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2018-12-23 03:17 50004071 Anonymous I fucking hate plebbit. (Screenshot_20181224-010524.png 720x1280 911kB)
Some of the subs are just the fucking worst. Who honestly gives a fuck you're not getting 3 my little plebbits?

5 min later 50004157 Anonymous
>>50004071 You don't think major international companies like Hasbro aren't ripping you off by doing shit like this? If you wouldn't be upset then you're a bootlicking /pol/ cuck.

16 min later 50004294 Anonymous
>>50004157 >says he while ripping open the cheetos bag filled with 80% air

19 min later 50004337 Anonymous
>>50004071 From all the subs that exists, you have a problem with that one? To answer your question >people who don't like being scammed, so pretty much anyone There's also a comment about the possibility of a grandpa buying it so their grandchildren could share which could happen and that's a dick move. I bet you're just salty because you bought that shit for yourself and now you feel attacked or something

23 min later 50004379 Anonymous
>>50004294 Fritos master race.

34 min later 50004519 Anonymous
>>50004337 There are heaps of subreddits exactly like this one. It feels like they are being outraged for the sake of it, do 4000 people really care that an old grandpa might think there is 3 instead of one? No.

37 min later 50004562 Anonymous
>>50004519 They don't care-care, but they care enough that a neuron fires in their brain to vote on it or make a comment themselves about getting scammed and getting reddit points and responses in turn. It's just communicating, I don't think anyone is losing sleep over this doll set. Stop taking everything so seriously

38 min later 50004579 Anonymous
>>50004519 Its the principle of it you fucking mouthbreather. This corporation already makes billions and theyre jewing even more money out of people while not offering the service they are advertising. If you can't see why people give a fuck you're probably a shekelmiester too

38 min later 50004583 Anonymous
I love being scammed and people calling bullshit on things is not OK because Plebbit! Outraged!

40 min later 50004603 Anonymous
>>50004519 >outraged for the sake of it A good 75% of 4chan including this thread is exactly that

40 min later 50004606 Anonymous (1436341006151.jpg 849x1200 609kB)
>ponyfags don't deserve to be scammed >illiterates that can't read that there's only one don't deserve to be scammed >illiterate ponyfags don't deserve the death penalty plebbit Communists need to go back.

44 min later 50004646 Anonymous (lkjb lkj.jpg 963x1024 67kB)
>>50004606 >everyone who is buying pony shit is a ponyfag >it couldnt be a little girl or their parents >all of Hasbros sales are from sweaty neckbeards christ anon do you have a brain in there

46 min later 50004675 Anonymous (1534852036731.jpg 1024x1024 331kB)
>>50004646 Do you? literally read the box. >switch and mix fashions The others are clearly to illustrate how the doll would look in the other outfits. Fucking Americans. You deserve the corporate hell you live in desu.

48 min later 50004699 Anonymous (1497359802020.jpg 305x480 19kB)
'In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.' - Alexis de Tocqueville

49 min later 50004715 Anonymous
>>50004379 dude, Fritos taste awful. Unless you scoop some beans in there, toss on some cheese and throw that shit in the oven. Then Fritos master race all the way.

1 hours later 50004863 Anonymous
>>50004715 Fritos smell like my dogs' feet. Frito pie is fucking good though, watch King of the Hill and made it for shits and giggles

2 hours later 50005889 Anonymous
>>50004715 This fritos fucking suck unless you make a meal out of them.

2 hours later 50005943 Anonymous
I mean, you deserve being scammed for picking scitwi in the first place desu

2 hours later 50005968 Anonymous
>>50004699 but that's how it works in literally any country what's his point?

2 hours later 50005988 Anonimous (1516292813532.jpg 550x552 255kB)
>>50004294 You fucking dense retard. You have weight per price. You will always have the weight you paid for. It's 80% air because otherwise you would be eating dust. BAG IS INFLATED SO THE CHIPS DON'T BREAK YOU UTTER MORON.

2 hours later 50006045 Anonymous
>>50004157 >buying children's toys for yourself get gassed loser

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