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2018-12-23 03:03 50003925 Anonymous narcissistic personality disorder (sanaemirror.jpg 600x660 245kB)
Sometimes I get paranoid that I have it. The concept of love for others being superficial and only because they are linked to myself is disgusting. It seems like being less than human, and I've developed an aversion to looking at reflective surfaces or caring about anything more than hygiene when it comes to self-maintenance. As an INFP, aka a crybaby, ruminations and sadness (lol i have crippling depression) are very common, insecurity, and anger at myself for having these parts of myself that I cannot control, that give me impulses, sexual interests, borderline delusions, and intrusive thoughts that are blatantly unnatural and unhealthy. Villians and anti-heroes tend to be much more relatable characters. Is this narcissism, or just very bad insecurity combined with the other mental and emotional illnesses?

1 min later 50003941 Anonymous
sounds like classic npd even going as far as believing in personality tests which only have some minor merit

2 min later 50003956 Anonymous
>>50003925 Narcissism is excessive love or admiration of oneself.

3 min later 50003964 Anonymous
>>50003941 to add to this, at least be self aware of it, so you can not be as much of a cunt as most people with it

6 min later 50004000 Anonymous
>>50003925 Why are you so keen on diagnosing something wrong with yourself. All it sounds like is you're afraid there's something wrong with you, and so you're vehemently avoiding anything that could relate to what you think you have. Liking youself isn't a crime, and you should do it more. Stop being such a faggot and be more confident.

12 min later 50004053 Anonymous
>>50003925 It's not NPD. You're having anxious thoughts. You're ok, everyone's love is self-serving to some degree. It's sad but it's the truth. Also villains are usually more relatable than heroes because they are usually well-written, multidimensional characters with ugly flaws like all regular people.

14 min later 50004086 Anonymous
>>50004000 An actual hard cold fact. Nowadays everyone's got everything. Great GET

34 min later 50004349 Anonymous
>>50003925 Maybe you are a covert narcissist. I did a online test about this specific type of narcissism and i nearly got a perfect score. I know online tests don't prove anything and are mostly stupid but this one was frighteningly accurate.

39 min later 50004411 Anonymous
>>50003925 >is this narcissism yes >is this NPD no Go talk to someone or stop being paranoid and ashamed about having completely natural thoughts

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