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2018-12-23 02:56 50003864 Anonymous (desu_tiem 124.jpg 385x429 62kB)
Anyone else enjoy making robots feel bad and sad? Schaudefreude?

1 min later 50003885 Anonymous (1541451587534.jpg 720x569 39kB)
>>50003864 Do you by any chance have BPD? origigo

4 min later 50003906 Anonymous
>thinks she has any effect on males Delusional

7 min later 50003932 Anonymous
>>50003864 whenever some smug faggot on here tells me to kill myself it actually inspires me to go on living just so i can spite him and feel self satisfied about it >b-but your life is sad! >y-you-you're gonna d-die alone get fucked nigger

27 min later 50004162 Anonymous
>>50003864 unironically enjoy giving advice when it applies to the situation in hopes a robot makes it out, even if i get (You)s calling me a normie and to fuck right off. had my own friend help me out years back and i just want to pay it forward. making other people feel bad is lame bro

31 min later 50004225 Anonymous
>>50004162 you are too good for this place. (wait how the hell is this not original?)

36 min later 50004280 Anonymous (arn.jpg 292x173 4kB)
>>50004225 nah unfortunately my advice is pretty limited and usually isnt very helpful/relevant but thank you. if you have any issues i hope you can work through them anon. we're all gonna make it

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