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2018-12-23 02:47 50003791 Anonymous (238347E1-56A4-41B0-9928-E8C253AEB40B.png 633x758 23kB)
Why do immoral people tend to be successful financially/sexually?

0 min later 50003798 Anonymous
Because no morals are holding them back from earning money.

22 min later 50004005 Anonymous
Social morals were just some gigantic shit-test, some arbitrary lines drawn in the sand by consensus. If you do not overstep or at least skid the corners of those, you are too meek and scared of others to grab for real success. If you ignore them too bluntly or without the strength and smarts to back it up and get away with it, you are too weak/dumb to hold on to what you grasped. There are no walls saying "you can't possibly", there are only guidelines saying "Do not let them catch ya". Or it used to be that way at least. Last 50+ years sure made matters more difficult, because people screamed for the guidelines to become walls more and more, and now they wonder why the people start to feel so trapped now.

33 min later 50004133 Anonymous
>>50003791 Because nobody said that morals are meant to help YOU be successful. Morals mean nothing on an individual level. Of course, society would break down if we all reverted to our primal ways. However, society won't collapse if some asshole skims some money off the books. In a society where MOST people have some moral compass is resilient to a few rogues, who stand to gain the most by going against the moral grain and exploit their fellow humans.

34 min later 50004140 Anonymous
>>50003791 financial/sexual success just gives you wiggle room to do whatever the fuck you want

44 min later 50004265 Anonymous
>>50003791 Of course cheaters are going to be more successful. That's the whole point of cheating. Most people play by the rules out of fear and ethical reason. If you can cheat and get away with it, why wouldn't you? Ethics are arbitrary anyway.

1 hours later 50004513 Anonymous
Because we live in a depraved society. In ancient times, immoral people were drowned in a swamp. As this society crashes and burns, we will return to those purer times, but it's not for the immediate present. Also, money/shekels are evil, pure societies do not think about financial success and put merchants at the bottom of the societal ladder.

1 hours later 50004663 Suckrates
Successull or moral. You can only choose one, anon.

1 hours later 50004694 Anonymous
>>50004513 In ancient times orgies were more common than now. And you still wouldn't have been invited

1 hours later 50004818 Anonymous
Because this is the Kalyuga my friend Lord Rama described this era of time to his wife Sita as People will be drawn towards evil just like an ant is drawn towards sweets Corrupt and cruel will enjoy rulership and luxurious life People filled with lust will become preachers Nice souls will suffer because of the supremacy of adharma (evil) No body will respect women and girls (might rustle some jimmies over here) Law will also favour the one who has money. Material pleasures will become a top most priority and no one will be interested in devotion

1 hours later 50004832 Anonymous
>>50003791 no scruples holding them back

1 hours later 50004845 Anonymous
>>50004513 read some ancient history faggot they were complaining about immoralfags being successful thousands of years ago too

1 hours later 50004855 Anonymous
>>50004818 And might I add this is just the tip of the iceberg Even Lord Rama could not comprehend how bad things would be in this age because of his Noble nature,it was impossible for him to even think of the things that will happen in Kalyuga.

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