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2018-12-23 02:40 50003728 Anonymous KHV redpill (1539203758441.jpg 477x600 30kB)
Having a girlfriend and getting sex says absolutely nothing about how good of a man you really are. It's time to realize this. Today I was attending an apartment screening. None of us could get inside the apartment because the current tenant was passed-out drunk at 3pm and wouldn't let anyone in. Some had driven an hour to get there. This 20-something guy has a BMW, a good-looking girlfriend and probably has had sex since early puberty. And obviously, he's a spineless worm with no other resemblance to a real man except having a penis. Seeing these worthless males puking and sleeping all day with no sense of responsibility, and having 4chan title them "Chads" based on their fuck records, makes me think. Does it really make you a tough guy if you fuck girls who have facial tattoos and are just as worthless as the guy himself? We have this illusion that a good-looking girl is valuable and getting her means you're a valuable male. This couldn't be more wrong. Two IQ 80 losers finding each other and rubbing genitals together out of drunken lust doesn't make either one a winner. It's further proof of their shared degeneracy. But when these slobs have an accidental kid, oh boy do they like to post online about how natural selection favors them.

6 min later 50003783 Anonymous (redpill-gfmeme.png 1082x1126 138kB)
Good thread. >redpillcomment

7 min later 50003788 Anonymous (1543605177445.jpg 250x250 6kB)
>>50003728 point taken, but outside of the whole societal value you give them, all living's creature goal is to pass on their genes before going extinct, being a khv like us only proves you can't evena achieve the most basic fonction of any living organism, the true chads are the well adjusted hard working men but who still can get women easily, you and me being KHV are as worthless as the drunktard you mentionned.

12 min later 50003835 Anonymous (ääöö.png 1179x804 48kB)
>>50003788 >falls for the gene passing on meme This point is mute because if you're a male younger than 40 you have a shit ton of time to make the mistake of having a baby. Decades. It's not like someone can come to you and laugh at you for never having passed on your genes if you're 20-something. >you can't evena achieve the most basic fonction of any living organism It's because it's exponentially easier the more simple a lifeform you are. Bacteria and such reproduce automatically, the human is the creature who has the most complex mating rituals and lives in general. And the higher your IQ is, the more variables there are in your personality and your life that affect finding a mate. Being an IQ 140 male means you probably never find a woman truly worthy of you. I'm an INTJ personality in the 120-130 region and I'll probably never connect mentally with a female. And I know this is why I'm a KHV.

16 min later 50003871 Anonymous
>>50003788 >you and me being KHV are as worthless as the drunktard you mentionned Go to med school or something. Academic achievement is something nobody can take away from you and you have tangible proof of your worth as a member of society.

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