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2018-12-23 03:03 50003930 Anonymous (1503546136_1503523206361.jpg 653x490 32kB)
i'm a homeless robot. ask me anything

3 min later 50003967 Anonymous
>>50003930 how are you typing this? originally

3 min later 50003970 Anonymous
Ho did yiu become homeless? How was the first night out? Can you show some evidence of your status? How do you get internet? How did you know of 4chan?

9 min later 50004035 Anonymous
>>50003967 cyber cafe

10 min later 50004043 Anonymous
>>50003970 >heroin >cold >no camera >cyper cafe >i've always been a robot

20 min later 50004170 Anonymous
>>50003930 What do you do in your spare time? Can you get back to your family and at least not spend Christmas alone? Are you from a country where its really dangerous for homeless? Got any homeless friends/cute smelly gf?

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