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2018-12-23 02:58 50003883 Anonymous (Kraft-Real-Mayo-021000026326.jpg 278x500 38kB)
ITT White People Problems. Mayo is too spicy.

5 min later 50003933 Anonymous
Obligatory joke response about my stable home life and financial situation haha get it because white Obligatory as a black man response Obligatory single mother bashing post Obligatory chart poster /pol/ faggot How could this thread be interesting to you? Are you 12? First day?

8 min later 50003965 Anonymous
>>50003883 mayo is gross. too bland. spicy mustard for me. and honey mustard. and normal mustard. and teriyaki. I'm white.

9 min later 50003977 Anonymous
As a black man i've seen white guys eat mayo.

9 min later 50003979 Anonymous
>>50003883 You cant get miracle whip in my country any more. t white.

10 min later 50003993 Anonymous
As an Alien mayo burns our skin.

10 min later 50003995 Anonymous
>>50003933 You'll have to forgive him; op, is a bit slow. You see, he's a nigger. It can't be helped.

12 min later 50004013 Anonymous
As a squirrel Mayo is way too bland

13 min later 50004018 Anonymous
>>50003883 Why do they have screw caps on the mayo in burgerland.

13 min later 50004020 Anonymous
>>50003995 Wow there, as a vacuum cleaner im offended

14 min later 50004027 Anonymous
>>50004020 actually you identify as a roomba, bigot

15 min later 50004032 Anonymous
Waiting for the "BUT BLACK PEOPLE" post, even though there's no obvious indication as to what OP's race even actually is.

15 min later 50004037 Anonymous
>>50004027 A little Lesbian-phobic but ok gurl slayyy

16 min later 50004049 Anonymous
>>50004032 BUT BLACK PEOPLE drink hot chilies through their eyes and walk it off line nothing happened

17 min later 50004056 Anonymous
>>50004020 That explains why your momma sucks dick so well.

18 min later 50004068 Anonymous
>>50004000 Better not be a shit GET

1 hours later 50005123 Anonymous
>>50004018 So you can dip the knife in for spreading? But we've moved past that, most mayo comes in a squeeze bottle now.

2 hours later 50005528 Anonymous
>>50003979 Miracle whip isn't mayo you faggot. Chug Hellmans mayonnaise or grab polish mayo if you're a slav

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