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2018-12-23 02:41 50003738 Anonymous /chad thread?/ (1543354738743.png 1060x1288 75kB)
guys how do i become chad, i'm tired of looking like a mutant sewer rat.

5 min later 50003776 Anonymous
>>50003738 You can't become chad if you're so concerned about being chad. Chad is chad because that's his natural state.

11 min later 50003832 Anonymous (1544130654835.jpg 1000x1000 51kB)
>>50003776 so you are basically saying it's impossible to become chad?

54 min later 50004328 Anonymous
>>50003738 Chad is a state of mind. As far as I know, to be Chad you just don't give a fuck about anything.

1 hours later 50004428 Anonymous (chad.jpg 224x224 7kB)
>>50004328 so you mean I need to have confidence?

1 hours later 50004452 Anonymous
You either are Chad or you're not. You're born Chad. If you look like a mutant sewer rat and post here there is no hope for you and you might as well kill yourself or at least never have kids because inferior genes shouldn't be passed on. That is all.

1 hours later 50004576 Anonymous
>>50004452 ouch, that hurt, but got the message thank you.

1 hours later 50004773 Anonymous (mike-mew.jpg 261x193 3kB)
>>50004428 >>50003832 >>50003738 "Just start mewing bro" origigo

1 hours later 50004975 Anonymous
>>50003738 plastic surgery is the only way.

1 hours later 50004985 Anonymous
Last night a friend that I hold in high esteem and see as a Pinnacle of manliness got really drunk with me and we made out a couple of times and he kept trying to suck my dick then his gf picked him up and they were arguing about who knows what feels weird man

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