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2018-12-23 03:05 50003950 Anonymous (8e8.png 600x730 104kB)
What's your IQ? Mine'a 87, it all adds up now.

5 min later 50004011 Anonymous
I don't know but considering how retarded my parents are, in particular my father, it's probably not very high

6 min later 50004016 Anonymous (1540478676172.png 612x960 151kB)
>>50003950 >121 iq still a brainlet

19 min later 50004176 Anonymous (afjn345ggd712.jpg 600x885 109kB)
Enough to be in uni. I personally think I'm stupid as fuck but once I do some study then fuck I can get a B+ no problem. Seeing people smarter than me fail exams never stops to surprising me.

31 min later 50004340 fatman
I had a psych evaluation and me IQ was pegged at 142

1 hours later 50004994 Anonymous
>>50003950 IQ only measures specific kinds of thought, if you get the fuck out of your house and try, then youll find something youre good at. Most autistic kids have a really specific skill, so just find your autistic calling. That being said, i got my iq tested for this program at my old highschool, so when i was a kid it was 129. GL anon

1 hours later 50005026 Anonymous
i think is 93 but not to sure my school did the test once its says 93

1 hours later 50005174 Anonymous
>>50003950 probably very high but I cant finish an official iq test or put my iq to good use cause im a retarded autist

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