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2018-12-23 02:40 50003729 Anonymous (1522809634205.jpg 750x1334 205kB)
>"can you help my catch some butterflies anon, please?"

2 min later 50003745 Anonymous (sad1488.jpg 1280x720 37kB)
>>50003729 i would, but i can only catch jews.

44 min later 50004179 Anonymous
i rather catch YOU owo *puts butterfly catcher over your head* tee hee ~

52 min later 50004277 Anonymous
If you are a virgin and you're also interested in dating me, yes, I'll help you catch butterflies. I will play with you everyday, protect you, build a life with you, I will help you to be happy and be the best person that you can be. If you are not a virgin, get away from me, I don't want to catch STDs from breathing the same air as you. If you are not interested in me, then stop playing with my feelings, you know full well that boys and girls can't be friends. You want a slave/beta orbiter, that makes you a horrible person who exploits others.

57 min later 50004346 Anonymous (81tEBcciDyL._SX425_.jpg 425x389 13kB)
>>50003729 anyone else go bug catching when they were kids? was pretty comfy. never used a net though

1 hours later 50004418 Anonymous
>>50004346 Hello Korean anon. You never replied to me when I posted in your thread. My feelings are still hurt desu.

1 hours later 50004425 Anonymous
>>50004418 hello. no i did! but it was a bit late i think. sorry though :(

1 hours later 50004433 Anonymous
>>50003729 tbe honest I hate insects and suck at swinging nets.

1 hours later 50004446 Anonymous
>>50004425 Oh actually you did. :)

1 hours later 50004565 Anonymous
>>50004446 whew was worried i left you hanging. hows it going? reminiscing about bugcatching again today?

1 hours later 50004592 Anonymous
>>50004565 I actually do not like bug catching because I'm scared of bugs. But you said you were Asian and I've never talked to an Asian person before so I was excited to see what you are like. I'm a NEET I have very few interactions with people at all and I know little about the world.

1 hours later 50004618 Anonymous
>>50004592 where do you live? how long have you been neet?

1 hours later 50004652 Anonymous
>>50004618 I live in Belgium and I've always been a NEET. Therre are a lot of Asian tourists in Brussels but I admire them from afar and I would not dare speak to them.

1 hours later 50004684 Anonymous
>>50003729 She looks cute and nice. Woman like this dont talk to me.....

1 hours later 50004697 Anonymous
>>50004652 are you satisfied being a neet? i was neet for i think just about 2 years a while ago and i eventually got sick of spending every day at home

1 hours later 50004730 Anonymous
>>50004697 Yes, I have a lot of hobbies that keep me busy. I program video games and I play music. Also I learn languages and read and watch anime and I post on 4chan. So I can't see myself ever getting bored over the course of even 10 lifetimes.

1 hours later 50004753 Anonymous
>>50004730 thats nice. im glad belgium either has a system that allows you to be comfy as a neet or your own circumstances allow it

1 hours later 50004785 Anonymous
>>50004753 Actually I forgot, I've actually been working for a few years but I still identify as a NEET because I keep doing my NEET hobbies at work and I don't do any work, I just fake it... Sorry for not being accurate.

1 hours later 50004790 Anonymous
>>50004785 lol thats fine what kind of job is it?

1 hours later 50004838 Anonymous
>>50004790 Just a cubicle job. Nothing I like to talk about because it's so boring, in fact that's why I actually forgot that I go to work. Not kidding...

1 hours later 50004993 Anonymous (1543199042456.png 1200x844 1377kB)
>tfw noone will ever ask me like that please stop playing with my feelings op

2 hours later 50005153 Anonymous
If not for image searching I'm pretty convinced that the girl in OP is the same girl I see from my uni. She looks exactly the same wtf.

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