't have the data to backup their argument they could opt to not have an argument at all, and instead focus on coping techniques for anxiety or whatever.

1 hours later 50005502 roastietoastie
>>50005347 What anon thinks will happen >omg ur right teach me senpai >Joker and Harley Quinn.jpeg What will actually happen >*gets institutionalized* Not worth imo. If you start spouting incel terms, she'll press the panic button under her desk and get you carted away

1 hours later 50005543 Anonymous
Maybe you could trick your therapist into thinking you agree with her. Start to warm up to the idea that women are lonely, too. Then 'accidentally' discover on all these weird propaganda articles that all the Women who can't find Men when their older actually CAN find a LOT of men it's just that they don't live up to their hyper-inflated standards that mostly have to do with status, wealth and power over the actual things that make someone Human (which, ironically, is like... the male's primary criteria for finding a partner. men seemingly forgive low status and wealth more readily as long as what is going into the Human would seem like a good Life Ally. Women are hard wired not to view relationships as wanting a Life Ally. Instead they want something more like choosing what Vehicle to drive)

1 hours later 50005553 Anonymous (RainingCity.gif 696x478 1583kB)
>>50004122 There has literally never been a worse time to be a young man. Whether you support women's liberation or oppose it, you can't deny that a man growing up in the 60s, 70s, even the 80s, didn't have nearly the same number of people to compete with for opportunity. It used to be that if you were a man, opportunity automatically went to you first, and society was built around the concept that men are the leaders and workers, and women are the homebuilders and caretakers. Modern social dynamics have changed that completely. Women no longer have the same incentive to look for a partner to support them, since now they can support themselves financially more than ever before, and in doing so, are cannibalizing opportunities that previously would have gone to men. Again, lots of people will argue that this shift is only fair, and long overdue, but only a fool would argue that this shift is beneficial to men.

1 hours later 50005602 Anonymous
>>50004122 Well your female therapist is not a psychologist. She has the liberty to feed you misinformation and it not be called malpractice. The psychologists ive talked to said what you have, low status men sre lonely and resentful. Women with high standards and usually high education are lonely and resentful that no man better than her by her margins is willing to be with her. Because men dont care about a womans education level or how much she makes, he picks who is most likeable to be around and physically attractive. But by no means the number of high status women outnumbers low status men. Thats a ridiculous statement that can be nullified by simply looking at poverty levels and unemployment rates vs women with a masters degree or higher or who earns 60k a year.

1 hours later 50005603 Anonymous (QPIXXcB.jpg 550x366 33kB)
Your therapist could at least admit that the ways men and women end up lonely while looking for a relationship is different. Has anyone ever had a Chad for a friend and struggled to understand why they got sad when they felt 'used' by Stacy? Especially when it's like, the 4th time in a row they got used by a Stacy? Do you feel even 1% sadness for him as he revealed his Crazy Sex-Filled Weekend that ended with Stacy semi-crying and revealing the whole time she had been cheating on her BF? Chad doesn't want to date these girls. He kicks them to the curb. He keeps looking for a REAL girlfriend as time ticks on. That's more like what a Women has. It's not that she has nothing, it's just that nothing is working out. Yea, women may exist that have a genuinely hard time getting laid similar in vibes to the Robot / Incel / Foreveralone stereotype but would that therapist seriously deny that it's less of a common 'style' of loneliness and bad vibes for the person than the previously mentioned 'finding intimacy but not finding a partner' loneliness?

2 hours later 50005644 Anonymous
>>50004416 >females having oneitis 14 year olds who never grew up with real life k-pop or marvel husbandos dont have oneitis, they are just immature.

2 hours later 50005658 Anonymous
My female clinical psychologist is trying to help me get autismbux Whats so bad about them?

2 hours later 50005688 Anonymous
>>50005553 Pretty much this. I'm from Canada. When I talk to my Dad he told me that there were jobs everywhere. They needed to recruit more Police so they even brought them in from the UK. Now, there's so many applicants that they turn them away regularly. That attitude is copy and pasted for every possible metric of living since the 1960s here. Everything has jumped in scale in a way that most Boomers can't comprehend. Thankfully for me my boomerparents had a wake up call around 2014. The years previous were unironically filled with advice like the "give him a good handshake" meme but something (maybe the MSM?) convinced them that things are harder for Millennials, finally. Like in my city people talk a lot about rent control and different economic philosophies about how keeping rent control will slow the construction of new buildings - NOT LIKE THAT MATTERS... because Supply and Demand is FUCKED and ALWAYS WILL BE because of immigration. Still though: information, facts, and truth can't actually do anything to protect you or give you a good life. You have to do whatever you can to find compromise, or even success if you're lucky. Remember when PUA was all the rage?

2 hours later 50005706 Anonymous
>>50004714 look at literally any study done on the subject. actual serious studies, not Tinder or OkCupid half-assed statistics.

2 hours later 50005729 Anonymous
>>50004122 that kike whore is a lying bitch. kys for having a female therapist, u might as well be married to it for all the fucked up influence the twat has on u. give 'er a present; like bullets or a rope, anon.

2 hours later 50005765 Anonymous
>>50004424 Shes a therapist retard, this ones shitty and he knows it, they arent properly trained or educated and they can misinform their clients either doing nothing or worse. Fuck, I had a therapist who tried to get me to believe in chakras and spirit animals. They arent doctors, they are just as clinical of help as a priest. If they have any psychology training it certainly isnt required, hell the bar of quality is quite low even for psychiatrists in that regard. Op needs a male psychologist who wont get offended when he suggests men killing themselves constantly and murdering people is indicative of the pattern of low status, resentful men. One who isnt deluded into thinking women have those too "except they dont murder and they attempt suicide for attention". Hardly the same thing.

2 hours later 50005838 Anonymous
>>50005706 >not Tinder or OkCupid half-assed statistics. LOL... Can you link to one of these 'actual studies' ? Because in this statement you're probably fully aware that scientific studies often contradict each other. Listening to them as if they were Bible is JUST as stupid as listening to the Bible as if it were the Bible. Contradictions everywhere. There is nothing wrong with Tinder/OkC Stats. It is absolutely fair to argue the differences between most lonely young people for most of the USA, Canada, etc.

2 hours later 50005845 Anonymous
>>50004457 No you arent roastie, youre more inclined to tell the person how everyone in their life is at fault for their actions and fail to provide a pathway to success. Men dont want a shoulder to cry on they need someone to give them clear vision and affirm their direction, contest them in their own game. Women might not be a far margin worse than men when it comes to giving psychological therapy to men, but they arent 'far superior'. Thats just you talking out your ass. Single mothers raise male sociopaths, single fathers dont. Sleep on that.

2 hours later 50005902 Anonymous
>>50004688 >Are you a roastie with rape fantasies? They all are.

2 hours later 50005926 Anonymous
>>50005013 Why don't you just give your money to camwhores idiot?

2 hours later 50005938 Anonymous
>>50004599 >women are more likely to attempt suicide Yes, we know, their use of nonlethal force to do it makes alot of sense if their goal wasnt to die but to be discovered.Common attention seeking behavior is take pills before person you wa t to care about you more arrives home from wherever. Its mentally ill but it is a far cry from intentionally commiting suicide, many women pretend, which is why they fail so often. Unless youre suggesting womens failure to commit suicide is due to their incompetence. I wouldnt, they arent stupid. 80 iq retarded depressed men manage to set up camcorders and neck themselves without anyone saving them, and women tend to be more average iq than low or high.

2 hours later 50006042 Anonymous
>>50005439 Powerful stuff anon. You have convinced me somewhat. However I do still think certain women can be lonely because all women dont get the same benefits in society. For instance, my sister has had a greater life than me because of her looks and as a consequence everyone wants to be around her. Everyone meaning MEN. Literally all of them.

2 hours later 50006081 Anonymous
>>50005658 Nothing as a whole, but men are better suited in general to male psychologists. Also ops therapist is a therapist, not a clinical psychologist. Which is the other root of his problem, a vaguely certified social worker with varying degrees of training who is also a woman with anti reality bias in something central to her work. "Ive seen half lonely men half lonely women as a female therapist, therefore it is representative of the entire population" If anything thats indicative of how many lonely men there are, as men and women prefer therapists and psychologists of their own gender.

2 hours later 50006113 Anonymous
>>50006081 Not him but I'm intimidated by men, especially in something like therapy. I feel like I can't say what I want to say. I'm male.

2 hours later 50006124 Anonymous
>>50004165 this. guys want girls, girls want chad. everyone is lonely and sad, except chad.

2 hours later 50006131 Anonymous
>>50004403 >>50004419 zoomer absolutely fucking steamrolled hahahahah

2 hours later 50006230 Anonymous
>>50005658 Anons, take heed of this. Don't waste your time with therapists that can't LEGALLY lead you towards Autismbux. Like, maybe do it if it's free but absolutely don't pay for it. Get on Autismbux NOW before Governments that give out Autismbux start realizing there is a problem and try to prevent you from getting it by saying you have "Gaming Disorder" which was added to the "International Classification of Diseases" just this year. Zoomers, be careful talking about your gaming with therapists. You do not want a "Gaming Disorder" diagnosis messing with your likely very real claims of mental illness.

2 hours later 50006253 Anonymous
>>50006230 luckily 99% of all games have lost their allure to me. though I'm sure "internet addiction" is a thing.

2 hours later 50006280 Anonymous
>>50006253 Governments, like Canada, are already aware that the amount of Autismbux receipients is rising faster than population growth. You already don't qualify for autismbux if you're addicted to a drug, or an alcoholic. They say any mental problems that come from the addiction don't qualify. Canada is already speaking about redefining what it means to be disabled, and making it even harder to get on Autismbux. Indeed, some American States are just awful to get on Autismbux. Like as if it's not just a thing. PROTECT YOURSELVES, Robots. Autismbux literally saved my life.

2 hours later 50006351 Anonymous
>therapist >female therapist >paying a female therapist iq of a shrimp, congratulations.

2 hours later 50006362 Anonymous
>>50006280 I won't be able to get autismbux but if I don't get a job with health insurance I might have to go on medicaid in a year and a half when my dad's insurance kicks me off.

3 hours later 50007116 Anonymous
>>50004122 Mine agrees however am physically attractive, so its not so bad for me .

4 hours later 50007949 Anonymous
>>50004122 Therapists will generally validate but not agree with your worldview. Most of my therapists have been Stacies but I didn't let it affect our relationship (too much).

4 hours later 50008038 Anonymous
>>50004122 80% of women are competing for the top 20%. That's stiff competition for women so it feels hard for them. It's reallly not but it FEELS like it is.

4 hours later 50008139 Anonymous
>>50004122 >and there as much lonely As many anon

4 hours later 50008204 Anonymous
>>50004553 >Most robots also have extremely high standards what is this meme

4 hours later 50008222 Anonymous
>>50008038 Top 20% of what? How do you measure it?

4 hours later 50008224 Anonymous
It is in their best interest to lie and deceive. The same reason normies tell you to be yourself and other nonsense that doesn't work. They don't want competition and people noticing how fake and sociopathic social interactions really are.

5 hours later 50008671 Anonymous
>>50004553 yeah, sure not being a fat fuck is so hard

6 hours later 50009532 Anonymous
>>50008671 Can you really judge a girl for it though? Imagine if you were a cute girl and had access to all the food you ever wanted since you hit puberty, would you like to be judged for picking vast quantities of the food with the most callory intake? You incels are weird

6 hours later 50009552 Anonymous
t. loser incel bitching /thread

6 hours later 50009590 Anonymous
>>50004122 your therapist is right. go look at the tumblr girls who fap to steven universe porn and say their pronouns are star/starself. that is the female equivalent of a robot.

6 hours later 50009607 Anonymous
>>50009590 I got rejected and called a creepy incel by one last month, so...

6 hours later 50009621 Anonymous
>>50009607 >he gave his honest opinion on promiscuity to a woman Just say you don't judge/care what people do and move on....

6 hours later 50009649 Anonymous
>Going to a therapist >Not just cleaning your room >C'mon Bucko

6 hours later 50009669 Anonymous
>>50009649 >people would rather pay thousands of dollars on therapy and jewpills instead of taking 5 minutes to clean their rooms, look people in the eye and take walks when it's sunny I blame video games

6 hours later 50009701 Anonymous
>>50004122 >Only a vast minority of men are virgins Stats prove that she is right

6 hours later 50009741 Anonymous
>>50004122 I thought therapists were only suppose to listen, give you mental advice, and drugs. Not impose their shitty beliefs onto you. Is she trying to fuck you up more than when you first started seeing her?

6 hours later 50009882 Anonymous
>>50008204 just world fallacy normalfags need to convince themselves that robots deserve it because if they didn't then all their own "achievements" become of much less worth

6 hours later 50009979 Anonymous
>>50009532 yes, I can judge you for it. I can judge whoever I want... nobody wants to be around a walking, breathing, shitting heart attack waiting to happen also, there are many words you could use to describe a fat girl, 'cute' is not one of them

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