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2018-12-23 02:59 50003892 Anonymous (23622120_738429479698437_6811059326853408481_n.jpg 960x935 79kB)
Who else /socially retarded/ here? >be me >out to go and get something for my dad for christmas >walking on the street, two slow fucks in front of me >move to walk past them, on the edge of the sidewalk >see an adorable girl in front motioning towards me >got earphones on full volume so I can't hear her >she pulls on my sleeve >a tram zooms past me from behind me >this girl just saved my life >don't know how to react, so I just keep on walking, still with earphones on Why couldn't she just let the damn thing hit me? Why couldn't I just smile and say "thank you"? Now I feel like a douchebag... Why is it so fucking hard? Also, post your own retard greentexts

35 min later 50004307 Anonymous
>some roastie sees a robot walking towards a tram >it's about to hit him >he's about to escape the pain of be being an undesirable male >not on my watch >save his life >he will continue living, too scared to an hero >that same night she fucks chad five time back to back >her mind wanders back to that incel she stopped from escaping today >she and chad laugh all night >they fuck again

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