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2018-12-23 03:07 50003972 Anonymous Help me decide my fate. ([HorribleSubs] Hajimete no Gal - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.09_[2018.12.06_02.07.22].png 393x713 320kB)
>ex-gf wants me back Pros: Sex Someone I can talk to... maybe. Cons: Lose money Share a bed with Might get cucked Get treated like a slave No freedom must be at her beck and call at all times What do you think, /r9k/? Should I take her back? Dubs and I will take your advice.

1 min later 50003991 Anonymous
>>50003972 Fuck her sister instead.

5 min later 50004023 Anonymous (15226053627048.png 1280x720 803kB)
>>50003991 Her sister is a lesbian butch dyke. No thanks.

20 min later 50004222 Anonymous
Fuck her hard first night together become a Chad anon

36 min later 50004420 Anonymous ([Mushin] Hajimete no Gal - 11 [OVA] My first school festival (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_snapshot_09.35_[2018.03.14_16.30.18].png 604x688 523kB)
>>50004222 Gues ill take this guys advice...

47 min later 50004569 Anonymous
Lmao go for friends with benefits instead

1 hours later 50004783 Anonymous
>>50003972 >going back to ex-gf retard alert retard alert retard alert

1 hours later 50004896 Anonymous
Nahh senpai don't fuck that STD ball

2 hours later 50005639 Anonymous
>>50003972 Don't go for it, it won't end up well

2 hours later 50005716 Anonymous
>>50003972 How did the last time go anon, was it a bitter breakup?

2 hours later 50005868 Anonymous
Fuck that OP, block her dumb cunt ass on everything and go get yourself some taco bell with a little of the money you saved from not being a dumb ass.

3 hours later 50006478 Anonymous
>>50003972 If youre not a samefag, then this is your first actually honest post that's not a troll. I say yes, you're gonna be at the beck and call of your other friends too. You're spending time with other people too presumably

3 hours later 50006506 Anonymous
>>50003972 >Might get cucked I think you just answered your own question op. she is an ex for a reason, I'm sure you can find someone new to have a good time with that will help you forget them

3 hours later 50006523 Anonymous
>>50003972 This guy is ban evading btw. Remember to report

3 hours later 50006541 Anonymous
>>50003972 She wont respect you for it. You're basically her crutch. You'll get cucked for sure.

3 hours later 50006564 Anonymous
>>50003972 >>ex-gf G.T.F.O., you fuckin fuckedup normie

3 hours later 50006580 Anonymous
>>50003972 Take her back but just don't be a bitch your the man act like it It'll make her wet.

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