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2018-12-23 02:58 50003884 Anonymous (im-gay-and-i-piss-and-shit-all-over-the-34885309~2.png 500x557 256kB)
>tfw you fly into an autism fueled panic attack anytime your bank balanced reaches or gets near sub-$200 due to the fear of being a burden on your family, the same family who also preys on you for your money and feels justified in doing so because there was a period a few years ago where you were working a horrible dead end job, sometimes making less than $200 a week even though you were in your early to mid-20s at this point and should've been making AT LEAST $30k a year if not MUCH MORE and weren't able to afford to pay your mom (who you still live with due to baby boomers destroying the economy and basically guaranteeing that I'll NEVER own a home in my lifetime, unless I spend $100,000s of dollars to earn a high-level degree from a lucrative, acredited university, and because you've basically just been burning money attending the shitty community college you been at since 2012 hopping from major to major and finally putting in the work to get an associates degree in graphic design, and the only thing standing between you and the degree is a math class that you can't get into without taking the accuplacer placement test for math, and even then you'll still have to score high enough to be able to go straight into said class so you don't have to waste financial aid funds on a remedial course, but you don't want to put the effort into studying a little algebra because you've always fucking hated math, epecially since in high school they insisted in on putting you in the math classes with the borderline-braindead problem kids and your teachers were cowards who couldn't control a bunch of fucking teens for 2 seconds,despite you clearly being an intelligent teenager who's potential was squandered by an administration who put no stock in actually providing an envoirment that encouraged education and self-enrichment, instead resiging themselves to having to police a dumpster pile of ooga booga tier delinquency. But you don't want to take the class because you're lazy.)

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>>50003884 i recognise that image >>>/shitcord/

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Rent, much less any other expenses like even the cheapest takeaway order. Anyway they want to steal my money now that I make a massively larger amount and I won't have it it's my fucking money. Fuck you Thanks for reading my blog.

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