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2018-12-23 02:41 50003739 Anonymous (1538016194438.png 205x246 12kB)
>no one to text because friends don't reply >nowhere to go because broke and no car >live with family at age 21 and they probably hate me for living with them at this age >sexless & gfless

16 min later 50003875 Anonymous
>>50003739 all this is me except im in a small town, old, and on probation for being black could be worse

19 min later 50003905 Anonymous
>>50003739 same situation here except i failed a year at high school and have 19 yrs and have to watch all my cousins get jobs and make it in life and listen to my parents yell at me being a failure every day feelsgoodman.jpg

27 min later 50003990 Anonymous
>>50003739 Git a job ya' git.

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