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2018-12-23 02:47 50003782 Anonymous (1ab2.jpg 2048x1536 283kB)
>Hey big bro, will you give me $50? I have to buy Tyrone a Christmas gift

26 min later 50004031 Anonymous
no Not because of the whole Tyrone shit, just cos I don't want to give away $50. I could buy a lot of shit for $50, I ain't handing it out.

32 min later 50004108 Anonymous (1537781762050.png 305x341 170kB)
Come on sis you know I don't get paid

35 min later 50004143 Anonymous
>>50004108 >Hey big bro, I see your neetbux statement. Come on and give me some

35 min later 50004146 Anonymous
Eh sis whats in it for me?

36 min later 50004156 Anonymous
>>50003782 suck me off and i consider giving you 10

36 min later 50004158 Anonymous
>>50004146 >I won't go in your room or bother you for a whole month!

1 hours later 50004949 Anonymous (1543971143248.png 310x315 391kB)
Now, how about you call Tyrone over here. I'll give him not one, but two gifts right away, no money spent!

2 hours later 50005221 Anonymous
>>50004949 Get out /pol/tard, /r9k/ is a pro race-mixing board

2 hours later 50005271 Anonymous
>>50005221 Sure, but you'll have to go back as well >>/lgbt/

2 hours later 50005306 Anonymous (1503396029227.jpg 2544x4000 927kB)

2 hours later 50005332 Anonymous
>>50004949 >>50005271 >not wanting to imagine your pure aryan white sister getting impaled by an obscene, veiny african's monster mamba until it fills her womb with nigaroon seeds Are you gay or something?

2 hours later 50005336 Anonymous
>>50003782 Who takes pictures like this?

2 hours later 50005420 Anonymous
>>50005332 >being this much of a cuck jesus christ how do you live with yourself

2 hours later 50005609 Anonymous
>>50005420 It's really intellectually fulfilling, I suggest you imagine this scenario about a family member and you will come ropes

3 hours later 50006128 Anonymous
>>50005332 Now imagine if this post was made public and your parents, relatives would read it knowing it was written by you

4 hours later 50006932 Anonymous
>>50006128 My kink is my kink, they can't shame me for it.

4 hours later 50007414 Anonymous
>>50003782 i thank my stars that my sister has at least never dated a nigger and never will.

4 hours later 50007459 Anonymous
>>50004158 How about you suck my dick instead you stupid whore

4 hours later 50007624 Anonymous
>>50007414 Maybe she hasn't dated one, but she has probably sucked one off and swallowed his niglet tadpoles

4 hours later 50007674 Anonymous
>>50007624 na only in cucks like yours fantasies

5 hours later 50007711 Anonymous
>>50007674 The next time you fap, are you going to think of her getting BLACKED tho?

5 hours later 50007717 Anonymous
>>50007711 wtf? fuck off you demented neckbeard

5 hours later 50007934 Anonymous
>>50007717 Do you remember when you were young and she would be a little brat, bothering you while you played PS2 but all the while you knew she looked up to you as a protector, a guardian, a mentor, a man. And then her cuteness began to become sexiness and while she was growing up you never moved into this broader world like she did. And so now, while you are staring at Pornhub and jerking off into a kleenex, maybe just before you cum it will cross your mind about those happy days you had with her. And also how she is subservient to black cock, as much beast as a man, as it fills her womb

5 hours later 50007960 Anonymous (1543694587232.jpg 540x748 119kB)
>>50007934 >being this much of a delusional sperg

5 hours later 50007989 Anonymous
>>50007960 How will you feel about your nappy headed little negphew? Will you play Fortnite with him?

5 hours later 50008306 Anonymous
>>50007989 You just know that this dude is typing with one hand. Absolutely disgusting.

5 hours later 50008333 Anonymous
>>50004146 I'll let you clean me up afterwards!

5 hours later 50008356 Anonymous
>>50006932 They can, and they should.

6 hours later 50009089 Anonymous
>>50008356 If someone printed out all of your 4chan posts and distributed them to your family at Christmas dinner, how would you feel?

6 hours later 50009199 Anonymous
>>50008333 Trips don't lie, eat your sister's yummy cream pie

6 hours later 50009260 Anonymous
>>50009089 majority of my posts just repeat "sneed" in /tv/ threads so i think they would be confused. Nothing is as pathetic as your cuck fetish and cuck posting. Good thing is, people like you are slowly getting exposed to the public by heroes we dont deserve but desperately need https://www.reddit.com/r/Cuckold/co mments/57i5t5/yogahotwife_and_jensc uckold_are_no_longer_be/

7 hours later 50010204 Anonymous
>>50007989 Biracial is beautiful

7 hours later 50010246 Anonymous
>>50003782 It would be better if she had a penis we could suck

7 hours later 50010583 Anonymous (3c2.jpg 803x531 134kB)
>>50007934 You alright there buddy?

8 hours later 50011766 Anonymous
>>50005221 >/r9k/ >pro race mixing Pick one

9 hours later 50011909 Anonymous
>>50003782 I think two ropes will suit better.

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